The Self-Actualizing Cosmos and Zhineng Qigong!

I’m LOVING this book by Ervin Laszlo!
I’ve had the pleasure to meet Ervin a few times through PositiveTv, and was lucky enough to be given this book as a present by my friend Caroline! (Thank you!)
Essentially within this book, he suggests a new “system” in which to view the ever increasing “phenomena” which don’t fit into our current scientific paradigm.
It’s based on an ancient system primarily from Hinduism called the Akashic Record, however it’s a tenet that we see in many other systems and it’s the corner-stone of Dr Pang’s thinking in Zhineng Qigong also..
I decided to pull a few quotes from Ervin’s book to give you a flavour! The first part of the book is a very scientific discourse on how Akasha (The Qi Field) is probably formed, and interacts with us and the Universe.Then he discusses how consciousness and our physical matter interact with the Universe..
“The idea that consciousness belongs to another, deeper dimension of reality where all individual consciousness’s are one has been frequently voiced, and not only by poets and prophets. Physicist Erwin Schrodinger said that “the overall number of minds is just one. … In truth, there is only one mind” (Schrodinger 1969). Consciousness, he added, does not exist in the plural. In his later years psychologist Carl Jung came to a similar conclusion. He noted that the psyche is not a product of the brain and is not located within the skull; it is part of the generative, creative principle of the cosmos—of the unus mundus.”
Ervin goes on to summarise this way of being..
“I am a conscious human being, am not limited to my body. I am a matter-like system in the manifest dimension of the worlds and a mind-like system in the Akasha dimension. As a matter-like system I am my body, and I am ephemeral. But as a mind-Me system I am my consciousness, and I am part of the world’s deep dimension. I am omnipresent and immortal, a nonlocal part of the infinite wholeness of the cosmos.”
This perfectly discribes the Qi state that we enter into in Zhineng Qigong. We are physical bodies, but we are dissolving our “Minds” into the Qi field and accessing that for better health.
Some evidence of the Qi state follows…
“Entering altered states of consciousness, whether through unusual events or through prayer, meditation, esthetic experience, or the contemplation of nature, has a measurable effect on the brain: it synchronizes the left and the right hemispheres. Experiments show that in altered states the electrical activity of the two hemispheres becomes harmonised: the patterns that appear in one are matched by patterns in the other. This contrasts with ordinary states where the two hemispheres function nearly independently of each other.
Brain-wave harmonization is not limited to the brain of the given subject. When several people enter a deeply meditative state together, not only their own hemispheres become synchronized; synchronization extends to the entire group of meditators. In experiments performed by Italian brain researcher Nitamo Montecucco (2000), eleven of a group or twelve individuals in deep meditation achieved a level of transpersonal synchronization that exceeded ninety percent. Yet the meditators sat with closed eyes, in silence, and did not see, hear, or otherwise perceive each other.”
From personal experience, I have always said that the power of working in a class is so much clearer and better than working alone.
In a slight aside, I have also included this observation Ervin makes, it’s not really relevant to this exact discussion, but I did rather like it! “Modern physicians, on the other hand, are more accomplished in curing diseases than safeguarding health.”
“Prior to the manifestation of disease there is a breakdown or blockage of information in the organism, and these conditions can be treated by re-establishing resonance with the organism’s Akashic Qi attractor (Ervin uses this name to describe our “programming and affinity to certain Qi fields..). Doing so is to treat the cause of the malfunction rather than its manifestation. The Akasha paradigm suggests that the first task of the medical practitioner is to adapt the M-dimensional interactions (I.e our physical Matter Selves) of the organism for optimum conformance with A-dimensional information (I.e the Qi Field). This calls for attention to the relations of people to their social as well as natural surroundings. Stresses and strains in family and community impair the ability of the organism to cope with adverse conditions and toxic substances in its environment. They interfere with its conformance with Akashic information and thus diminish its vitality.”
I want to personally thank Ervin for helping me to understand in an exceptionally scientific way all the things that “Modern Science” discards as non-classifiable and therefore not real – Just because you can’t measure it, doesn’t mean it’s not real folks! Chinese masters have known this for 5000 years, they just didn’t get caught up in the minutiae like the Western Paradigm demands..
The Self-Actualizing Cosmos / By Ervin Laszlo
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