The Nature of the Universe

Let me untangle the fabric of the conscious universe for you, based on my personal experience.

When Students use Qigong as a Magic Amulet!

Use the Power of your mind to heal your body (In my weekly classes!)

The Church of the Conscious Mind

As people turn away from Religion, and become disillusioned with Politics, what’s left?
Why do we have this hollow feeling that we’ve missed something, or that we’ve been cheated?
Let me guide you through the minefield!
Together we consider an evolution of the species, and the salvation of Earth!

Virology, Nutrition, Long Covid and Qigong

Viruses are pretty strange alien things! Why do I keep getting Covid!?
I decided to delve into my Microbiome to look for answers!
On the Journey I looked into Viruses, my nutrition and why it matters, and framed it in my understanding of Qigong

Consciousness and Information

How do Consciousness and Information relate to healing and to the structure of our Universe!?