This is a story about healing technology and how you apply it in your life!

I’m really grateful to my students, they teach me new things daily!

Recently, I posted a story about Faith and Belief.

I was lucky enough to get some personal and exceptionally visceral feedback from one lovely student.
Whilst on retreat, I decided that rather than explain the article, I’d just read it aloud instead. When I finished my student said – “I read it, and it scared me…”

This really shocked me to the core! Seeing criticism on the page is all good and well, but to receive it face to face is a whole different ballgame.

I loved the challenge of being shaken that way. True feedback is truly the best way to learn, feedback that you feel in your gut!

I’ve been searching for the root of REAL healing. In my line, as a Qigong teacher and “Healer” – (although I stress “Signpost” and not Healer where possible!) I hear many stories related to great healing success. I do my best to inspire others to follow a path that leads them out of the danger zone, and into a healing space.

The last thing I wanted to do was scare people!

Recently my research has taken me through Superhuman abilities, Meditation science, and of course Zhineng Qigong Science theory, my chosen path. I have been researching “The Zone” and have been exploring epistemology (Yeah, I had to look it up too! The Study of Knowledge..)
I’ve listened to many interesting points of view, and appreciated Daniel Shumachtenburger’s clarity in a series of films called The War on Sensemaking.

It forced me to question the VERY motives I hold for promoting Qigong.
My belief is that qigong can heal people and heal our world.
Yes, but that’s just a belief, and as I’m beginning to understand, that’s just a series of “other people’s stories” mulched together, and baked hard until seeming real.

For years, my wonderful teachers visited from China, teaching us theory, helping us with our practice. We listen to their amazing stories about The Medicineless Hospital in China, that was open between 1990 and 2000. They all worked there and witness these healings taking place.
But these are still THEIR stories, and interpretations of events as they saw it.

There’s a well known film that does the rounds of a bladder cancer tumour, being healed on camera, in front of your eyes. It was filmed by a teacher called Luke Chan, who’s still teaching now. You can meet him and go on his courses. This is still second-hand information to me.

It was for that reason that I decided to take a camera and go to China in April of 2018 and again in 2019. I’m making a film about it and hope to find funding to release the Documentary later in 2020.
It was important for me that I see these things first hand, not take for granted the stories I’d been told, read about and had seen on film. I wanted to see that with my own eyes.

So, I did! I met a lady released from her wheelchair after 20 years in it, and now training to be a Qigong teacher. I met a qigong teacher, who’d healed her own cancer and a series of complications to bring herself back to great health, and most extraordinary, a lady with two huge thyroid tumours that had disappeared over the space of three weeks of exercise and meditation!

I have to ask myself, did all of the 40 individuals I met in China lie to me?
I have to ask myself, the feedback from my students here in the UK – albeit not quite as headline grabbing, but amazing in their own way – did they all lie to me?
My student who healed herself of M.E. and who is now a teacher herself – she couldn’t stand or walk when she first started class! Another student turned teacher who swears that he could hardly walk upstairs, who walked massive flights on the Great Wall of China! Reports of Insomnia disappearing, energy flooding back in, emotions settling and joy returning come back to me weekly.

These people have healed themselves, I have just provided a little enthusiasm and pointed them to the right tools!

There have been failures too. I regret them deeply. I’ll try to help anyone, but this is not a magic bullet. I have ghosts, places where maybe I could have done better, tried harder, or suggested a different strategy, things that live with me forever. I love them all, but sometimes life just has a different plan.

It’s on this point that I refer back to scaring my student. For which I’m deeply sorry.

It’s important for me to review my intentions in this case.
Weekly, I have cases come to me, to the last chance saloon of qigong. People have been severely compromised by one treatment or another, and their health professionals have finally run out of ideas. They google away, and follow the breadcrumbs that lead to Qigong.

(Note to self:- Study search engine optimisation, as a way to get the message to people more quickly! I don’t want to be the “last hit” anymore! Get me to the top of the Google rankings!)

It’s exceptionally important to offer clarity and support to students, NOT to scare the wits out of them! I trust that most of the time I do, but clearly my impatience to help, and my frustration that Qigong isn’t yet a mainstream therapy, boil over.

I said in the aforementioned article, that “If a student (patient) had 95% belief, and 5% doubt, then that 5% could be really dangerous.” I know this to be true. I have experienced it with my students before, and still morn the loss in some cases. But how useful was that information?

I think if I can galvanise students into diving deeper and engaging completely with their healing journey, then perhaps it’s a valid tough love tactic.
If it freezes them, then it’s been a total mistake.

We hear so often that Western Doctors make 100% sure that the reality of their patient’s illness is 100% clear to them. (Presumably so they can’t be sued for withholding information that threatens a life.)
There feels like an aspect of that embedded into this idea.
If you are shocked into realising that you are wavering, then perhaps that’ll commit you harder to your task. (In my case I suggest various exercises, lifestyle changes, tweaks in the way you understand yourself and again dedication, dedication, dedication!)
Remember the maxim, practice casually, expect casual results!

I too tell stories about what I’ve seen.

You have to question my motives. I ask for payment for my advice and teaching, therefore it makes me an unreliable source. Check out the information available, before you believe me.
What are my motives anyway? I question these again and again. Why am I so keen to start a healing centre, and have had that on my website as an intention these past 15 years?
What makes me think that it wouldn’t be a huge failure?
Is this just a huge Ego, propping up massive amounts of “Self-image”
Why did I become a teacher and healer anyway?
Believe me, it’s NOT the road to riches! If I were in it for the money, I’d have quit many. Many years ago!

So, what’s it all about.

I’m so lucky to be able to riff off some excellent students! We were on retreat this weekend past.
I presented the aforementioned article, garnering the criticism that’s stirred me to write again, but helping me clarify some important fundamentals.

If I can’t honestly, in a quiet time of self-reflection, answer the above questions, how will I ever be able to help you? If it’s a quest for cash, then that will filter all our interactions and you’ll feel it. If it’s coming from a place of falsehood, then you will feel the lack of authenticity.

As a side note, I went to the COP13 Meeting in Copenhagen in 2007. I met many astonishing people there. One group popped up in my head today! They were Story Tellers, finding ways to talk about Climate Change without “Scaring the Horses!”
They offered me this simple finding from their research.
“Never start a story off with the bad news – the ‘Shutters’ just come down straight away!”

I made this cardinal error in the last article!

They suggested that all stories start with a great solution, which encourages the listener to stay with you. You can hit the listener with any heavy stuff, because in the back of their minds, they are waiting for the solution!

The article dug into the ideas around Faith and Belief. I think these are REALLY powerful tools.
You have to set a target for healing, and go for it 100%
But one crucial question exists – what modality should I choose? Chemo, Radiotherapy, a faith healer with a rusty knife or some black moss from Australia? You get the conundrum.

Oddly, the answer to this, is the same answer to my conundrums too!

How do I know if what I’m doing is right? Well it’s just because I know. Deep down inside me I KNOW. I know Qigong feels right, I know that Dr Pang’s theory of healing is RIGHT, I know it in my blood, in my bones. Each time I study it, it speaks to me. Each time I use it, I feel the truth at a visceral level. I just KNOW!

It was with thanks to a student Ben who said it out loud, and the piece of the jigsaw dropped into place!

The previous article I’d described the healing that can be achieved in “The Zone” – when you finally hit that place where you are totally present, nothing behind or in front of you, just you and the Universe in complete harmony.

I’d scared my student into worrying that she might have 5% of disbelief that was making her unwell, threatening her life! The essay I hope had provoked her into asking deep questions, but the fear had also obscured the final part of the essay. The answer is to find the Trueself, to hit the Zone of your own healing.

The path? … Just be quiet and listen inside.

We do a form of Standing Meditation called Three Centre’s Merge but it’s also often called “Standing like a Tree” – there’s a rich vein of it running through Zhineng Qigong, but it’s there in many different qigong forms.

We do hours of La Qi meditation. You can find a link to free resources on my classes page of my website where I describe the process and offer audio. It’s implicit in every exercise form we do, “quieten the mind, and get out of the way” – the body knows how to heal itself.

Any number of schools can offer you guidance, and it’s by no means exclusive to Qigong, I’m sure Yoga and Meditation schools will do the same. You just have to find a way to quieten the frontal lobe’s chatter, and allow your body to do the healing.

What’s really important is to choose something that you KNOW to be true.

Don’t take my word for it, don’t accept Google’s pronouncements as face value. Question EVERYTHING. Stress test everything that seems likely to help you.
You’ll need an intense period of research. Pick the candidates that seem the best to you and for you.
Do you have a decision making helper? (Maybe something as hippy as a pendulum, The I Ching, or a Kinesiologist that you trust!?

These things are basically a way of letting your body (which always knows what’s best for you) bring out the best answer, one that your logical mind didn’t get involved in! Don’t let the head rule the heart on this, even if you toss a coin to eliminate ideas till you are left with one or two.
Do the process again, every day for a week. Assume that your brain is trying to force the issue!
If you do the selection process ten times, knock out the two or three anomalous answers, and group together the ones that come up again and again. Look for a pattern.
When you finally have it, stick with it. In your quiet times meditate and “feel into” the protocol you’ve chosen. Does it still feel good and right? Do you instinctively KNOW you are on the right path?

You are going to have to avoid people who criticise your choice.
Only gather with people who support you. (Even if it’s your Mum! Just get away from her, whilst you are healing yourself. Maybe you’ll find she was part of the problem in the first place!)

Only you can do this, I can’t help you – I am a signpost, but I’m not a healer in the old sense.

You came into this world alone, and that’s how you’ll leave. This battle is for you. Pick the people who will stand by your side unflinchingly and unquestioning.
Find the truth of you, find the truth of your therapy, and when you KNOW you are on the right path, stick with it. The process of KNOWING doesn’t have to take months and years of practice, it can happen in an instant, don’t feel like this is a big mountain. If I can do it, you can do it!

Go on!

I’m there beside you!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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