(OR also “Why I could never trust Qigong to heal me completely..”)

“I can’t get into Meditation, my mind is too busy!” – “I can’t do Qigong, it’s all too slow for me” – “I like to Dance or Run, Kickboxing is good too..!”- “I just can’t seem to get on with Mindfulness”

Is this you?

I’m often put on the spot, and asked to defend my position on self-healing.
I’ll tell people about the forty or fifty people I personally met in China, who had created, what seemed to be miracle healings from all sorts of illness.
People will look me in the face and say “I don’t really believe in all that..”

What are these people saying? Either I’m mistaken, or am a down-right liar, or perhaps the miraculous life-changing cures these people have wrought are false, fake or a lie.

Why would you say that? It’s simple, you have no frame of reference that allows what I’ve said to be true, therefore it must be a lie.

The Earth remained steadfastly flat, until one day it wasn’t.

Black and White

Our science is one of Black and White – grey is rejected out of hand.
You can’t measure “Qi” (The Chinese word for energy) ipso facto it mustn’t exist.
If I were to suggest that Science hasn’t advanced far enough to produce a tool to measure it, what would be your reply then?

I often mention Anita Moorjani, who experienced a full recovery in three weeks from a body riddled with cancer. The Doctors beside her deathbed had no way to account for that.
History is littered with Saints who reportedly levitated.
You can read learned articles about a yoga practitioner who stopped his heart, in deep meditation for a WEEK and then restarted it and resuscitated. The Doctors and ECG monitors could detect nothing, for a week.. explain that if you can?
How about the story of the Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander (who I met a few years ago) who will tell you of his miracle return to life, a massive long shot, and his experiences of his death and return.

We have NO metrics with which to examine, explain or measure such things.
If you can’t measure it, It can’t exist – but it does..!

Let’s look at the self-healing story.

“I trust my doctor, he’ll fix me!”

There’s nothing in the World, like Western medicine for an emergency!
Cut your arm, don’t seek out an acupuncturist!
Chronic Medicine, not so good.
Western Medicine is pretty much typified by “Operate and Dose them up!”

I don’t believe that any doctor or nurse ever goes into medicine with the hope that they’ll end up in control of a prescription pad! (And with few other options..)
Chronic Medicine is a mess. It must be, frankly, rather depressing to be left with Steroids, Opiods, Chemotherapy and Radio therapy as your last resorts.
Sometimes it must feel like inviting a patient to a game of Russian Roulette.
Our Doctors protect themselves by telling us that the patients have died of Cancer.
The truth is normally that they have not survived Chemotherapy.

Scared of Doctors

There are also the group of people who are frankly, scared of Doctors. My Father refused to see a doctor until the very end of his life! (A fear garnered in the War I suspect..)
Others have seen the debilitating horror that has been wrought upon their family and friends by the Medical fraternity, and choose to avoid that route

In China, we discover that not having been indoctrinated by drugs companies, and embracing all types of therapies, that big hospitals offer one of  many alternatives.
Triage might send you off to an operating theatre, but may just as well send you for acupuncture.
They have all options available to them, and leave no stone unturned.


Qigong and Qigong healing fell out of fashion in China, just when it was making amazing strides. It was crippled by a political squabble between a Qigong school and the Communist party.
The Qigong school got too big, and too successful which stressed the Communists. They couldn’t be seen to be picking on anybody, so decided that ALL Qigong in the whole of China required repressing!
This resulted in the collateral damage of Dr Pang’s Medicineless Hospital also being closed. DR Pang, the creator of the most up-to-date and scientifically studied Qigong Healing modality was required to stop his work, but not until quarter of a million people had found cures for their cancer, heart disease and diabetes!

I don’t think that Western Medicine should be ruled out of your own personal treatment strategy.
Sometimes we become ill, and require instant interventions.
One client of mine opted for some instant relief, with the removal of cancerous tissue, but eschewed all form of Chemo or Radio, to rebuild herself with Qigong. (After 18 months, she is still faring really well, and all clear..)

You can heal yourself.

What’s there to stop you?

How did you get ill in the first place?

I think we can all understand the concept that Stress causes illness.
Many sources now suggest that 95% of all illness is caused by stress. Stress looks so different for so many people.
I personally worked in the City, in the most stressful job of my life, for 15 years, almost suffering a breakdown (Thankyou Qigong, you saved my life!)
Several years after I moved jobs, I said casually to my Mum, “I’m glad I worked in the City, I knew Dad approved of it..” to which she replied “Your father hated you having that job.”
I had filled my life with stress, to make my father proud of me, and in so doing had achieved the exact opposite. I’m just lucky to have survived that foolish mistake.

My stress was brought about by the pattern of wanting to impress my father.
(Yes, the City and Money Broking were the “tools,” but my father’s love was the real reason..)

Why do we stress ourselves. We want to be loved, rich or approved of, in the eyes of family or society. We are sold a dream of power, wealth and love that’s virtually impossible to attain.
Films, books and magazines set us dreaming, life sets us straight.

The Ego

Our Ego’s are fanned from childbirth these days. I think I must have been 11 or 12 before an adult pointedly asked me “What do you think Jeremy?” It nearly blew my mind. I didn’t think adults had ANY interest in what I thought. I was just one of the pack.
These days parents will ask their children “what do you want to do darling” aged 3 years old!
I hear that there are laws afoot that will allow a six year old to determine their own gender!
My first interest in my sexuality didn’t occur until I was double that age, and even then only in a simplistic and gentle way!

Do not ask a child to do a man’s work, and do not put the burden of the world on a child shoulders.

Childhood is an exceptional gift, that is being ripped away from children by marketeers and politicians. (Who have never, and will never be trustworthy.)
Think carefully before you pollute your child’s life with adult things.

Ego Sickness

So many illnesses are actually Sicknesses of the Ego.
Our Ego’s are lead and trained to believe that we will one day become masters of the Universe, when inevitably this doesn’t happen, then we are crushed.
When we have finally been crushed, trained and neutered by a system, designed to do this, then we can finally have all the life extracted out of us, by an uncaring system.

Some people squeeze out more cash than others, but at what cost?
This is the very definition of Stress.

For many centuries, the system offered you happiness in the afterlife.
It’s a wonderful sales strategy, with (virtually) nobody returning to claim the moneyback guarantee.
Thatcher and Regan broke that, and made us live for satisfaction in this life! (But only after you had sold your soul to the machine, paid every tax known to man, and then made it past, 60 or 62 or 64 or 65, or… will that retirement date stop moving, so that somebody can live long enough to actually achieve it!??) – Sadly, you were still sold a dream, this time just a different one..

Mid-life crisis.

This should really be termed “waking up and realising that you were sold a baseless dream, and deciding to trash your life, get a new husband, wife, girlfriend, car…etc”

Even the midlife crisis has been managed well by the Ad men of Maddison Avenue.
They wait in prey for you to have your mid-life crisis and sell you a new one..that still leads to the same grave, but just looks brighter. Until it’s not.

Religion failed you

Unfortunately, science grabbed the keys, and accelerated off, leaving Religion sprawling in the dust.
That source of succour no longer works.
What was it you were hoping for again? Happiness in the next life? Happiness in this life?
Sorry, those things are no longer available.

Illness, poverty, greed and stupidity are the new kings.

How can we fix ourselves, and honestly, is there any point in trying?
I’d have to say it’s a resounding YES for me, and back to the first few lines, I’m NOT lying to you about having met people who have cured their cancer and other chronic illness themselves.
More than that, they have found their inner peace and happiness.
They have discovered their real purpose in this life
With inner peace and happiness comes a REAL understanding of “what it’s all about”
When you start to gain this view-point, then you finally start to understand who you are, what part you play and why it’s actually really fun to be alive!

Here’s a simple mathematical equation for you STRESS = DEATH / FUN = LIFE!
Let’s be a little brutal now, There are seven billion of us on earth right now, but there have actually been about one hundred and seven billion people who have ever lived on this earth.

Drop Dead!

If you drop down a hole tomorrow, will the world come to an end?
We really are lead to believe that we are super-important, but just as you dispatched that slug in your garden yesterday, the slug-nation will still keep coming!

I don’t want to put down western doctors, some of them are my best friends! (Don’t you feel suspicious when people claim that!?)
I’m also not claiming that Qigong is the Magic Bullet.

Why would you consider my style of therapy?

It’s built on three pillars.
1. Eat right
2. Exercise Right
3. Mental Hygiene

Currently, none of these are on offer at your surgery.
(They may have things that SOUND like this, but I don’t believe that they are anywhere near the same.)

Eat Right

It’s simple – I often tell my students to drink Super-green drinks ( Check out this Amazon link)
It’s a simple way to clean up your diet. (And give you energy)
In a nutshell, Dr Young, the founder of Supergreens says “make 70% of your meal green, and 30% something else.”
So often our bodies are filled with years of toxins. Cleanse your body, fill it with green things, your healing will start here!

Exercise Right

Qigong is designed to open the flow of energy in your body. It stretches every muscle, sinew and fibre of your body, it relaxes your mind to a deep healing space, and it fills you with vitality.
There’s SO much more to it than that, but surely you can get behind that already?

Clean up your Mental Hygiene

“I’m not worth it”– “There’s nothing to live for” – “Nobody loves me” – “I’m stupid” -“I’m ugly” -“I’m worthless”
We tell ourselves a litany of unpleasant things every day.
Subconsciously, we have thousands of “Stories” running at the back of our brains about how we could have done better, tried harder, and what the future might hold.
Meditation is a simple process.
Yes, it is actually difficult.
I’m now going to sit you down in front of a Quantum Computer and ask you to programme it? Can you do it for me? I’m guessing not.
But if I gave you 20 lessons, you’d start to be quite good!
You can’t try meditation, as delivered in your company tea room, by some novice, and then declare it’s all too difficult!
You need professional guidance! Some people will require a lot!
Why bother? It’s been proven that Meditation triggers the system that lessens Cortisol – the Stress drug. It’s been shown that the whole of your Para-sympathetic nervous system kicks in to healing mode when you meditate.
To heal yourself, you need to find out what deep hidden stresses triggered the illness in the first place.
Some childhood cut, a parental failing, some strong belief system, some lover’s cut, some boss’s sharp tongue has set a pattern inside, that has continued to slowly deliver you a fatal and toxic dose of stress.
Don’t get me wrong, dancing, kickboxing and running all have their place in your life, but they will NEVER be a substitute for real deep self exploration.
Change your mind, and save your life.

Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a massive, world-wide happy family.
I have never met a Qigong person I didn’t like! When you finally see life for what it is, you can only really be happy. My therapy should be followed assiduously, with the deepest and most powerful of faith in oneself to heal, but if you can’t have fun, and be happy whilst doing it, then why bother!?

It’s time to realise that your Ego has made you sick.
Me, My, Mine, I am… this is the sound of the ego. Where did “We” go too? When did we get so self-centred (answer:- Thatcher and Regan..)
It’s time for us to return to a co-operative way of life, to family values, and to loving ourselves as a whole, and not as an isolated individual. It’s time to embrace Nature, not cut it down!
Where do you end, and I begin? What separates you from Nature? We are part of a holistic system, if you are sick, then so am I.
I want to help you, not get ahead of you!
If I can help you to be heathy, then I’ll be better too!

Step out

I’d really like to ask you to step out of your linear black and white western thinking on this one.
It’s changing so fast. Quantum Science backs everything I say.
The old paradigm of Chemo and Slashing your body is finally falling away, and in it’s place is the understanding that the most powerful tool in the whole Universe is your mind.
Change your mind, you can change the course of your whole life
Mind over matter – in point of fact “Consciousness over matter” rings more truly these days.
Focus your consciousness, like a laser beam into your life, and change anything you want!
I can show you how…

We say in Qigong “Hao Le!” – it roughly translates as “Everything is perfect already!”

Hao le! And remember, be happy!!!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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