I’m trained as a Medical Qigong Teacher and Therapist.
In recent years I have been concentrating much more on Zhineng Qigong Healing, as showcased at Dr Pang’s Medicineless Hospital.

I now offer two hour One-to-One healing sessions on Zoom,
These cost £125
I offer follow-up sessions on Zoom which are generally about 60 Р75 minutes long and are £75
You can chose to pay before or after your session, via Direct Transfer, Paypal or Stripe

Our session typically will last up to two hours, and include a full Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, healing treatment, prescription of exercises and other strategies, expect to go deep. After I’ll send you a follow-up report.

I will email you the link for our Zoom Consultation, but it is here also.
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If you wish to “practice” with me (And are ALREADY an existing student), please email me, don’t book here, this is just for consultations.
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