Pay it Forward Healing Fund

Dear friends, Please excuse the “Open” letter. You may have seen today a “Flare” fired off on Facebook this morning, highlighting my agitation with the complacency of human-kind!? It stemmed from my exasperation around my Summer Retreat to Scotland. It takes a lot of organising, and lots of business risk to put on. We often […]

Healing himself from Facial Cancer

This photo shows a man in China who has almost healed his Facial Cancer in Three weeks! I just missed meeting the gentleman in this astonishing photograph when I went to visit the centre in Xi’an.You can see the pretty heavy before and the greatly improved after photo that I was sent.I’m sure you are […]

Time to come to China with me!

Dear Friends, On September 26th 2019, I’ll be leading a trip to the wonderful Hainan Island, The Hawaii of China! Last year I spent two amazing weeks in Hainan, with a great friend Jianshe, at his Qigong centre. The centre is situated a short bike ride from the beach, on the edge of a coconut […]

Life – It's a Bitch! Smile!

How and when did we suddenly become so unhappy? What’s changed? – For a minor misdemeanour, will you have your hand cut off? Is a random cough on the train likely to lead you to a hideous death from Tuberculosis? Will a bad headache be left untended for day after day, or lead to your […]

Come to Provence with Me!

Dear friends, I’ll be leading the Qigong, and offering One-to-one therapy sessions once again on Dr Rosy Daniel’s retreat in Provence. This blessing of a Holiday takes place in a stunning ex-monastery set in the Hill above Nice. Come have stunning food, wine dancing and song. You’ll be able to have One-to-one sessions with Rowena […]

Are Animal Growth Hormones making me FAT?

I’ve been thinking about weight-loss quite a bit recently..   (beach body time! Better to feel happy and safe on the beach, rather than have a fleet of Japanese Whalers try to harpoon me!)   I’m totally absorbed and convinced by the work of Lyn Genet Recitas and her book The Plan. She has been […]