I wanted to delve into Chronic Illness and the Healing process.

“Chronic illness” should really be termed “Lifestyle choices” in my opinion.

What we decide to eat, what we decide to work at, and how we run our relationships govern the health of our bodies.

My Medical Qigong Teacher used to say 90% of all illness is derived from Stress.
I then noticed Joe Dispenza who was quoting 95% of all illness is stress related.
Today, I’m updating that to 100%!
Always one to up the ante, I wanted to get into the running, before somebody else trumped me!

When we posed this question to another Chinese Teacher, he thoughtfully questioned that with “Viruses?”
I also wondered about “accidents” as a category that didn’t really fit into my “100%”

Accidents and Viruses

I’ve finally eradicated both of the above categories, let me explain why.
In the Chinese language, the characters for “Busy” hold the idea of “Lose one’s Mind”
I love that, rushing about like a headless chicken, all too frequently getting nothing substantial done..BUSY!
It’s when we “loose our Minds” that accidents happen. “I wasn’t paying attention…” – people trip over, bump into objects or other people, and accidents happen.
Have you ever had an accident (caused by you) happen when you were acting carefully and mindfully?
If you were alert and aware to your surroundings, it could be argued that even the actions of “another” shouldn’t affect you. But in a busy life, we concentrate on what we are doing, and miss the actions of others.

Virus’s, nasty little things!
Through the millennia, we have adapted to deal with them.
What normally needs to happen is that we have a short brutal battle with a virus, and then never have to go through that again.
Why do some people not get infected, some people get off very lightly, and some people suffer immensely (if not pass away totally..?)
We are now seeing that in the present Viral round that two thirds of all hospital admissions come from people who have one or two “co-morbidities” – The usual killers join the list, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity. These people are classified as “at risk” and should be vaccinated.
The rest of us should look to our bodies to protect us.
Every year through my 30’s and 40’s, I had two or three bouts of Flu and a heavy Colds, towards the end of the year.
I had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, with bad eating habits, and lots of alcohol.
It basically became a “reset” period for my body. Spend a few days on the couch, arise like Lazarus , feeling much better.
In my 50’s, my habits have improved considerably, the bouts have lessened considerably, but I’m still a little susceptible. (Having recently been “gifted” CV19 by my lovely young son!)
As I slowly discover things about my body and my habits, the frequency of these things starts to subside.
(I feel healthier now that I have at any time in the past 25 years!)

Better Habits

The important factor here is that I have significantly changed my habits.
I exceed 6000 steps every day (almost without fail!)
I swim 4 kilometres a week.
I cycle a “Heart-attack” hill twice a week, as part of my commute to class.
I teach (currently) 4 hours of Qigong classes per week, and have my own daily practice..
(Not bad as I gently approach 60 – a year away..)

My weight needs dropping, a lifetime issue my sugar habit is still there, but not too bad,
I supplement regularly with Omegas, high dose Vitamin C, and the usual Multi minerals and vitamins.
I have my blood tested three times a year to keep an eye on a slightly elevated cholesterol, which never moves up, but doesn’t want to come down either!

The point about this is that I’m aware!
I think I’m much more aware that 90% of the public
I realise that I may die of a heart-attack before I finish this sentence, but so far it looks like I’ll make it!

Still Alive!

OK, still here!

On a recent teaching weekend, we unpacked the idea of Stress.
My colleague John is a Stress expert, having been through and recovered from his own journey.
I posited the theory that the word “Stress” was actually interchangeable with the phrase “Modern Life”
We looked deeper into that and John pointed out that there were good and bad stresses, and that people’s interpretation of a situation was what counted. What makes one person worry and fall ill, might be the driver for the next person to succeed.
Another wise person pointed out that Stress had its flipside, we settled on “Safe and Secure”
It seems that Stress was the motion, and “Safe and secure” was the stillness.
Ahh, Yin and Yang theory once again!
It works for Everything (almost! But maybe the Entirety Theory is for another day!)


There’s so much written about Placebos these days, or essentially the power of belief.
If you believe that I can heal you, then there’s an exceptional chance that I will!

In Zhineng Qigong however, we see the Healer giving the healing to a Patient as “creating a dependency.”
It’s a great financial model for Healers and Doctors, but not best for you.
In Zhineng Qigong we teach you to heal yourself, and give you the supporting belief that you can do it (whilst showing you many people who have already done it!)
I do believe that I can give you the structure, positivity and backbone to achieve this, but it’s really up to you to complete the task. (I.e there IS a place for healers, to kick-start a journey and support along the way, but beyond that people should be made independent.. I feel)

This current lifestyle model is a tricky one.
Few of us are allowed enough time to look after ourselves, few of us have enough resources to plough into the complex process of evaluating our food and health.
We put faith in Supermarkets and Governments to do the best for us.
The real truth is that these organisations have their own self-interest at heart, not yours.
Share-holders require profits.
Government need votes.
Nobody wants to be lectured to by their government.
Nobody in the Government has the power to go against big business and survive.
So it goes on, we are poisoned for profit. (If you don’t think that’s true, check out the figures on Sugar consumption over the past 100 years..)

Every constitution in the World holds a clause about freedom to choose vaccination or not, yet we are seeing many countries start to force their citizens to put an experiments drug into their bodies.
(I have had the vaccination, I felt I had no choice as I work with the vulnerable..)

The Nuremberg Agreement

After the second World War, the Nuremberg agreement, accepted worldwide has this power, to not be forced into Medical Procedures of any kind, without one’s own permission, enshrined in it..
it seems inevitable that Big business will split society and family by pushing this agenda through Doctors and politicians won’t have the will to stand up to them.

Who, ultimately will look out for you, if it’s not going to be YOU!? – Answer:- NOBODY!

If 100% of Illness is caused by Stress, and the opposite to Stress is Stillness, where are you going to find that?

Let say you sleep for eight hours per night, and work for eight hours per day.
That seems like a balance.
When you sleep, the body cleans and regenerates, when you work, the reverse..
– that leaves another eight hour block unaccounted for… So, four hours of rest and relaxation, and four hours of stress?
When you commute to work and back, that probably accounts for two hours of stress. When you get home, the family needs feeding, the shopping has to be done, what about the laundry, the dog, the DIY? You could slump on a sofa, and watch the news and then some Swedish noire thriller about some horrific murderer who seems like a normal well balanced neighbour..

Reality, whatever that is!

Do you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality!?
In an excellent placebo experiment, they discovered that they could inject Parkinson’s patients with a strong drug for four days (and see all the expected relief) and then inject them with saline and continue to achieve EXACTLY the same results!
You watch WAR on TV, and at some level your brain goes into high alert!
Your brain can’t tell that you are not in the thick of it!
Try watching “exciting” TV and then going straight to sleep, and tell me I’m not right.
Even what you perceive to be relaxation is actually STRESS!

We like Roller Coasters! (A tiny bit of stress is fun, and quickly drains out of the system.)
Do you bring the stress of the day home, do you turn these events over in your head, does the family cause you more stress, and the TV too!?
Hang on a seccy, what happened to the four hours of relaxation after work?

Day after day, we “overspend” on the bank of “Jeremy” and never pay it back.
My “Stress-fuelled” overdraft gets bigger and bigger.
Eventually my body’s “Bank manager” has to give me a call, I see his number and decide to let it go to the answerphone.
I do that day after day, week after week, months become years.
My doctor gives me pills that mask the real truth.
Then one day, the Bailiffs come knocking at my door, they want to take away my Liver.

Are you listening?

Are you actually listening?

Nobody’s out there, coming to your rescue. There’s only YOU.

Many of my clients have unwound their problems with me, found some clarity, and have designed a path to a new way of being.
You know I suggest Qigong, but there are a thousand roads to the top of the mountain.

There’s only ONE maxim that really matters
Prevention is better than a cure.

Act now, before your body forces your hand.
Is it worth working yourself to death? Would your children like you to do that?
The pursuit of Money is a difficult thing. A life lived simply is a life well lived.
Seek simplicity not complexity, seek quiet and calm not excitement, find the middle way and all will be well.
Remember as you go about your life – Don’t “lose your mind” – Live consciously!

Big Ideas

I’m publishing this idea here.
It’s a Healing Fund
If you have recently won the lottery (no really, no Nigerian Princes need apply!) or if you are Elon Musk, or Richard Branson, I need a chunk of cash please!
We build a huge fund, to which people can apply to help themselves on their healing journey.

I hear it all too often..
-“I have cancer, I have debts, I can’t afford time off work to heal”
-“OK, I’ll lend you six months of expenses to pay your bills and enough for your “alternative treatments” (Sorry, there’s no support for drug companies here..) – would £10,000 cover it?”

The money would be given, with no strings.
The suggestion would be that you could put in your will that eventually the fund should be paid back if possible, or that you could start to pay back £10 per month when you are working again. It could be left entirely up to you. Maybe you’d eventually become well off, and decided to give back £100,000 to help another ten people like you on their journey!
It’s a Pay it Forward fund.

It’s time to give a value to human life.
It’s time to give reward to alternative healers
It’s time to motivate people to live conscious lives.
This shift in mindset will go a long way to healing the woes of our planet. Elon, Richard, – call me!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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