Online “Medicine” Course 2024

Dear Qigong Friends,My Teachers Lu and Ling will be leading another of their amazing online courses, starting in January 2024.This one is entitled “Medicine”The ideas are derived from Dr Pang Ming’s teachings from the famed Medicineless Hospital.Teacher Lu will guide you through the energetic ideas of Western medicine, Chinese Medicine and Qi Healing.They’ll show us …

The Optimists Club

Optimist or Pessimist?
I and Yuval Noah Harari search human history and I suggest a way to help us evolve beyond war and greed!

When Students use Qigong as a Magic Amulet!

Use the Power of your mind to heal your body (In my weekly classes!)


An Interview with Doctor Ming Pang of the¬†Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training & Recovery Center, This interview was published by¬†Heaven and Earth¬†Magazine in 1994 (My thanks to Martha Blane for his article…) Right now we have 200 patients, all in the late stages. We seldom have patients come in the early middle stages of their illness. …

Virology, Nutrition, Long Covid and Qigong

Viruses are pretty strange alien things! Why do I keep getting Covid!?
I decided to delve into my Microbiome to look for answers!
On the Journey I looked into Viruses, my nutrition and why it matters, and framed it in my understanding of Qigong


n the West we pathologise Depersonalisation, in Eastern Spirituality they actively seek it!
What a Dichotomy!
I dive into the Ocean, and emerge as a Raindrop.
I delve into the Simulation called “The Game of Life”
Where does it all lead? Enlightenment?
I’ll let you know when I get there!