Standing or Sitting, Self-Healing Meditation Class

We go online at 9:30am each Wednesday morning for an hour of guided self-healing.
No experience required.
Very simple to follow – yet goes deep!
We use La Qi, Six Sacred Sounds and Dr Pang’s Sound work amongst other healing modailties
Give it a try!

Meeting ID: 961 1192 1300
Passcode: 3333 –  (Recording will go online afterwards..)

Standing Qigong – known in Chinese as  ‘Zhan zhuang‘ ( pronounced Jam Jong) is the most basic healing form of Qigong.
We have such busy lives, how often do we actually STOP, and stand still? – Never!?
(We are always looking for a surface to perch on, or something to lean against. Standing Qigong, sometimes called “Standing like a Tree, or Standing like a Post” is a passive form of exercise. We stand for as long as we can during the one hour session (sitting down or lying down if one needs too is fine too..)
We spend time building resistance to the posture, and resisting the desire to move.
As we do this, the body flips over into “Healing Mode”
We learn to quieten the mind.

Whilst in China in 2018, I met an amazing lady who had cured herself of Breast Cancer, not once, but twice! All she used was Standing Qigong!