Don’t run away! Let’s all stay calm! It’s only a question….!

Here in the UK we really are nannied by the state. On the one hand, it’s amazing to have somebody caring, who’s looking after you. On the other hand, the Nanny isn’t your Mummy…
The nanny is somebody who’s doing the job for cash. They might be a “nice person” but it’s really all about the money honey!

Unfortunately you only have to look as far at the English Parliament to see a whole host of weirdos who were brought up by Nanny, basically because their parents didn’t know how to love them.
(I love a sweeping generalisation!)


It’s clearly time to get the whole Anti-vaxer story out of the way too.
I love the idea that Bill Gates has made some Nano-particles in his laboratory (next to the rebuild of Frankenstein on one slab, and the Microsoft Zune on the other slab…) and that he’s now sneaked it into the vaccines, so that he can track us all over the globe!
You did it to yourself, the second you signed a contract with O2, Sprint or Virgin etc, and put that sleek tracker in your pocket! They don’t need to inject you, you gave them everything they wanted ten years ago, and every microsecond since! (Whomever “they” actually are!)

In order to get your body to respond to what’s being injected into your system, an adjuvant is required. Essentially this is something that’s going to put your body on alert, and get it responding.
Frequently we are told that heavy metals such as Aluminium are included in adjuvants.
The government tells us that these are frequently found in nature, water and air.
(So it must be ok to put them directly into our blood…)

Natural Dentistry

There’s a growing section of Dentistry that’s called “Natural Dentistry” in which mercury based fillings are removed and less toxic substances put in their place.
There’s a suggestion that the constant micro drain of Mercury from the fillings as we eat or grind our teeth, leaches into our bodies, causing heavy metal toxification and poisoning.
Some proof is building, but as we know, Tuna fish seem to be addicted to mercury too, so if you like a tuna and mayo sandwich, you might be doing just as much damage!

It’s just a general feeling, that heavy metals are best left out of the body..
We learned to treat them with great care in science class, our teacher told us how toxic and dangerous they were. We heard and saw of chemical factory accidents, and understood why people who worked with them always wore a white Hasmat suit, yet we seem happy for them to be injected directly into our veins. (With or without Mr Gates’ added micro-robots!)

The people who have the Natural Dentistry seem to have this nagging feeling that something isn’t going right in their bodies, and I have yet to meet a person who’s regretted it.
Of course this might be the Placebo effect making them better.. but there is a logic behind getting toxins out of your system, and NOT putting them in..

If one of these companies came to me and said, we have taken some mineral water from the springs at Vichy, and mixed it with some Aloe vera juice, with a little touch of CV19 on the side, then I’d be IN!

To be fair, they used to give us horrific things soaked into a sugar lump, and I was IN then too!

Sigourney Weaver

There seems to be an inherent risk to putting any alien thing into your body (just look what happened to poor Sigourney Weaver in that film Alien!)

Any drug company would be lying if they told you there wasn’t some inherent risk.
There have been terrifying stories of people dying after the vaccine was administered, but not as many stories as people dying from CV19 by a long shot.

There is however a gamble here.
Do you think you are generally a well person?
Are you one of those who never gets a cold or flu?
Why in god’s name would you ever consider a vaccine then?
This is after all, just a very bad flu year.
(Nobody has actually died of Flu for a while, because this new strain of FLU is what people are dying of..)

Why do you get flu, and I don’t?
Simples! I have a strong immune that’s able to fight off alien attacks, and yours is massively compromised. (Yes Sigourney! Take that!!)


Why is my immune strong, and yours not?
Well, genetics… a little bit
External environment… a little bit
Internal environment … a lot.

What suppress your immune, whilst mine stays buoyantly defensive?

Alcohol… a few drinks at night to keep the worry away – suppresses the immune for six hours..
The Worry… can supress the immune indefinitely
The Stress at work… same story, lowers the immune function because you are slightly tipped into “Fight and Flight mode” all the time..
The Sugar.. Yes, suppresses the immune very well thank you.

The Share Portfolio

Let’s look at the people who rule us for a few seconds.
Brought up by Nanny, in a stately home, boarding school – Eton and Oxbridge.
Straight into Politics.
Daddy’s got a massive share portfolio.
Believes that some people were just born into the “working class” whilst others were born to rule.
Understands that for The Share Portfolio to thrive that companies need to make profits.
Doesn’t really care that:-
People die to make these profits
People aren’t paid enough to live happily
People have to shop at Supermarkets where the cheapest ingredient is Sugar
People nullify the pain with alcohol
People fill their bodies with toxins from their cheap shampoo, to the fluoride in their water, to the toxins in their workplace, the fillings in their teeth and the heavy metal in their fish and in their arms, as LONG as the Share Portfolio STILL makes a profit.
It’s a simple story, if you are brought up as a humanitarian then making a profit at the expense of others is just an anathema.
Is their any difference between removing the gold from the teeth from dead Jews, and allowing a street child to extract gold from your old mobile phone in the back street of Mumbai?
Somebody dies, and you looked the other way, as long as we get a profit..
Sure, let he who is without sin, cast the first stone etc..
I’m by no means the perfect consumer.
But I DO think about these things, about what impact I’m having, and what’s the cost.


Somewhere along the way, we started to understand more about the Universe and it’s structure.
It became a little more difficult to believe in the structure that Religion offered us.
So many things didn’t fit into what religion told us, so many people over the globe believe things that seem diametrically opposite to what we’d been told, but believed it with the same zeal and fervour. How could they be right and we be wrong.. how could they have come to such a different place than us? Well long story short, people quietly walked away from the shouting (shooting) and dogma.

In the UK, the Government is pretty much one of the main sponsors of our religion, along with and intertwined with the Monarchy. Both feel in a thoroughly patronising way that it’s GOOD for the people to have a state religion, that it binds us all together. This then is JUST as outdated an idea as the religion itself.

National Health Service

Our beloved National Health Service is the largest employer in the whole of the UK.
It’s big business. (It’s little wonder all those MP’s spent so many years trying to privatise bits of the NHS, get that into your share portfolio and watch it zoom!)
Now let’s see, if I could buy shares in a company that makes, Mercury, Aluminium, Adjuvant, Syringes, Face coverings, breathing apparatus… and then there was some sort of worldwide medical crisis, wouldn’t that be amazing! (For the share portfolio..)

So many industrialists and investors buy into armaments when they see a war on the horizon.
If you have ever bought a share in a company like Boeing, Lockheed, BAE, Airbus, Rolls Royce or Honeywell, then you have blood on your hands. Blood Diamonds for your ring, Blood shares for your portfolio, it’s all the same. The Co-op makes profits for Farmers, the arms dealers make weapons that kill women and children… It can’t be any more simple.

Sure, the big corporations pollute our world, kill our wildlife, destroy our forests and fauna for your profit, which will eventually lead to humans dying, but if you invest with Lockheed Martin, you can guarantee that your money has gone directly to killing other humans.

A Plague upon your house!

Back at the original idea then.
700 years ago, all you had, was to pray as hard as you can that God would spare you from the Black Death, and religion supported you.
These days you have Science as your new religion, and we pray hard that the vaccine will spare us from getting a very bad flu.
The high priests have just swapped purple robes for white coats, but the promises can be just as false..

There is however one other path for you to follow.

Quit drinking and smoking, give up sugar, do some exercise, take a few multimineral and vitamins, and live a long healthy life. Find ANY way you can to stop stress in your work and personal life.
Today, make the decision to leave the job you hate, and replace it with a job that makes you happy, as soon as is humanly possible.


Today, make the decision to leave the partner that’s making your home life stressful, come what may. Surely it’s better to be living in a friend’s back bedroom and happy, rather than a partner who makes you ill?

Today, make a one year plan to change the job, change the relationship, change the scene or country, to change the diet, and to change the way you live and invest.

Be the change that you want to see…
Be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and honestly say that you can love and respect yourself.
Be a better human.
If you make this change, you can become another seed of this fast growing movement of humanists who are changing themselves and therefore changing their and YOUR world. Be the change you want to see…. Please!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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