The Church of the Conscious Mind

As people turn away from Religion, and become disillusioned with Politics, what’s left?
Why do we have this hollow feeling that we’ve missed something, or that we’ve been cheated?
Let me guide you through the minefield!
Together we consider an evolution of the species, and the salvation of Earth!

Buddhism, Daoism  –  Criticism!

This week I was called out by one of my students for mocking Buddhism! I really don’t think that was my intention, but clearly, that’s how it came out in my student’s opinion. This has been an interesting year for me.I have spent much time contemplating the nature of the Universe! I’m not sure that …

Enlightenment – A Summary

I’ve been writing a lot recently about Enlightenment, and my journey in its general direction. If you’ve read my previous pieces, then you’ll be getting to the uber understanding along with me. Firstly, it is important to state that you have never NOT been enlightened, this is the truth. We all arrive in this game …

Is Vaccination the new Religion?

Don’t run away! Let’s all stay calm! It’s only a question….! Here in the UK we really are nannied by the state. On the one hand, it’s amazing to have somebody caring, who’s looking after you. On the other hand, the Nanny isn’t your Mummy…The nanny is somebody who’s doing the job for cash. They …