This is the Second of Dr Pang’s Forms, that he developed for the Medicineless Hospital.
It seems to differ from the first considerably, and is often seen as a more “Martial” type of exercise, and therefore more attractive to younger people.
This is rather a mis-conception. Importantly, it’s designed with deeper healing in mind.
It’s often seen that students master the first form, but that getting the Qi to really penetrate deep into the cells and bones is more difficult.
BodyMind enhances this effect.
Will some of the exercises seem more complex at first, this is to engage BOTH the Body and the Mind in the process. (We can easily let our minds “fly away” in normal practice.

BodyMind’s movements are actually quite simple, but are difficult to do well. These really help open the ligaments and joints, so that Qi flows deeply, and whilst doing this it conditions the mind

Help develop your body’s wisdom by studying this amazing form!
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Practice Video here