Just Knowing! But can you Hack it!?

This is a story about healing technology and how you apply it in your life! I’m really grateful to my students, they teach me new things daily! Recently, I posted a story about Faith and Belief. I was lucky enough to get some personal and exceptionally visceral feedback from one lovely student. Whilst on retreat, […]

Healing himself from Facial Cancer

This photo shows a man in China who has almost healed his Facial Cancer in Three weeks! I just missed meeting the gentleman in this astonishing photograph when I went to visit the centre in Xi’an.You can see the pretty heavy before and the greatly improved after photo that I was sent.I’m sure you are […]

Come to Provence with Me!

Dear friends, I’ll be leading the Qigong, and offering One-to-one therapy sessions once again on Dr Rosy Daniel’s retreat in Provence. This blessing of a Holiday takes place in a stunning ex-monastery set in the Hill above Nice. Come have stunning food, wine dancing and song. You’ll be able to have One-to-one sessions with Rowena […]

Let me come and Teach you at home!

Dear Qigong friends, I’m on a mission to spread the work of Qigong through the UK, Europe (Whilst they’ll still have me!) and the World!! Would you like to have me come teach you and your friends at your home, or a nearby space, for a weekend? Please click here to see my flyer which […]

Heal yourself with La Qi

Dear Friends, Daily I receive the saddest emails from all over the globe, detailing people’s health struggles. As my readers and students know, my quest is to find funding for my Qigong healing centre, when that’s open I’ll be able to offer palpable help to my correspondents, but until that time, we need something else […]

The Six Sacred Sounds or Six Healing Sounds

In my Medical Qigong work I have long used healing sounds. Now that my focus is much more with Zhineng Qigong, I’m tending to work more with the healing sounds from that form; the only drawback being is that they are slightly more complex to learn. For this reason I have decided to offer the […]

Meditation Can Change Your Brain for Better & Longer

I decided to re-publish a great article by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. who has himself done some excellent research work regarding the effects of Meditation on the Brain. He says.. There has been an old saying, when Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from long meditation?”  Buddha replied, “Nothing!” “However, let me tell you […]

Qigong Day in Bath -24th Jan 2015

Come and experience the basic forms of Zhineng Qigong The day will run from 10am to 5pm – 24rd Jan 2015 We will learn/practice Lift Qi Up- Pour Qi Down, La Qi, Self-healing and Meditation. Lunch will be at 12:30 – 2pm (There’s a good local Thai which has a set menu for about £8.) […]

The Self-Actualizing Cosmos and Zhineng Qigong!

I’m LOVING this book by Ervin Laszlo! I’ve had the pleasure to meet Ervin a few times through PositiveTv, and was lucky enough to be given this book as a present by my friend Caroline! (Thank you!) Essentially within this book, he suggests a new “system” in which to view the ever increasing “phenomena” which […]