Dear readers,

I’m just recovering from a self-induced dose of AZ flu.

It really wasn’t that nice, but it certainly wasn’t that bad.

I realise now how much I value my rude good health, and how the slightest dip can really illustrate how great my health has been in general.

I gave up drinking about 18 months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’d given up a heavy consumption of alcohol quite a few years ago, but still occasionally “tied one on!”

When my colleague said to me the AZ flu was like a bad hangover, I now see what he means. Like a shockingly bad hangover I’d say!

Regular readers know my stance on the Covid Vaccine. 
 You’ll know that I had decided to not have it, until it became impossible to avoid..

As Spring arrived, so did my invitation to be inoculated. I refused, to a bewildered surgery receptionist, who couldn’t get her head round why I might be declining her delicious offer!

Covid passports

The speculation about “Covid passports” started to build the pressure on me.

I owe my lovely wife a holiday, in point of fact, not just a holiday, almost a pilgrimage for her. We’d been planning it and were just about off, when Covid set in. I certainly do not want to be the barrier to entry to that trip. (Proving what a wonderful husband I must be, simultaneously!) 
 To be fair, she was clear — “Don’t do this on my behalf…” — but all men know, when a lady say’s that.. she means the opposite!! (Doesn’t she? It’s so confusing..)

I work with potentially vulnerable students on a daily basis, I think, to give them confidence to attend my classes, that I also have to present myself as a “safe” person to work with. 
 Yet another good reason for the change of heart.

A final nudge came from my son, who is an upstanding moral member of the community, who presented it as his civic duty. I felt very proud of him for taking that stand, so decided that if it was good enough for him, then it should be a good enough stand for me too. (To be fair, he’s won’t be offered the jab till late this year… he better not back out of it!!)

Everything is Qi

It’s my true belief that anything can be changed to benefit oneself. 
 On this occasion, I decided that the effects of the Astra Zenica vaccine would be exceptionally light, that my immunity would become paramount, and that there would be NO lasting side-effects.
 (This is generally what everybody else has reported anyway..)
 There have been various rumours of blood clots and massive immune reactions.
 I’m a great believer that if you enter into a project, with a negative mindset, then you can expect to reap the worst possible results.
 Therefor it was my choice to imagine that they were injecting pure sunshine into my veins, and that my body would benefit hugely from it.

My body didn’t get the message entirely!

I was injected Saturday night. I worked all day Sunday, with no ill effects.
 Late Sunday night my temperature went up a degree.
 Monday at 4am I awoke feeling cold, so had a pleasant bath.
 Monday had been set aside as a “Duvet day”, fortunately there was a huge quantity of Rugby recorded, and they certainly weren’t going to watch themselves!

Today as I write, Tuesday, life is once again normal.

My Immune

I have become exceptionally sensitive to the in’s and out’s of my body, through years of study of Chinese medicine, and “listening inside”

I really experienced the immune system in full swing. In Chinese medicine, the Spleen is part of the immune, this makes sense, seeing that we have so much bacteria in our guts, and that the gut is one of the “front lines” of pathogens coming into the system.
 This aspect was totally thrown off for me, my regular digestive system took a huge spin! My Sleep went wonky, and my ability to control sweating was over-run. 
 Did you know the reason you feel so tired, is that the flu attacks the genetic structure of musculature!? I ended up with several pulled muscles, from just watching TV!
 The aching joints? (It’s your white blood cells amassing in the Lymph System, ready for launching a counter -attack!)
 Don’t get me wrong, this is a fierce invasion. 
 If your immune is generally strong, I don’t anticipate any issue for you.
 I’m very boring these days, I glug Super Greens, and ensure my Vitamin C and D levels are high.
 I really don’t ingest many toxins into my body (Green tea, and chocolate not withstanding!)

I exercise well and frequently, and look after my mental hygiene assiduously.

Your Immune

If you have been through Chemotherapy, or you are just recovering from surgery, then this becomes a very different question.
 It’s a pretty double-edged sword.
 Take the short sharp rap over the knuckles or the full beating later?
 What does getting properly infected with Corona Virus look like if you are in recovery, or ill? We’ve seen pretty graphic illustrations in the news.

Strangely, I’m erring on the side of Vaccination. I think that giving yourself a controlled sharp shock, would be better than having it take you down at some future date, for a full bout.
 Having gone to Brazil on holiday about 15 years ago, to visit my lovely wife (then fiancée,) I was bushwhacked by an astonishing flu (probably about the H1N times) that knocked me sideways for about a week of my precious holiday! 
 I think this made me think again about getting the jab this time. I don’t ever want to lose a precious holiday like that again!

Life is all about a series of choices. Do you want to roll the dice now, or later?


I decided to take an online test to see if the nasty bout of flu I had in 2019 had actually been Covid..

Sadly, the test didn’t detect the presence of the required markers.
 I think the tests are so basic, that they only look for one short term marker;
 one that goes away after a while, but leaves behind much more complex memories of how to deal with the invaders! 
 It was my belief that I was immune, but clearly, I had no way to prove it. So off I trotted.

Now, the cat and I are the only two in the household who have been “chipped.”
 If you watched the second “Kingsmen” film, there was just such a plot, that eventually some sinister power (most likely our governments) would essentially just, “switch us off!”

Interestingly a wise and “connected” friend of mine said “I don’t feel the vaccine is dangerous yet”


It felt like a telling comment. 
The wonderful humanitarian effort, to save all our lives. 
The massaging of the figures to justify the vast movement of public money into private sector pockets.
 No doubt the media will manipulate us, (which is of course owned by the same people) and keep publishing all this fake news, until we all believe that our lovely, kind governments really do ONLY have our health in mind. 
 Then, the spectre (and I don’t use the word SPECTRE lightly, Bond fans..!) of vaccination being weaponised to control the population becomes more real.

The argument is simple.
 “I’m a good citizen. I don’t want your illness. I don’t want you to travel with me, to shop with me, to talk to me, unless you’ve been chipped.”  

Bad citizens will lose entitlement to all sorts of liberties. — Control by Vaccine…
 Soon your mobile phone will alert you if you are approaching somebody who’s not been chipped by the latest vaccine. 
 Airport, railway and bus station scanners will let everybody know if you’ve kept your jabs up to date.
 When it’s seen as a civic duty, and not a device of population control, then it’ll be easy to flood the world every few years with a new weaponised strain of flu, the most effective delivery system known to man. The people in power can then roll out the latest anti-virus software, sorry vaccine, with whatever new mods they like.

The Chinese are rather heavy-handedly rolling out Social Credit systems. 
 If you are a bad person, you lose the ability to travel overseas, then to travel locally, to get a loan etc.. 
 Our system is a more sophisticated, better disguised version of that.

Bill Gates

People laugh at the idea that Bill Gates is behind it all. So I do too.
 I don’t think that one person could orchestrate such a thing, but I do believe that these people meet regularly on the social circuit, are constantly relied upon as blue-sky thinkers and policy drivers, I think their kids go to school together, I think they all holiday in the same places and use the same clubs…
 Perhaps to suggest a secret society, like the Bilderberg Club is running it all, is daft.
 But when “you” are all thinking the same way, telling each other the same stories, it’s a short step to using your billions for a “simulation,” just to see where things go, and what potential their might be for some sort of change. Who knows where it might lead, and what profits could be made…

BIG Government

The secret societies running these kinds of things? 
 They are called “Your Government!”
 The Chinese, Russian and American governments have had astonishingly enormous and devious plans running in the background for years. (I didn’t mention the UK and European governments, just because they are smaller and have less staff, but don’t think they haven’t got their own seriously dangerous and nasty little programmes running too! 
 Down the road from me, is “Porton Down,” the biological research arm of the UK government. These are the lovely folks brought us such gems as Mustard gas, Chlorine gas, Tear gas and Nerve gas!)

Do think I’ve got a robot nano-chip swimming in my blood, sending my whereabouts to Bill Gates right now. NO! 
 Do I think this was an experiment to change my DNA — NO! (mRNA, can’t damage DNA, it’s a different system and process..)
 Do I think it sets a dangerous precedent for the future? YES I DO! 100%
 Do I think Nano-bots will be an inevitable additive to a forthcoming vaccinations? YES I DO! 100%

I think in due course geographical lines are going to be redrawn again. 
 Just as Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden remained neutral during World War Two, I think if you want people to stop tampering with your body, you’ll have to find countries who are prepared to make a stand, and take you in. (New Zealand, I have my eye on you!)

The more we watch Hollywood churning out films about half-man, half machine, the more our children accept that this will be the future of life.

Choose Health

The REAL truth is that if you look after this amazing body, then it looks after you.
 You don’t need to compromise your health in the first place, nobody asked you to drink, smoke or stuff yourself with sugar. Nobody asked you to stress yourself up to the eyeballs! The choice is yours!
 If you stay fit and well, then a few bad days a year are all you need expect, and depending on where you live, that might only be every ten years!

Choose Health, not Nano-bots!
Choose Health, Not Population Control by vaccine!

Science, I want you to develop me a sophisticated test, based on hundreds of markers that scores my immune system! If I can keep my immune above a certain level, with no government help or cost, then I become the new model citizen, I get access to great travel and resources, the ill people don’t! Time to turn things around; carrot and stick not hammer and syringe!

Healthy people of the world unite! 
 I want my passport to show that my immune is welcome in any country of the world! 
 A good immunity passport, not a good vaccination passport, now there’s a future to really desire!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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