Healing himself from Facial Cancer

This photo shows a man in China who has almost healed his Facial Cancer in Three weeks! I just missed meeting the gentleman in this astonishing photograph when I went to visit the centre in Xi’an.You can see the pretty heavy before and the greatly improved after photo that I was sent.I’m sure you are […]

Broken Humans

I’ve been working as a therapist for a long while now, and was recently reviewing my case files. It was interesting to see a pattern emerge from the amazing stories that I’ve heard from my many clients. In Chinese medicine, it’s always important to look for the etiology of a problem, or the root cause. […]

What I've learned so far..

I’ve spent a lot of time recently working with Dr Jude Currivan. My path lead to her because of my previous three years of studying consciousness. Qigong builds the physicality, supports the emotions thus leading to a stable platform on which to base such explorations. I called it becoming an “Intronaught” Whatever is without, is […]

Heal yourself with La Qi

Dear Friends, Daily I receive the saddest emails from all over the globe, detailing people’s health struggles. As my readers and students know, my quest is to find funding for my Qigong healing centre, when that’s open I’ll be able to offer palpable help to my correspondents, but until that time, we need something else […]

Some thoughts to an old friend

Written to a friend… There’s really no journey in this life, except the one inside oneself. Qigong is just a tool, and a really exceptional one at that! First, build a platform that will bring your physical self back to working order. When you are no longer in survival mode, then you have the strength […]

The Six Sacred Sounds or Six Healing Sounds

In my Medical Qigong work I have long used healing sounds. Now that my focus is much more with Zhineng Qigong, I’m tending to work more with the healing sounds from that form; the only drawback being is that they are slightly more complex to learn. For this reason I have decided to offer the […]

Energy fields

Just been doing a little research into the Dan Tien’s (Tan Tiens) or Elixier fields. We focus a great deal on Lower Dan Tien when begining Qigong, abd eventually include the Middle and Upper Dan Tien’s too. In Zhineng Qigong’s Lift Qi Up – Pour Qi Down exercise, we discover that there are three “main” […]