I’m trained as a Medical Qigong Teacher and Therapist.
In recent years I have been concentrating much more on Zhineng Qigong Healing, as showcased at Dr Pang’s Medicineless Hospital.

I now offer One-to-One healing sessions in person, in Bath, or on Skype.

If you come to see me the session typically will last up to two hours, and include a full Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, healing treatment, prescription of exercises and other strategies, and a follow-up report.

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For a Skype session, I ask you to fill out an online Questionnaire, this should take about 15 minutes. After this is completed you’ll find a link to my online booking system where you can then book and pay for a slot. You’ll receive a confirmation, and my Skype details.
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If you’d just like to book a one hour follow-up, without answering the questions -click the button below

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