Just Knowing! But can you Hack it!?

This is a story about healing technology and how you apply it in your life! I’m really grateful to my students, they teach me new things daily! Recently, I posted a story about Faith and Belief. I was lucky enough to get some personal and exceptionally visceral feedback from one lovely student. Whilst on retreat, […]

Hacking Healing, Boule and Dr Roger Banister.

What did we say before kids and nefarious evil states started to break into other people’s software!? I guess, “Figuring out a way to get through…” how ungainly! Thanks for the term “Hacking” it suits really well! My business is Healing – and how do we get there more quickly, efficiently and with repeatable reliable […]

Heal yourself with La Qi

Dear Friends, Daily I receive the saddest emails from all over the globe, detailing people’s health struggles. As my readers and students know, my quest is to find funding for my Qigong healing centre, when that’s open I’ll be able to offer palpable help to my correspondents, but until that time, we need something else […]