Let’s take Enlightenment as our starting point.

The realisation that we really are all One, not intellectually, but really experiencing the one-ness of it all.

The blinding understanding that all there is, is Awareness.

Awareness is the Unity that every seeker seeks, and the truth that we all hide away from by default.

The One becomes the two..
God say’s “let there be light” and out of the void comes…
Awareness becomes aware of itself…

However, you choose to understand it, the net result is that we are a by-product of Awareness experiencing itself. In the author Marc Leavitt’s personal experience it’s, like a “fold” in the mirror.
From a linear plane, the fold enables the Mirror to view itself.

2D Universe

This is the idea that our Universe is two dimensional. The image of an architect’s plans, drawn in two dimensions, being extrapolated into a three dimensional projection.
That the “information” stored on the boundary of our Universe is projected from 2D into the 3D that we experience.

The idea that our Intention is able to “pin” this reality in place, but that with lack of attention, then everything starts to degrade back to its source form.

So, we are the architects of our existence, however we are all just “the ground of awareness” playing this game. Like a fake Western Village in a Hollywood movie lot, or a virtual house created “on the fly” by a computer programme, this reality that seems SO real, is just a fiction.
An exceptionally gripping fiction, but a fiction none-the-less.


As Humans, we seem to have taken a pact to ignore this whole “death” thing.
I guess having a countdown to exit day would just be depressing.
Who would want to even get out of bed, if they knew they only had a few days left?
Perhaps, it could also be the force that galvanised us to greatness, however.

My favourite sport is Rugby. Its fascinating to see how a player receiving a “Red Card” and being banished from the pitch can make his fellow players suddenly perform out of their skins, to save the match! Maybe we’d all try harder if we’d been given a precise end date!

Facing death is indeed the biggest challenge in Life.
When given a possible death sentence by your doctor how will you proceed?
I’ve seen as many people throw in the towel as I’ve seen fight like an angry bears.
Of the people who consign themselves over to the health professionals versus the people who take on their illness head to head, there is one noticeable difference.
The people who choose to fight the battle their own way, often live longer, live a better standard of life and sometimes survive entirely and gloriously.

Given the choice of handing my power over and accepting a “slash and burn” policy, I would use every tool in my box to beat it on my own terms.


The important realisation is that I’m NOT going to cheat death entirely though!
We hear interesting stories about Daoists who live into their hundred, and sometimes thousands.. Clearly, having any record of that to prove it is difficult to say the least!
There is the case of the Japanese man whose life at one particular address WAS exceptionally clearly recorded for 247 years. The evidence is pretty undisputable, with a notice from the council wishing him happy 100th and then 200th birthdays, and neighbours who still remember him in the 1960 (I think..)

Not everybody would want this for themselves. I have NO doubt there are Qigong practices combined with Mental Hygiene and a great herbal enhanced diet that will make you live to well over one hundred years old.

The first thought that comes to most minds is “I wouldn’t like that, watching all my family and friends die…”
I did however just mention Mental Hygiene. To enable oneself to live to that sort of age, the self-realisation that none of this is real is required.
If your mind is full of chatter, and criticism. If you are constantly angry or sad, you’ll never live that long. The only way to have this longevity is to have understood the nature of our Universe, to have seen it for what it actually is.

When at last you see, that looking back at you from out of every other person’s eyes is YOU, you start to understand that death is not an end. You begin to realise that you didn’t “come” into this life, but that you actually “are” this life, and have always, and will always be..

We live these human snapshots, as if everything in our lives is REALLY IMPORANT.
Check out Instagram and Facebook. I often have ideas, like this essay that I think are REALLY IMPORTANT to write and post out there for you to read!
God, most people think its really important to let you know what they had for supper! (I know I love a good food selfie!)

The Lie

We are sold a lie generally, by people who have figured out the game a little more quickly than the others! The lie that if you are nice and good, remember to work hard, this life will pay you out! (In reality, it tends to pay them out, whilst your life gets used up for nothing…)

There are various levels of players in this game.
Firstly, the Worker Drone. He’s born, get’s given a pretty rubbish education, is used up quickly, and dies. On his journey, he might ask “Why me!?” But he never bothers to answer that question.
Next we have the Bosses. Born, educated well, exploits others, dies a little bit older than the drone. He still might ask “Why me!?” But he never bothers to answer that question either.
We have Intellectuals. They think about “Why me!?” – they have answers to “Why me!?” but never doing anything but discuss it. They die too.
Then, we have Seekers, they are born, probably educated well although, its not a necessity as these seekers come from all walks of life.
They quickly see the “tumble-dryer” that the rest of humanity are “spinning round” in, and clock it for the nonsense it is.
They find ways out of the Matrix. Often, its Death, or the threat of Death that spurs them to awaken.
Sadly, so many of them have been minced through the Western Medicine Mincer, before they realise the mistake they have made, that the realisation comes too late.
Don’t get me wrong, I have cause to offer my profound thanks and blessings to Emergency Doctors right here and right now. They saved my beautiful daughter’s life last night. Bless them all.

Chronic illness is not something I’d entrust to them currently, however.

Breaking Out

The ones who make it out of the system find any way they can to slough off the stress that has been imposed on them by the system. As all my regular readers will know the Tripod of Good Health for me is Qigong daily exercise, a careful diet and Mental Hygiene.
Exercise well, eat well, and “think” in a healthy way.

So, our Seekers find a way to exist outside of the mainstream.
Self-cultivation leads to all sorts of special abilities. People experience a thinning of the veil between us and awareness. Interestingly, I feel that as a foundation, Meditation and Qigong are great starting points, but they can also hinder you, if you don’t see them for the simple tools they are, rather than the destination.
I think that if your path of solitude has taken you to a monastery, then you went up a blind ally from my perspective.
I feel that Meditation is a tool to help you gain control of your mind, Qigong a tool to gain control of your body. What’s required is constant questioning of “Who am I?” until you find yourself back at the unescapable truth. You are total awareness, and so am I.
The raindrop returns to the ocean.


I have cultivated the intellectual understanding of this, and experienced moments of this from time to time. I’m somewhat lazy, and slightly scared of how it will be and what it means.

That being said, I’m still inching my way forwards along the ledge, ever closer to looking into the abyss of awareness.

Death, where is thy sting now?
Death, there is thy sting! Thy sting is getting to the end of the game (and let’s be fair, none of us knows when our sting is round the corner!) and NOT having figured it all out!

Yes, it is exceptionally rash to think that I might have “figured it all out”

I think that as with humanity’s stages that I’ve described above, all of awareness is multi-layered.

I love the idea that as you close in on this bit of the game, you start to suspect that you are being played again! I love the idea, that everything I’m writing for you is total nonsense!
I like to think that for one person death really does equal death, that life after death will be heaven for another person, that re-incarnation will be that for yet a third soul.

I think in a Universe of infinite possibilities, that you can have whatever you please!
So for me to think I have it all worked out, will probably be proved to be correct for me one day!


The idea that I’m God, and so are you is however most, comforting! If I’m just a flicker of total awareness having fun, then why not enjoy it to it’s fullest!? I hereby declare for total happiness

Sure, the big tests in life await me. (As I was all too aware of yesterday)
Recent deaths have forced me to really consider where I stand on the subject.
I now understand where “Sadness and Sorrow” have an appropriate part to play in my life.
If I truly believe I am god (and so are you!) then everything is exactly as it is meant to be right now.

People talk of “Soul Contracts.” It certainly helps to explain the death of a young child or a young person, that they have chosen to impact the Game in a very specific way, arrive with a splash, and exit in a shocking way, thus perhaps awakening a few more souls to their true seeker potentials.

If this is the design of the game, and if I am the fabric of the game, nothing can ever be wrong ever again. It’s appropriate for me to feel sorrow, it’s appropriate for me to experience total joy too..
(Although from a Chinese Medicine perspective, it’s much better to try to navigate these waters without too many waves! Try to keep to the middle of the stream..it’s more healthy!)

Given all this, if you choose to sit home and watch TV, till they carry you out in a box, or decide to climb Everest naked, with only a pair of Flip-flops – it doesn’t matter!

Free yourself NOW!
Cast off the drudgery!
Die with a smile on your face, because you never really existed anyway!
Come on – You are God, you might as well behave like a god!
And for God-sake smile whilst you do it!

Remember, when death comes knocking, or when birth arrives, it’s all just part of the circle of life!

And, when things seem to make no sense, it’s just because you haven’t seen the whole picture – yet! (But you should make it your life’s work to try…)

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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