Recently I’ve had cause to think about the healing process, and why some people have great success and why other struggle.
My Teacher Lu is the inspiration for this essay, but also I draw on my thirty years or more as a therapist.
The “Hun Yuan” from the title, translates roughly as Entirety.
Dr Pang created his Entirety Theory during the 80’s in an enlightened state.

Let’s pick that apart – What does an enlightened state do for you?
It would appear from my personal brief experiences that it unites you with everything around you, with the fabric of the Universe.
There’s no longer a sense of separation from the world and others.

I oft quote Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain researcher who says “I had a ring-side seat to watch my own brain shutting down” as she experienced her own stroke.
There’s a fascinating part of the story as she tells of her logical brain shutting down, and her sense of wonder as she starts to merge with the shower wall, that she’s leaning against.
She suddenly experiences the beauty and wonder of the Universe and merges with it.
She can no longer tell what’s her and what’s the wall or outside world.
She becomes one with all there is and it “was amazing”

Dr Pang, through practice and deep contemplation found that he could sustain this state.
Few of us ever push that hard so that we find ourselves permanently changed, permanently open to the Universe, beyond the social barriers and out into space.
Interestingly, everything I’ve ever read suggests that it’s not a “push” to get there, but rather a preparation of the ground, sowing the seeds and that when you least expect it, you are there.

Psychedelics hint at this place; we can have deep experiences of bliss and oneness in meditation, but it rarely sticks..
Dr Pang was able to use this position to understand the functioning of our Universe from a Qi perspective.
We discover things daily in Quantum Science, the Dark Matter, Higgs-boson’s and the likes..
We give scientific names to these things, Dr Pang (and many other Chinese scientists) describe them in a different way from a Qi perspective. The function is still the same.

What part does Consciousness play in the structure of the Universe?
Western Science’s current thinking is that Consciousness directs matter to create this experience we are having. (Even this idea is now being deepened, expanded and evolved..)

We see that Dr Pang apparently used his conscious awareness to “probe” the structure of the Universe to give us a greater understanding of how “things” work in our world, and in our lives

It is now suggested by many sources that at least 95% of all illness comes from our Consciousness (especially our Sub-consciousness ..)

Bruce Lipton puts it beautifully in a recent documentary The 1 Field, he points out the only ten percent of our mind is conscious, ninety percent sub-conscious; the ten percent is our creative mind.
The ninety percent is made of patterns that are absorbed from Family and Society before the age of eight, when we are in a deep Theta hypnotic state.
This is the way in which we absorb and learn how to be a family member, a community person and often take on a religious state.
We watch and learn from everybody else, but this means taking on their “programmes”
This information doesn’t only come from parents, but grandparents too, and all their collected knowledge from generations that they have received..
Studies have shown that we are “thinking” 95% of the time, and that whilst we are thinking, we are not listening.. The upshot of this is that all the default programming is run in the background, organising our life and health.. (i.e. You don’t have to “think” how to brush your teeth each time..)
This only leaves five percent of the time to actually use our creative mind to craft our lives, the rest is somebody-else’s 2nd hand story.
These programmes are frequently self-sabotaging, limiting and disempowering.

How can all this be true?
One of the key tenets of Hun Yuan medicine is that it is based on our life state, on the energy that flows through us and the world around us.
This means that illness is just a state of energy also and as such can be observed and changed at a deep root level.

From a Western perspective, we tend to view the symptoms rather than the actual root cause, this means that we are working at a very superficial level.
The knowledge accumulated by Western Medicine comes from dissecting bodies after death, it comes from testing on Rats, Mice and Beagles in a laboratory, and of course from observation too, but only at a superficial level. (I’m being contentious here, suggesting that blood-work is superficial, but in this case it’s leaves out all suggestions of any type of energy.)

This is Dr Frankenstein’s problem.
No matter how we set up experiments with fundamental gasses and electrical forces, we just can’t find out how to animate new life.
We have still NO idea how anaesthetics actually work, just that they do..
We exclude Qi from all equations because we can’t measure it and in so doing throw baby out with the bathwater!

Hun Yuan healing is Entirety healing..
What does that mean?
We often believe that we are sperate beings, disconnected from Nature, people and places.
Hun Yuan Theory sees us as a Holon. The idea is that Inside the Universe, is our Solar System, inside that dwells our Planet, on the Planet you find a huge variety of Nature, we are nested inside this nature, part of this nature. We in turn are part of a country, a county, a societal group, a family.
Inside of us are our organs nested together as a family, inside the Organs, cells, inside the cells atoms and so it goes. It’s not possible to speak of the Universe without us forming part of it, or see us as separate from Nature.
We are embedded into the system, no matter how much we believe that our actions have no effect on things and people around us, they do!

It’s true to say that the Conscious Mind, and The Sub-conscious Mind are also nested within the body. From a Hun Yuan medicine perspective, it’s impossible to think that affairs of the mind have nothing to do with the health of the body.
The idea of separation between mind and body is effectively “illness,” Hun Yuan Medicine is about bringing mind and body back into harmony.

The divisions can be seen everywhere.
When we spend all our time in a stressed job, working so hard and fast, we can’t see the effects it has on our body.
We live in toxic relationships for years, and don’t see how it hurts us.
Families without harmony can make people very ill, countries without harmony can harm entire populations.
Hun Yuan medicine focuses on healing the whole, and not the parts as we do in the west.
Teacher Lu always says, “It’s like you are focusing on the Fruit, but somehow you’ve forgotten about the leaves, the branches, the tree trunk, the roots and the soil!”

Another important factor about Western Medicine is that it only tends to look outside, whilst Hun Yuan Medicine asks us to look inside and to use the innate ability to the body to heal itself.
(You don’t have to think about healing a cut on your finger, the body knows how!)

In Western Medicine we ask a doctor to do the healing for us, we give away our power, and ask for pills.
In Hun Yuan healing, Dr Pang explains that we have the most complex chemical factory on earth, deep inside us, and that it’s churning out millions of custom-made chemicals unique to us, every millisecond.
Hun Yuan medicine invites us to become the Master of this factory, and gives us the tools to do it.
If the factory is running amuck, programmed by dangerous sub-conscious subroutines, it’ll make toxic chemical for you, and start to damage the body. If you are in control, then you’ll get perfect custom-made healing!

Another key aspect is that we can use our minds like a scalpel. With a little training, the mind can find it’s way to the very root of illness. It can seek out the patterns and remove them in a highly surgical way.
Let’s take as an example a lady with breast cancer.
The Breast cancer is more like a rash, it’s the final result of a pattern of stories that exhibits itself as a lump.
In Chinese medicine, we would look at the Liver and Gallbladder, they are connected to Lymph function. The Lymph sits right next to the breast, the energy can stagnate in the breast and result as a lump. But Why?
In TCM the Liver is seen as the home of the emotion Anger! (Think drunkard getting angry, with a bright red face, as the Liver delivers blood to his cheeks..)
Ladies are not so able in our society to express their anger, so much of it is repressed and buried deep, making a toxic chemical flow.
Let’s suggest that this lady’s father let her down and was never there, that her partners have treated her badly. Her insecurity that should have been supported by her father has led her to choose bad partner, after bad partner. Her anger at “life” grows and grows, but she’s unable to get it out, she just “eats” more and more of it, until finally the health problems show.

We can start to look at this story through Hun Yuan healing, as where the root lies, heal the base issues, let the stories go, and then watch as the body heals itself.

From a western perspective, our medicines tend to be surgery, chemotherapy and radio-therapy.
We are cutting and burning the ground where the problem exhibits, but missing the root cause entirely. Western medicine blunders through, blindly hoping to staunch the flow, but just temporarily dams the water. The dam will break again soon..
Not so with Hun Yuan Medicine.. we go to the root cause and heal the wholistic life, the body then heals itself for ever.. Once gone, that problem need never return.

The idea of this approach is to bring about harmony between body and mind, a complete healing of our life, bringing about health habits and a healthy mind! It’s about finding security and peace inside our bodies.
Contrast this to the fear that most doctors give their patients with their diagnosis. It’s a very different story. It’s sad to say, but fear sells well. People will purchase all sorts of remedies if driven by fear, and this is a very powerful economic model for Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.

What Hun Yuan healing and Zhineng Qigong offers is a way to become the master of your life’s journey.
It’s time to become a shining example to others, as Teacher Lu says, “Life Inspires Life!”
Take this journey, as many millions have before you, make a complete healing and inspire family and friends to do the same!

Hao La!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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