For many years we have heard the Sci-fi idea of a Parallel Universe.
I want to tell you a story about one of those parallel Universes.

In this alternate reality, the people were very like us.
The rushed about, lead stressful lives and fought each-other for limited resources.
Thinking themselves really clever, they had ended up by poisoning their water supplies when it had become fashionable to urinate and defecate in water, rather than keep it for drinking!
Another clever trend had been to use toxic chemicals on their crops to increase the yield, which had in fact happened, but the quality of the grains had gone down dramatically, and now they were filled with toxins too.
They had fostered a deep desire for power of any sort from very early on in their development.


One side effect had been to encapsulate the power of  “work” and “production” in an idea called Money.
People had come to worship and desire Money to such a degree that they no longer recognised the value of their own lives. Money was far more important. Many lost their lives unwittingly as they chased this Money throughout their youth, into their middle-age and then became physically or mentally unwell due to the exhaustion of the constant chase.

In an effort to make even more money, large groups of people started to dig into the Earth.
It took such an effort, and was so dangerous that the minerals and metals that they found became fantastically expensive and of course desirable. But how much could you take from Mother Earth, before it was too much? Nobody knew or cared.

The Metals and Minerals made people rich, and a new source of power emerged; when you burned it, it gave off great power, and smoke, lots of smoke, but power too!
The thirst for power grew ever stronger, as the clouds of smoke started to envelop their Earth.
The smoke started to make everybody and everything sick.


The more power they had, the more time they had to research the world in more detail.

As time went by, they understood the fabric of their Universe better and better.
They discovered that everything they saw, wasn’t quite as obvious as they had at first thought.
There was a whole micro-world embedded inside everything they could see.
Oddly, they discovered that there was even more power deep inside this micro world, than there was outside!

Now as they learned to release this power, they discovered that it was a double-edged sword.
They had now seen the power that could destroy them completely if used unwisely.
With this new power came untold levels of toxicity.

Suddenly their airwaves were filled with new frequencies that had never been unleashed before with such power and at such length.
People didn’t mind, because it came with upsides, and of course the ability to make and hoard more money.

Cheap Lives

At some stage, some people started to wonder why their lives seemed to be so “Cheap”.
It began to dawn on them that many of the people who were starting to hoard vast quantities of Money had begun to view THEM as a plentiful resource, to be used and spent!

It was built into every person’s DNA, that they should try to accumulate as much as they possibly could. A few had seen this and understood that if it was possible to bleed the more lowly people dry of their money, then the gathering of cash became much more simple. Get the workers to make a little money, and then take it all from them through various scams.

One of the best scams was to make people sick, and then charge them a fortune to get well again!
What a clever idea this had been! The smarter humans who had always used people as a resource, by telling them stories, now needed to learn new ways.
For thousands of years, it was easy to tell them a story about God or Country and have them give up their lives for your gain.
People had become more savvy these days, a new strategy was required.
The richer folk developed a new narrative that said “Your body wants to kill you, but if you pay us, we have the anti-dote!”
If they could make the masses believe that their bodies had actually turned on them, then surely they’d give up everything for another few drops of life?

The Big Scam

This scam worked for many years. Make the people pay to poison themselves, and then make them pay again to get themselves better.
The truth was, that what they were offering was more poison, dressed up as a cure!
Usually people only had enough money to keep themselves going for a few years of these treatments, what was the point of actually healing them. It wasn’t a good financial model!

A tiny percentage of the populous saw this scam for what it was!
Their voices were so tiny, that the vast machinery of government, press and state didn’t worry anymore.
It was easy to make these people out to be crazy dreamers at best, and easy to suggest that their activities might actually be reckless and illegal at worst!

There is however an interesting truth. At some innate level people always know when you are lying.
Most people chose to accept the lie, or play along with it for profit. A few refused.

Inner Power

Ancient cultures had always spoken of the power that Human’s have inside of them.
It was easy for “Big Education” to shut these ideas down in children when they were very young.
Very few got through the loop-hole. The one’s that did were treated as anomalies. Science pushed them to one side.

Science was the propagator of the ideas that Human’s were JUST humans.
The special abilities that some claimed to have, were ignored, hushed up, called witchcraft, and thoroughly side-lined. They were so inconvenient to Science, as they seemed to prove the opposite of what Science claimed

Take for instance Medicine, a branch of science.
It held that there was a chemical cure for everything! The issue had been for such a long time that Chemicals had been one of the major reasons that people were getting ill in the first place! It was a hard sell, but on they pushed. The more pills people popped, the more money the companies earned, but sadly people just didn’t get any better – they only ended up getting addicted!
That was a great business model!

On the companies pushed, regardless.


The cleverest part of the magic trick was the ability of the system to keep people in a mesmerised state. Keep promising amazing gifts at the end of a working life, spa pools, beach holidays, cruises round the world. Of course few people ever got there, but it was fun dreaming.
That’s all the people did, work and dream of a better time ahead.
In the meantime the system gave them wars, famine, disasters and backbreaking work.

Life felt like it was continually speeding up! As technology progressed, so did the speed of people’s lives. Constant contact was the watchword for most.
It was seen as being a little odd, if you were “off-grid” for any amount of time, possibly hinting at some sort of perversion..

One day when life was reaching a peak of frenzy, and disasters were rolling in daily, one clever soul remembered the following phrase:-
“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

All change

A small but persistent core were waking up to their own power, not an external power.
This band of people started to understand that they no longer required the rush and panic.
It was a simple idea.
Detach yourself from the News agenda that was frightening everybody into staying in line.
Detach yourself from the Debt that kept everybody roped into banks and government
Learn that you can grow your own food and that life doesn’t require consumeristic addiction to thrive.
More than that, they started to cultivate their own personal power.
They discovered that a life lived in balance, that included silence, meditation and prayer helped their bodies to heal naturally.
They discovered that they could live healthily into old age if they kept themselves moving and thinking, rather than slumped inert in front of a TV.
The more they practiced stillness, the more they discovered their hidden power.

In the past, people had whispered crazy stories about a auntie who could heal sick people, an old man who was able to know what was ailing you, or about a mother who had lifted a car off her child’s leg.
Then there were stories about Monks who could withstand otherwise mortal blows, martial artist who could become invisible and move through walls..

It took a while, but eventually people started to discover that they could cultivate these powers too.
Interestingly, it was found that every person could do this, there were no special people. It was just something that they’d all forgotten.


It was an interesting turn in this Parallel Universes’ history.
Several of the individuals who’d become the richest in the world decided that if there was a chance to extend their lives, they’d like to see where this thinking went.
They used there astonishing resources to start building communities all over the world.
These started of small.
Little Eco-villages with two or three hundred families.
Each had its school and work hub, but also a very different pace of life.
Everybody in the community lent a hand to cultivating crops, teaching and building.

Before long, the communities began to swell.
People saw that it was possible to live and be heathy, but also happy too.
Even the people in Cities saw that it was possible to adapt their way of life from competitive living to co-operative living.
The cities became dreamy metropolises. Everywhere there were green roofs, living walls, parks or gardens growing communal crops and fruit trees lines every street.

The clouds of smoke were gone now, the rivers ran clean and the Earth sighed a huge sigh of relief as all of the mining and forest clearances gradually stopped.

 Interestingly, the largest shift occurred within the minds of the populace.
As they had taken more time to themselves, they had changed.
Firstly, they had worked till they were fifty, or fifty five at maximum.
The nature of their jobs had changed, so that every person felt that they were valued, and had done what they loved doing. Stress from work had disappeared.

Life Change

They had built in time to look after their mental and physical health each day which had led to a serious decline in the need for pharmaceuticals.
Many of the big drug companies had had to close. (Lot’s of their directors had been tried for crimes against humanity, and found guilty..)
People had demanded a reform in government. It was decided that you could only be in government if you’d worked until you were fifty. All career politicians were audited, and were forced to return their ill gotten gains.
Nobody wanted to eat cheap, sugar filled bad food anymore!
They demanded change. It was also seen that people’s lives allowed them now, to spend time cooking, eat with their family, and really enjoy the value of the food they ate.
The Sugar Pushers were tried along with the Drug Dealers, and sentenced to work in Nature until they forgave themselves.

As these things changed, so to did the populace.
Historians and Archaeologists of their future would refer to this as the “Second age of Enlightenment”
The people who had been known as Homo-sapiens, now evolved into Homo-spiritualis.
The important shift was to self-knowing. In the old days, they had been herded like sheep through life at high speed.
The quicker you made people run, the greedier you forced them to be, the more you detached them from their True-selves, the easier it was to control them.
Now, with time on their hands, and a good pinch of hind-sight, people were able to go deeply inside themselves.
They discovered the true meaning of their lives.

True Meaning

The discovered that they were consciousness, and that when they’d always looked outside for a god to save them, that they had been this “god” all along!
They were the consciousness of their Universe, and as such, they were able to create the perfect lives for themselves.
As all populations do in Nature, they were self-regulating.
Over the centuries eight billion people became four billion.
People understood about living in harmony with each other and with the land.
No more wars, no more famine.
When one understood the natural cycle of life and death, then all fear disappeared.
It was understood that death was only a cessation of the concept of “Time”
They understood that their energy continued uninterrupted for ever and always.

After the struggle of birth, eventually was born an unparalleled time of harmony for this parallel universe.
But as we know, every Yin must have its yang, but every Yang also has its Yin!

Hao Le! (Chinese for “Everything is Good Already!”)

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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