People often quote the 80/20 rule, eighty percent of people will like or dislike something, that twenty percent see the other way.

I’ve experienced it with Qigong, and Meditation. There are what my colleague called “swimmers and deep-divers” – the deep divers of qigong certainly fall into the twenty percent portion.
People cycle through my class, stay for a few months, tell me it’s the “the best thing I’ve ever done!” and then disappear… normally without any explanation.

I don’t take it personally (anymore) as I understand the ebb and flow of people’s lives.
People move for work, relations die, children are born and families split.

In the early days of teaching one particularly ardent student, who was with me for several years, disappeared one day.
I felt firstly worried, and then sad and disappointed. I felt that I must have failed her in some way as a teacher. I have never chased students, so I continued with my emails and classes.
A few years later, she popped into a class, looking really well! “I’ve just returned from Australia, where I’ve been living.. I still do my Qigong every day…”
Amongst all the organisation of immigrating, her weekly class had fallen between the cracks..a tiny thing for her, a bigger thing (at that time) for me!

Foolish me!

I’d be foolish to think that I had found the panacea for all ills in Qigong.
That said, I have also see the astonishing healings that come about through using it.

Looking at Dr Pang’s Medicineless Hospital (If you haven’t heard of this remarkable facility that ran for ten years in China, I and many people have written about it elsewhere..) there were many “miracle” healings that came out of it.
They claimed an overall improvement rate approaching 95%
(5% miracle instant cures, 45% so deeply in remission it was no longer detectable, 45% satisfactorily healed… 5% didn’t make it..)

Many researchers have delved into this idea of Miracles.
On the edges of Medicine, and generally repressed, there are stories like Anita Moorjani’s astonishing “resurrection” from her death bed, riddled with cancer, to being released from hospital three weeks later … healed.
There’s NO medical precedent for that. She had just “decided to heal”

Why bother!?

What gives people the drive to start a Qigong class.
Sadly, it’s usually a life challenge. We rarely invest time in keeping ourselves well, but only seek help often when Western Medicine has given up.
So often my students are already on heavy prescriptions, or damaged by shocking surgery before they finally find Qigong.

What creates a miracle healing? If I had to answer that in a trite sentence, I’d just say “The Power of the mind”
Time for a really Deep Dive then!
Western Science’s quantum physics is starting to demonstrate the vast amount of “Space” inside of everything we see as being “solid” – the more you look into molecules and atoms, the more you find there’s nothing there! It’s frankly disturbing to find that our solid world is somewhat of an illusion.

It’s just an illusion (with thanks to Shalimar!)

I’d go further! It seems that Consciousness Research is showing us that this “illusory” world that we seem to inhabit may all be a product of our consciousness!
Sorry if your world is about to become “unmoored” but it’s the process of unmooring this ship that is part of how we heal ourselves at the deepest root levels!

It’s pretty difficult to believe that you are just consciousness, experiencing the world as this 3D reality. However, much of our science is now pointing in this direction.
The story goes thus.
The Double slit experiment showed us that when an Observer (say You..) was present, then the experiment changed. A wave changed into a particle, and when you stopped “observing” then it slouched back into a wave!
Our consciousness quite literally makes our reality!
It goes much deeper, as I have found out personally, but let’s not worry with that, lets rather ask what this apparent nonsense actually means to us.

Mantras and Affirmations

People claim that Mantras and Affirmations work for them. It makes sense, if you bring all of your conscious focus to bear on a problem, or an outcome that you are hoping for, then if consciousness really does make our reality, then it should come to bear in some form or another!

There’s a snag, as there always seems to be! We learn that 95% of all of our thoughts are sub-conscious! You might put 5% of your consciousness to something, but deep inside 95% of you doesn’t really believe it’s going to happen – this is really what’s meant by self-sabotaging!

Let’s take that 95% story a little further.
Why do psychologists always harp on about our childhoods? In Chinese Medicine, we are taught that the first seven years of a child’s life, the child is without any emotional protection whatsoever.
If said child is then subjected to abuse, violence and horrors, such as war, then these mark one for life. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic, adoption, abandonment, withholding of love, and what I like to call “Victorian Parenting” all scar just as deeply – depending on the person.

What are you a victim of?

Did your parents divorce when you were little, did an uncle abuse you, were you adopted?
None of these things are to be taken lightly. They effect the inner-child, who then “grows up” (sometimes never!) into an adult with issues, being controlled by their unfortunate childhoods..

Patterns make you chronically ill.
It’s a truth I have seen time and time again.
We find childhood ways to defend ourselves, or adult ways to lock painful memories deep inside.
These inevitably find a way back to the surface.
It’s not an obvious process.
Did you choose a job that you thought would make your father love you?
Did you choose a partner for their looks alone?
Did you pick a house for its status, rather than it’s “vibe”
Did you give, whilst everybody took – due to your low self-esteem?

Are you a Victim of your circumstances?
Did a surgeon leave you as half a person?
Did an operation limit your life?
Maybe a death left you feeling lonely?
Maybe a divorce left you on the shelf in your prime
Did selfish parents leave you unable to trust or love anybody again!
Did a selfish child or partner damage your sense of self?

Who are “You?”

All of these things are being done to you.
But who is the You, that you speak of?

If we are actually consciousness, then the “You” is a construct that consciousness has put together to navigate this game of life.
Stay with me!
If the You, is actually just a construct, then surely you can use your consciousness to fix it!?

This type of Quantum healing, It’s beyond Meditation and Qigong. It’s a total self-realisation, when you discover your Trueself, then anything can heal instantly – it’s a Miracle!

Dr Pang always tells a story about a gentleman who was crushed in a factory accident, severing his spine, and instantly making him paraplegic from the neck down.
His friends put pictures of our exercise set known as “Lift Qi up, Pour Qi Down” round his bed.
He practiced in his head many times per day.
After a few months, he discovered movement in his fingers, then his arms.
Gradually he was able to sit. He then redoubled his work, locking the family out of his room except for mealtimes! He went so deep, and believed so completely, (and had nothing to lose..) that he recovered completely – I don’t know the timescale – but possibly over a year.
He went on to be a famous teacher at the Medicineless hospital.
A perfect example of Mind over Matter.
This is NOT a possibility in Western Style Medicine – it just comes under the heading “Miracle” and get’s cast to one side as an anomaly.

Do you think your operation, or disability is worse than that!?
Do you think you are any less worthy than him? (If so, then there’s a pattern for you to fix!)

It’s hard work

I’m guessing the only thing you lack is motivation.

Doing this all on your own requires a huge commitment, and a really strong mind.
In the West, we apply our strong minds to learning and research into our problem.
(Which is just a very high-brow avoidance technique.)
The more worthy your reading, the better it must be for you! NO!
Unless you put in the hours, you’ll not heal!
I met a lady who practiced two standing meditation sessions each day (of two hours at a time) in deep meditation, connecting to her Trueself.
In Three months, she had healed herself of Breast Cancer, Insomnia and an addiction to prescription medicine.

There are so many offerings out there, not to mention lots of different Qigongs too.
(Don’t forget the 80/20 rule!) Many of them are filled with religion and mumbo-jumbo!
My style Zhineng is modern, scientifically proven, open and forward thinking.
It’s not the answer, it’s only part of it.
I think a regular stretching and bending practice that gets the blood and energy surging round your body, and building your internal resources is a really important addition to any life, especially a healing regimen.
I think an excellent clean and balanced diet, free from toxins and filled with supportive vitamins and minerals is a bedrock for healing (It’s interesting how many things currently seem to have Vitamin D deficiency as their root!)

But the only thing that will really heal you is your consciousness.
I’ll just repeat that once again.
You can find complete healing, for your body – no matter what the damage may be, and for your emotions – no matter how deep the cuts, in your consciousness. The Search for your Trueself is the ONLY game in town.

Get out of your intellect, silence your thinking mind, and let the “blueprint” of you, return to your body.

OK, one last note.

One of my students observed amazing healings on a retreat in China, he personally knew three or four people who cured themselves of cancer in the three weeks they were on retreat.
They went home cured. Their scans showing no signs of their illnesses
Over the next year quite a few of them passed away, from their cancer returning.

What’s the point of that!? Why did that happen?
It’s important to remember that you need to heal your life.
Your body may be showing the signs of your toxic relationship, to a child, to your work or to your partner.
The Yin and Yang of life are really expressed as Love and Hate.
Do you love yourself enough to heal EVERYTHING in your life?
What’s the point of going to China, spending a month healing yourself, and then going straight back to your horrific job, or your vile partner? The cycle just returns, and with it the illness.


Do you actually value your life? (It’s not important that you do by the way! If you are “just pure consciousness” then what does it actually matter!!)
What value do you actually put on your life? £50k, £100k more, less?
Is it worth moving from a house to a small two bed flat?
Is it worth going through a divorce for?
Is it worth being reset to a humble pension for, rather than a lavish life?
Is it worth going back on the bus, rather than having a car?
Is it worth alienating your children or grandchildren to save yourself?

Every life has a purpose. (If you haven’t realised or discovered this yet, then maybe you feel life has no value?)
Have you found yours? Is your life’s purpose typified by “Survive until I die..” or do you suspect that there’s a bigger picture for you?

I often say to my clients (when appropriate)  – “I feel that your path is to beat this illness, and to show other people / your family / your children etc… that they don’t have to live and die this way”
I ask people to consider the power of their healing for future generations.

So, there it is. Are you getting what I’m selling?
One of my client (with a pretty serious diagnosis) recently came to me and said, I’m stopping classes, and have taken a gym membership.
Great! Continue the search outside, stick to what you have always done. My path is a difficult one, that only YOU can navigate, and that requires your total commitment and total faith in yourself.
Or, jump on a running machine and see where that get’s you.

An open door

My door is always open to people who have chosen to try other things, then want to return – no judgement.
I’m not stupid enough to think that I offer the answer for everybody.
I do with all honesty feel that anybody can heal anything if they find their Trueselves, but I also know there are many paths to the top of the mountain.
It’s clear to me however,  that our ego’s are very clever at stopping us from doing this work!
“Look a new therapist, look a new book that promises…., look a new shiny apparatus to stretch on…”
Your ego wants ANYTHING but silence leading to IT being dissolved!

So if you think you have found the answer to your problems.
Use this test.
New therapy / book / exercise / diet etc – does it lead to:-
a) total emptiness, no thoughts and the Trueself emerging OR
b) to something external, or to your mind being agitated and excited with new ideas?

I can only offer you my personal advice from 35 years of searching.
Choose me, or choose Dr Google – the choice really is yours!

If you are truly honest with yourself, then you’ll find the path to total and complete healing.

Hao Le! (Chinese for “Everything is good already!”)

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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