“As above, so below” goes the old Chinese adage

We see the holistic idea of the Microcosms embedded inside the Macrocosmic.

But what exactly is Consciousness, and how does it relate to the Universe?
What’s meant by the term Information?

In Zhineng Qigong’s “Hun Yuan Entirety Theory,” Dr Pang uses the unbreakable and constantly transforming triumvirate of “Qi, Space and Information”
He uses this construct to explain the creation and dissolution of matter.
Put simply Every object in the observable universe is made of Qi, “held in place” by information.
The balance of the non-observable Universe is “Space” – essentially Qi, waiting for Information to be applied to it.

Let’s try to clarify this a little more.
All three are described as “Qi” – Solid matter is more obvious to us; energy and the information are at a less obvious frequency.
The important aspect of Information is that everything in the Universe, all of Nature, and everything in the Human system has information. Without it nothing can “exist” as we know it.

How can you detect information!?

In Zhineng Qigong we speak of “Yi Yuan Ti” – there’s no simple way to explain what it is and how it works, but I’ll try to shed a glimmer of light on it.
It would be crude to call it “Our Consciousness” but that’s about as close as the English language will get us.
Yi Yuan Ti, connects us to the “Consciousness” of the Universe, and connects the Universe through us to the Material world. It’s at once an interface or conduit but also a part of us.
Through as, and in us.. Sounds a bit mystical, but when we get to these fine margins, things start to blur.

It through wielding our Yi Yuan Ti that we become the creators of our Universe.
This is the mechanism that allows one to direct one’s mind to the Qi of our Universe, and see things start to change, form or dissolve. Your conscious power can transmute and transform the Universe around you.


Nothing can be achieved without a still and focused mind.
The image that’s often employed is of a hundred watt light bulb, that can light a whole room, or a hundred watt laser that can cut through sheet metal.
The problem is that we are so often good at stilling the mind, and then doing nothing with it!
You can spend twenty years as a “great Meditator,” but sadly you’ve missed the boat of “transformation and creation!”

In Qigong, we use this “stilled mind and calm heart place” to bring about personal transformation.

This is the place that Doctors can’t go too.
How does a Doctor explain Anita Moorjani dying of multiple cancers and moments from her mortal end, leaving hospital three weeks later without a sign of cancer?
That doesn’t fit a Western paradigm.
For Anita, she experienced an NDE (Near death experience) where she met her father, who told her it wasn’t time to die and that she had work to do.
The power of this experience changed her mind, which changed her internal toxic chemistry.
The body started spontaneously healing. Her consciousness had been shifted, her Yi Yuan Ti instructed the energy of her body to change; and change it did!

In our terms she used Yi Yuan Ti to dissolve the tumours and repair her system.
The information of her cells changed the quality of her cells; some will have died off, others returned to normal working order.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody “wants to die”
On some level, very often people feel like they’d be better off dead.
Sometimes people feel so small and insignificant that they sub-consciously think “nobody would even miss me if I were gone..”

We only really ever hear 5% of the stories and patterns that flow through our minds.
Clearly, one would never manage to get through a day if we had to process every thought!
(How much would you get done, if you had to remember to breathe, how to walk, or even how to brush your teeth!?)
So many tasks become automatic.
Sadly, massive slabs of self-criticism can become embedded too.
If a parent tells us how useless we are, and that nobody will ever want us, we can easily live through these taunts and lead a normal life; the unpleasant taunts can still run in the subconscious background, relentlessly leaching toxic chemicals into our bloodstream…
The result is usually Cancer or the likes..

We need to learn to take control of the patterns and processes that run wild in our lives.
This has to start with silence.

The next step is to use our Yi Yuan Ti, like a knife.
We need to cut clean through the ties that bind us to past slights.
We need to project a new way of being into every day.
Our Consciousness needs to direct a new way of being.
We need to view ourselves as whole and healed.
Slowly the mind will start to reform and transform.
Ask yourself “Who am I” – “How does that thought relate to me?” – ask it again and again, until you see through the web of lies that you and society have constructed. Beyond that lies total healing

No straight Lines

In Chinese medicine (as in Physics) we imagine straight lines and use our geometry, but in the uber reality, everything seems to move in curves! Nothing is ever as simple as it seems!
What about this “As above, so below” comment at the top of the story?
It’s a standard cultural idea. We look to the movement of the heavens to figure out the earthly scheme of things.

If I’m directing my Yi Yuan Ti (consciously or sub-consciously) to make things “happen” in my life, and you are doing the same with your life, then we are both in the “Co-creative Game” together.
(Along with seven billion other players!)
Our entire Universe is made of Hun Yuan Qi, just waiting to be “differentiated” by some information!
It’s like a vast soup of possibilities, just wating to encounter an instruction. (Or Quantum collapse)

Our Physicists talk in terms of Dark Energy, Dark Matter or Dark Radiation.
We see images of the Cosmic Web (Springel et al. 2005) juxtaposed beside images of our brain’s Neurones. (It’s impossible to tell them apart.)
It’s all Hun Yuan Qi.
We can spend a lifetime trying to work out how one relates to the other.
With our reductionist Western Mind, we can drill ever deeper, finding smaller and smaller pieces of the puzzle.

The Truth

Sadly, the truth is this.
Understanding the mechanisms, controlling them through knowing their names and interrelations, will never cure your cancer or make you rich and happy!
Knowledge ultimately pins the Qi in place. Knowledge stops the flow.
One needs to “embody” the ideas.
This isn’t something I can teach you.
It’s the trickiest step. So many people assimilate the information, pin it in place, state “I know how this healing works!” .. and get nothing from it! (I.e they don’t heal..or heal very slowly..)
Others grasp the idea, and set off on a journey of self-discovery; they break down everything they thought they knew about themselves, let go of the old rubbish, and find astonishing healings beyond..
People often say “let go, and let God..”

In Zhineng Qigong we suggest that you design a really detailed healing image.
If you have a broken bone, or a Liver tumour, study a medical dictionary. Make an image of a PERFECT And HEALED bone or organ.
Once you have understood the “picture” – hold the good (information) picture in your head.
Never again dwell on the illness itself, only on the perfectly healed part of your body.
Sometimes a general overall healing might serve you better than a specific one.
Why Liver cancer? What brought it about? Maybe you need to heal a relationship with a parent rather than a specific organ… only you will ever really know that.
Sit quietly, and let the answer come. If you decided you need a “cellular knowledge” of how to heal, so-be-it..   
If you decide it’s a bigger “family” or “relationship” healing, great.
Trust your intuition, focus your mind on the task, and make it happen.
Dr Pang says “There is nothing that cannot be broken down, transformed and healed..”

The Holistic Universe

I find it fascinating to think the following:-
If I only know 5% of my “personal Universe,” then possibly the vast undifferentiated Qi of the Universe might be the unconscious mind of our Universe.
Perhaps WE constitute the 5% of the Universal mind that is evident?
As the Universal consciousness “lights” on corners of our Universe, then worlds are created out of Qi and Information.
Perhaps every star in our Universe is like a thought bubble that has been produced by the Universal mind.
As you sit quietly, thoughts drift through your consciousness.
If you choose to engage with them, then they will come to pass.
(I sit quietly hoping for stillness. A thought captures my mind “Isn’t it a £44m lottery roll-over tonight?” – Later that day I purchase a ticket… who knows how the next bit works!?)

“God” sits in silence, a thought passes through his consciousness, and another world is born.

The pervasive theory of the Multi-verse then suggests God, and many other Gods, each containing their own Universe, living in a Multiverse, inside a multiverse, inside a multiverse..
The Turtles stand on each-others backs.
Maybe the Top turtle can just crane his neck enough to see his own reflection in a mirror.. Hun Yuan Ling Tong as we say in Zhineng Qigong – I sometimes translate it thus:- Qi and Consciousness Create Miracles

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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