DROP-IN CLASSES –  Bath, Somerset
Classes are returning to some sort of normality!
Tuesday and Thursday morning classes will be held in Victoria Park, on Royal Avenue. – Weather permitting! (And online!)

(There’s a little path from the corner of Royal Crescent, down to The Pitch and Putt – Click here to open Google Maps)

The Usual weekly Class information…
The classes continue online on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday morning 9:30am AND evening 6:30pm classes. 
(All  about 1 hour-ish!)
Zoom Class

Online Standing or Sitting Meditation and self Healing – Wednesday 9:30am to 10:30am 
Zoom Class

£12 per class or donate whatever you can afford via Paypal ( )

Pay Monthly and attend ALL classes for £45!
Please email me for My Bank details

More about Standing Meditation!

We’ll start this One hour class in an easy way. You won’t have to stand unmoving for a full hour! (We’ll do some warm-ups, and then learning a good standing posture.

If you are worried, please put something like a dining room chair behind you, so you can sit straight down if needed, and not lose your Qigong state.
Standing Qigong is about building internal resources, and Willpower.

We will also do simple self-healing exercises.

I met a lady in Hainan, who had healed herself, not once, but twice from Breast Cancer, by ONLY doing standing qigong! 
We will firstly develop our Posture, then start to develop our Mind Activity
Just remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – when you first start anything it’s difficult, but the more you try, the easier it becomes..

I use a platform called Zoom – if you haven’t used it before, by clicking the link below the process will start. (You’ll be prompted to download the App, and enter your name. If it asks for a Meeting number it’s 231710996 and passcode 3333 or just click the link again.)
If you are on a desktop/laptop it downloads a programme for you to install.
All that’s required is a simple registration, and then wait for the session to start.
(I have set it, so that you’ll see and hear me, but then you decide if you want to put on your camera and microphone…)

The principle tool is La Qi, it’s an amazingly simple Zhineng Qigong tool, created by Dr Pang Ming to use for self healing.

The group does self-healing via breathing exercises, La Qi, visualisations, The Six Sacred Sounds and various meditation techniques.

If you’d like to read an explanatory document about the technique
Please click this Link

If you’d like to download Dr Pang’s Audio to practice at home
Please click this link