I’m currently trialling a food supplement that was highlighted to me by someone I highly trust.

My first comment is that it would seem to be an excellent product, with some amazing results behind it, that’s being rather badly marketed.
(It seems to have two names Magicdichol and Nano Soma, it’s marketed by different companies in different parts of the world etc..)
This should not detract from the amazing scientific discovery that Dr P.R. Raghavan has made.

Taken at it’s most basic, it’s a nano-product (more detectable than a Homeopathic product – therefore less “faith” needed!)
It’s a Food Supplement – verified by the FDA in the USA.
There is scientific proof that it acts as Vitamin D in one’s body and promotes the production of endogenous Vitamin C.

If this was all it did, it would be an exceptional booster for one’s immune system.
It reputedly does a great deal more, and has been tested in Hospital settings.
You can find links to the medical research on their website here

They have verified studies about the effect of boosting Pluripotent stem cells, a constant and cutting edge area of research into Diabetes and other chronic diseases. They demonstrate the use of Nano Soma to inhibit the Klotho gene which is seen in many pathologies in Cancer cells.
Nano Soma and therefore I, make NO claims that this food supplement can cure any illness.
It has however, historically been absent or in very low quantities in our diets in the last decades, due to intensive farming, food production methods and GMO crops.

This supplement has been demonstrated to change the path of many diverse problems, and has been shown to be able to regulate 2300 genes.
As an example, it has been shown to express 230 genes produced in the brain, that can help problems such as Stroke and Parkinson’s.

These are the listed positive effects.
Provides Therapeutic effects of Vitamin D
Restores proper Immune function
Increases Vitamin C, Adiponectin and Testosterone levels
Inhibits TNF-α and NF-κB
Regulates thousands of Human Genes
Reduces Inflammation and Pain
Enhances Wound healing
Defends against Viruses and Bacteria
Increases Energy levels and Cognitive Function
Relieves Itchy eyes and Itchy skin
Rejuvenates healthier and youthful skin
Regulates abnormal Biomarkers
Repairs damaged Organs and Blood vessels
Corrects underlying health problems
Improves longevity and Anti-aging

They have a few explainer videos on Youtube:-
A short introduction, showing the many benefits of Nano Soma..
“The Introduction to Nano Soma”
A 1 minutes intro:-
“How can Metadichol help humanity”
And a better slightly longer one:-
“Introduction to NANO SOMA Nutritional Liquid Supplement”
And an exceptionally long interview, that mentions many healing examples and anecdotal evidence.
Nano Soma:- Path to Health, with Dr Raghavan and Dr Presser

How would I take this supplement?
For chronic illness, they suggest using one bottle in the first week or so.
The continuing with one bottle per month.
(Sometimes it might take as long as six months to make real inroads into long-held problems.)
Bought in bulk the average price of this supplement is likely to be about £40 per month.

How do I order them?
Click the following links:-

1 Bottle https://www.magicdichol.com/store/mduk/health/nano-soma-food-supplement/?aff_id=24463 – (£42 plus P&P per bottle)

3 Bottles https://www.magicdichol.com/store/mduk/health/nano-soma-oral-spray-food-supplement-clone/?aff_id=24463 (£37.80 plus P&P per bottle)

12 Bottles https://www.magicdichol.com/store/mduk/health/nano-soma-oral-spray-food-supplement-clone-clone/?aff_id=24463 (£35.70 plus P&P per bottle)

All of the information about the product is on their website and Youtubes –

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