Broken Humans

I’ve been working as a therapist for a long while now, and was recently reviewing my case files. It was interesting to see a pattern emerge from the amazing stories that I’ve heard from my many clients. In Chinese medicine, it’s always important to look for the etiology of a problem, or the root cause. […]

The Six Sacred Sounds or Six Healing Sounds

In my Medical Qigong work I have long used healing sounds. Now that my focus is much more with Zhineng Qigong, I’m tending to work more with the healing sounds from that form; the only drawback being is that they are slightly more complex to learn. For this reason I have decided to offer the […]

Medical qigong therapy and surgery

Author: Johnson Jerry Alan Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong Date published: 1998 This article was originally posted by my Qigong schools founding teacher – I thought it worth a repost.. Medical Qigong Therapy is useful for treating patients before, during and after surgery. Qi extension can be used in order to reduce […]