Medicineless Hospital

For many years it’s been my desire to emulate Dr Pang Ming’s amazing Medicineless Hospital here in the UK, (Or anywhere I’m offered facilities!)

Dr Pang’s centre was open in the 90’s and had an astonishing record of curing people from all kinds of chronic illnesses.

He demonstrated at 95% success rate with 180 different types of afflictions that we often think of as being fatal. This figure puts readers off.
“How can it be true, it must be a trick, or the terrible standards of Chinese record keeping they say!?”

Quite simply, the people who visited this centre, lead simple lives, ate simple food, exercises of meditated for 24 days, and many left cured afterwards.

My suggestion is that we give it a pilot run here in the UK, and if we get 50% of the success that Dr Pang did, we would still be way ahead of current western medicine figures, and at a fraction of the budget – surely that’s worth a try. I’m looking for your backing dear reader..

To this end I have created a sister site called here, which tells the story more deeply, and sets out a plan for a co-operative experiment with our local council.

Suffice to say, if you don’t believe me that people are healing themselves EVERY day in China, go to Xi’an, Chengdu or Hainan to see for yourself. I visited in April of 2019. I met over 40 people in a few days who had healed themselves. One had dissolved a 7cm and 3cm tumor from each side of her Thyroid in THREE WEEKS.

You may have seen Luke Chan’s famous, but quite old film from Dr Pang’s Hospital – View it here, it’s worth the watch!