Just Knowing! But can you Hack it!?

This is a story about healing technology and how you apply it in your life! I’m really grateful to my students, they teach me new things daily! Recently, I posted a story about Faith and Belief. I was lucky enough to get some personal and exceptionally visceral feedback from one lovely student. Whilst on retreat, […]

Healing himself from Facial Cancer

This photo shows a man in China who has almost healed his Facial Cancer in Three weeks! I just missed meeting the gentleman in this astonishing photograph when I went to visit the centre in Xi’an.You can see the pretty heavy before and the greatly improved after photo that I was sent.I’m sure you are […]

Qigong Day in Bath -24th Jan 2015

Come and experience the basic forms of Zhineng Qigong The day will run from 10am to 5pm – 24rd Jan 2015 We will learn/practice Lift Qi Up- Pour Qi Down, La Qi, Self-healing and Meditation. Lunch will be at 12:30 – 2pm (There’s a good local Thai which has a set menu for about £8.) […]

Bath Chronicle article – more shamless publicity!

I decided to write a piece for The Bath Chronicle, it clearly peaked their interest, leading to a reporter coming over for a treatment and a class. Well it all seems to have gone really well! – Read for yourself.. here on the Bath Chronicle’s site