“Let’s Talk about Sets Baby..” – Mindsets!

Why is your glass half empty, when mine is half full!? Why does one person believe that the World is a cruel place, when another feels like a kid in a candy store? What are the factors that define our behaviours, create our Mindsets and therefore our Worldviews? A big “up” to Rebel Wisdom, Daniel […]

Burn the Planet down and leave by the back exit..

Today I’m feeling pis*ed off with Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, The X-men and a whole host of other idiots too numerous to mention! I’ve just been working my way through “Brief answers to Big Questions” by the aforementioned Mr Hawking. His opinion carries a lot of weight world-wide.I follow Mr Musk on Twitter, […]

The Existence of God – 2020

It seems appropriate for a Sunday morning to be pondering the existence of God in the twenty first century. I would think there’s not a bad time to be pondering such a thing ever, but certainly Sunday seems to have been designated his day. (Although for somebody who created the entire Universe, it seems a […]

Middle-aged Spread and How I finally lost 10kg’s (22lbs)

For 20 years I searched for a way to lose weight, and now I’ve found it!

Breaking Britishness, Victorian Parenting and a New way forward!

Being British is making people ill.
Bad parenting leads to chronic illness! It’s time for a change!

Pay it Forward Healing Fund

Dear friends, Please excuse the “Open” letter. You may have seen today a “Flare” fired off on Facebook this morning, highlighting my agitation with the complacency of human-kind!? It stemmed from my exasperation around my Summer Retreat to Scotland. It takes a lot of organising, and lots of business risk to put on. We often […]

Healing himself from Facial Cancer

This photo shows a man in China who has almost healed his Facial Cancer in Three weeks! I just missed meeting the gentleman in this astonishing photograph when I went to visit the centre in Xi’an.You can see the pretty heavy before and the greatly improved after photo that I was sent.I’m sure you are […]

Time to come to China with me!

Dear Friends, On September 26th 2019, I’ll be leading a trip to the wonderful Hainan Island, The Hawaii of China! Last year I spent two amazing weeks in Hainan, with a great friend Jianshe, at his Qigong centre. The centre is situated a short bike ride from the beach, on the edge of a coconut […]