Is Vaccination the new Religion?

Don’t run away! Let’s all stay calm! It’s only a question….! Here in the UK we really are nannied by the state. On the one hand, it’s amazing to have somebody caring, who’s looking after you. On the other hand, the Nanny isn’t your Mummy…The nanny is somebody who’s doing the job for cash. They […]

Personality Crisis

Taking inspiration from The New York Dolls, and the Punk movement,
I delve into “personality” and how to carve it down to size!
I use my life as my canvas, and my practice as a guide for you!

Breaking Free! (New Course with Lu and Ling)

Breaking Free Brochure here! BREAKING FREE – Course & Guide A REAL ESCAPE from your self-built ego prisons JOIN USin this amazing & revealing path to unleash your.. REAL POTENTIAL See clearly how the prison cells in our life are created & reinforced daily without us realizing it. Under Teachers’ Ling & Lu guidance, discover […]