Virology, Nutrition, Long Covid and Qigong

Viruses are pretty strange alien things! Why do I keep getting Covid!?
I decided to delve into my Microbiome to look for answers!
On the Journey I looked into Viruses, my nutrition and why it matters, and framed it in my understanding of Qigong

Is Vaccination the new Religion?

Don’t run away! Let’s all stay calm! It’s only a question….! Here in the UK we really are nannied by the state. On the one hand, it’s amazing to have somebody caring, who’s looking after you. On the other hand, the Nanny isn’t your Mummy…The nanny is somebody who’s doing the job for cash. They …

Osteoporosis and Qigong

I was fascinated by a BBC programme last night that showed after the age of 60 women experience three times the levels of bone loss than that on men. it suggested that exercise helps solve this, I suggest something more specific! Qigong! ‘Osteoporosis and Chinese Medicine’ by Anna Pecheva, BA, Stanford University, CA Qigong researcher, …

The Worst Addiction I ever had – Getting off Sugar!

In the Scotland of my childhood there was a very simple equation. Sugar = Love I’ve been trying to shake it’s effects for years, but have recently been helped by a great book called “Licking The Sugar Habit” As with all good addictions you have to be seriously invested in the process, or there no …