Cold Remedy or just a nice Hot Toddy!

I found this wonderful and simple recipe a few years ago, and totally swear by it now..
It was from an old lady in Korea, they used it every year to keep away “The Sniffles!”
From my Scottish perspective, the addition of a little Whisky seemed just what the doctor ordered!

Honey Remedy
An old Korean Remedy

It’s very simple, Slice a lemon into a Kilner Jar, add lots of peeled and sliced root ginger and top up with Honey
Put it in the back of the fridge for a few months, to allow the flavours to perculate.
When needed add a slice of Lemon, two bits of Ginger and lots of Honey to a cup of Boiling water – (This is where the Whisky decision comes in! – should I bore you about …helping you sleep, full of beneficial trace elements, good for prevention of Heart Disease etc..?)
Enjoy! and Sleep well..
(You don’t even really need a cold!)
My last batch lasted in the fridge for nearly two years! It had almost merged into a fantastic Honey/lemon/ginger glue! It tasted fantastic!
(The Egyptians use Honey as a preservative I think…)

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