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I’ve spent a lot of time recently working with Dr Jude Currivan.
My path lead to her because of my previous three years of studying consciousness.
Qigong builds the physicality, supports the emotions thus leading to a stable platform on which to base such explorations.
I called it becoming an “Intronaught”
Whatever is without, is also within however, so any study of myself, became a study of our cosmos.
Through Jude’s work, the work of Ervin Laszlo and much reading into Zhineng Qigong, Alan Watts, Ged McKenna and Taoism, I have come to the following conclusions.
Our entire existence, and that of our cosmos is made of Consciousness, in all it’s astonishing forms.
Time is a real thing. (Space time if we are being really precise!)
Just like our own lives, the Earth and our Universe follows a path (The Tao) from birth, through life, accumulating experience and knowledge, and then returns back to source.
Just as we collect knowledge and experience, and add it to the collective human information “field” – this is exactly what our universe is doing through us and no doubt billions of other life forms spread across the beautiful torus of a universe we inhabit.
A trait of humanity is to anthropomorphise everything around us. Even mechanical soulless devices like cars or ships get names and sexes! So too does Consciousness.
Our desire to be “not alone” in this information gathering exercise has lead us to worship the most important body in our universe, the Sun, and ascribe to it alone, or it and Consciousness all balled into one, various names such as GOD etc.
The strong have always protected the weak in our society, but who protects the strong in their hour of darkness. “Nobody” is the real answer. Throughout millennia, everybody has wanted a father figure to protect them. Hence the personification of our universe as a deity. It helps us to sleep at night.
In the Tao, there’s no good or bad, no judgement. If you make something “Good” you have automatically created bad. If being rich is your desire, then poverty is immediately created as a potential too.
Is it really that bleak and bland? (Well even these words are just my personal judgements I have to work through!)
It would be true to say that a world where everybody had enough (This is entirely possible right now with world co-operation) would be a world of harmony and balance.
If all of Maslow’s hierarchy are met in Finland or Switzerland in the near future as they are planning, would you absolutely say “NO” to living there? (Maybe you might moan about the weather, but ask the same question to somebody from Syria or some drought ravaged African country…)
Personally, I prefer to aim for “Super-Maslow” a term I coined in conversation with Jude. If you look at Earnings, if they fall below a certain level it makes humans unhappy and stressed, conversely going above a certain level has the same effect. There’s a sweet-spot where all needs are met, and some “luxuries” are regularly available; that makes man happy and balanced. Imagine the flowering of creativity that would follow a Super-Maslow renaissance!?
It’s exactly the same in Chinese medicine – energy has to be in the “middle”, a deficiency or an excess both lead to illness. Everything in our lives has a “Sweet-spot”
So is that it for Humanity? Are we just running along these rails from birth to death? I think not.
So many unexplained phenomena pop up every day in our world.
In standard systems theory, things either break down, or break through.
We have a choice now, keep on the old path and (in my opinion) face breakdown, or chose to evolve.
Dr Pang, the founder of my style of Qigong (Zhineng Qigong) calls this developing our “Super-normal” abilities.
These are crushed by our education system from the youngest age. They need to be developed in our children now.
What might this look like?
In my opinion this would be living in the Tao.
Allowing oneself to flow in the river of existence, knowing that the Earth will support you, being in harmony with nature, just as the birds and the bees are. Living this way would quickly teach us not to be in conflict with our surroundings, and therefore not destroy them.
It requires us to retrain our brains, to become one with consciousness.
It’s NOT through meditation. Do you see any practical example of meditation in nature?
Meditation is the MOST excellent healing tool for the body, switch off the Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System kicks in to heal the body. The Cat sits, and when it’s ready it walks away.
It’s not Religion OR Spirituality either. These are just side shows to entertain or distract you from the real truth of your existence.
There’s WORK to be done here.
It’s not Qigong, but that helps, as does Yoga, sewing, long walks in nature, conscious contemplation – i.e anything that can get you past your physical self and into a state of pure consciousness. Remember being so absorbed in something, that time dissolved and passed in a flash? That’s the space! (The point I’m trying to make about meditation is that this is an active process, not a switching off process that many people take Mediation to be.)
It’s about learning to live in that space always, using your own special abilities whatever they turn out to be, for the evolving and balancing of mankind.
Just remember this – You are god! So am I and so is he! Let’s start to act like it!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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