The stream of consciousness flows no matter what..

We are just points of light dotted throughout the firmament. Points of pure consciousness with time and light streaming through us.
I once had a vision of the future ahead of me, I stood in the Standing Qigong posture, static and steady, the river of the future coursing towards me, flowing into me like the sands of time in an hour glass, entering at my belly, and flowing out of my lower back to become my past.

Just as film-makers shoot a shot, where the protagonist is standing still, and the whole of life seems to be flowing past him, you too experience time in this way.

Each of us is a spec of Consciousness, experiencing the flow of Time and Light from our static position.
The model is of a papier-mâché ball, billions of little holes pricked through it’s surface, and a light source in it’s centre, light streaming out
It would appear, when viewed, that there are billions of separate little lights, but the reality is that these are all one light, appearing in seven billion different places all at once.

Once seen it’s not unseeable.
Like Christmas, Christianity, and “Sawing the Lady in a box in half” – once you know the trick, you can’t unknow it.
The Ego fights to keep you from your truth.
When you see “life” for what it is, then your Ego will become redundant – and it really doesn’t want to be put out of a job.
It’s twists and turns, it’ll invent new games, strategies, new interests, new ways to consume information! (Oh my, is it a voracious feeder on Information!)

The ego will do anything to avoid boredom, just in case you accidently pierce the veil and see through the trick of “this life.”

The dance of life is a wonderous thing, it makes our hearts beat, our sense sharp, and shot full of joy.
The dance of life is a desperate thing, stopping and breaking hearts, dulling sense to the point of depression and sorrow.
Don’t lose sight of the fact that like every other dance, soon the band will stop and the silence will follow. “It came to pass” the bible says – not “came to stay!”

This ethereal dance, a dance with ghosts, a dance with friends, a dance of love… but still a dance.
It seemed so real… then one day it wasn’t.
Alan Watts says to you, “Do you remember the moment BEFORE you woke up?” – of course you don’t.
Do you remember the moment after you went to sleep? Each day we sleep and wake, each life we sleep and wake, have done, will always do, ad infinitum…

Don’t be too serious, let yourself smile for a while.
Sit back and watch the mad-hatter’s tea part unfold, but don’t get swept along, or you’ll excite your ego again, and another round of life will whisk you off for the next dance..

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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