I love this chemistry set that we were given at birth!
I’ll test it and check it in any new way I can, I have a deep love of data!
That’s how I came to notice “something” going on in my Kidneys!

I have always done a regular blood test.
I use a company called Thriva (You can try a discounted test here, using my referral link www.thriva.co/i/_VMF5YXBJRM )  
I test things like my Liver function, Thyroid function, Hormone balance, Blood sugar levels and all the usual good stuff. I figure that if something starts going wrong, I have a baseline to work from.
I have tried to get this data from my doctor, but it’s pretty “unintelligible” to a mere mortal!
About two years ago Triva started a new test called the eGFR test.
It stands for “estimated Globular filtration rate” – this is essentially how well your kidneys are functioning. They use a scale of 120 – 0 (You don’t want to be at the “0” end of that scale!!)

Thriva reported to me that my levels were dropping.
Eventually, as they dipped a little more, they suggested that I refer myself to my GP.
The GP did the blood test, and said to me “Your Filtration is too low”
I asked her what the reading was, to which she replied 59. I asked what it should be, she said 60!!
I laughed! (She didn’t think that was funny!)
I went off and did a little research work.
I found a learned paper in India, where they suggested that aged 20, you should have an eGFR of 120, and that aged 60, you should have an eGFR of 60.. (Exactly my age..)
I spoke to the doctor, and asked her what she suggested we do about this.. her reply? “Nothing!” – She had NOTHING for me.. the implication was “watch your kidneys stop functioning, and put you on Dialysis..
If you know me, that’s not my style!

I went on holiday to Brazil, with this in the back of my mind.
My wife mentioned it to my mother-in-law, who walked two paces into the garden, and pick some leaves off a tree, and put them in a pot to make tea. This was my morning habit for the next few weeks. When I returned home, I found Quebra Pedra (Available from Amazon UK here:- https://amzn.to/45AtRVk )

I’m a Qigong teacher, so I have a huge amount of Kidney exercises up my sleeve.
I immediately changed the “general” focus of my daily exercises to some more specific ones.
I particularly used Swirl Hips (This is a “Hip Health” video, that features Swirl Hips at 5mins 15sec.. learn the exercises here:- https://youtu.be/ZuSm9MOVpNM )
I decided to dedicate 20 minutes twice per day to this exercise to heal my kidneys.

Further research pointed me to Pukka Herbs (a really nice company near where I live, who make well known teas, and now seem to make supplements too! They have a Ayurvedic supplement called Triphala that is reportedly very good for Kidney health too – Available from Amazon in the UK here:- https://amzn.to/3EqynK8 )

I decided to give myself six months of constant focused Qigong practice, drink my tea and take my herbs.
My wife will be cross if I don’t mention that she had me on a regimen of Cinnamon and Turmeric power too.. drinking a teaspoon of each, in water, on an empty stomach – it’s ghastly, but very good for you.
I think that on and off, everybody should have Cinnamon and Turmeric in their lives.
With all these things, it’s good to give it a six week cycle, and then have a few weeks of, before going again. Your body needs the break, and needs to feel to comparison.

Did I have kidney stones?
I’m not sure I’ll ever know. (I never had to “pass” anything uncomfortable, as you hear so many kidney stone sufferers say..)
To give you a clue, the translation of the tea from Brazil is “Break Stones!”

The final result?
I recently tested my eGFR, and it had gone to SEVENTY FIVE!
I can’t tell you how smug I feel about that! I’m looking forward to my next blood test with the doctor.. only in a years time.. We are going to have to have a very awkward discussion about the shortcomings of Western Medicine.

It’s sad, in the “old days” many GP’s had other strategies that they would try. These days they are restricted by the playbook – all folk medicine knowledge has disappeared.
It’s great news that it is still held in our families and passed on from generation to generation.

The last subject is drinking water.
I’ve NOT been good at doing this over the years.
I drank a lot of tea, and struggled to see why it couldn’t be counted as my daily intake.
I understand that it’s also a diuretic, but if you take in litres, surely your body benefits!?

As a general health move, I decided to quite caffeine altogether anyway, and the green tea went out of the window!
After much research I decided that three litres per day was “slightly too high” a target for me, but 2.4lts seemed do-able..

I bought a super water bottle from Joseph and Joseph called a Tracker Water Bottle 600ml.
(You can click the marker to show you how many times you’ve finished the bottle each day. My target is 4 x 600ml = 2.4l per day.)
I still drink a lot of Rooibos tea also, so I figure that I’m doing my hydration bit reasonably well!
I think it’s possible to drink too much water and overstress your kidneys. Certainly, COLD water is a disaster for your body – everything at room temperature please!

Maybe this little article will help you, if you find your eGFR is low!?

Personally, I’m aiming to hit 120, when I get to 120 years old, then we’ll see what the medical profession has to say about that!

Love, love, love!


Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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