On Worry, Prayer, Loneliness and Gogglebox –  as functions of the Qifield

We love to travel together, and experience events together in pairs or groups. Somehow it brings more meaning to an event. Social media shows us how important it is  to share our lives with others.
If a tree falls in a forest does it make a noise?
If nobody knows that you just saw the Mona Lisa does it make it less real?
The ancient Chinese had a saying “Does the fish know the water that it swims in?” to be fair, I doubt it’s little fishy brain is up to the task of analysing its surroundings in that kind of detail!
The point is, are we as humans, aware of the air that we constantly “swim through” and in a more refined fashion, the Qi field in which we exist.
Qi field theory states that everything is made from Qi and is therefore a function of Qi moving, transforming  or changing.. Our Universe is pixilated with tiny particles called Plancks (10 to the minus 64 small) or in Dr Pang’s terms (The founder of the Chinese version of this field theory – “Hunyuan Entirety Theory”) these miniscule particles are call Hunyuan Qi.
So back to the question, did you realise that you are swimming in a field of Hunyuan Qi – I’m not sure my tiny, fishy brain is up to thinking about this, but that’s exactly what happened this morning as I awoke! So here goes..
I was turning over the idea above, our need to experience things with others to make it more “real” for us. We love to go to festivals together, gather in great spaces to worship, travel in packs – albeit often of only two! But Why?
This shared human experience, is about connecting into our own qifield.
One of the bizarre “hits” – and I use the word advisedly, of UK television over the last few years is a TV show called Gogglebox. The concept is simple – The TV company who makes the show, sets up cameras in the living rooms of families and friends, and films THEM as they watch their evening television.  These groups of people have quite literally become the very TV that they watch.
There something quite endearing about having an identical experience, and identifying with their emotions. Strangely, they become “friends” over a period of time, you feel like you might greet them in the street as somebody you know and like, if you ever passed them! Television has joined these people into our family circle it feels like.
Prayer and Meditation are great examples of using the Qifield to our benefit. There’s so much “noise” in our lives now, so many distractions to take your focus away from the important things, witness such things as Gogglebox! (I think switching off and letting you brain idle, whilst you flow along and untroubling wave of laughter and emotion is ok once in a while!)
Prayer is just about stopping long enough to focus your consciousness into the field, and ask for a favourable outcome. Lynne McTaggart regularly demonstrates the power of this with her “Intention Experiments” – she demonstrates that a huge group of people, focusing their intent on a certain outcome, can change the course of events on the other side of the world! The Pear experiments at Princeton were able to track fluctuations in our “human” field, when significant great world events were taking place. We are able to tune in and to bring about change with our consciousness through Prayer.
Meditation is slightly different I feel. I think it can be both active and passive. In its passive form, it acknowledges that we are energy, and that by constantly being in the outer-world, that this draws our personal energy out of us. By stopping this flow, and turning it back inward on ourselves, that it’s possible to recharge the battery as it were.
There’s a different aspect to “Meditation” which maybe isn’t even mediation at all. It’s about stilling oneself long enough to experience different internal events, or possibly different “higher” external events. I have experienced these special occurrences through Qigong and various other shamanic type trainings. They come under the heading of psychic phenomena, journeying, clairvoyance, presentiment, fore-knowledge etc.. not something I intend to go over here, just to say that it feels like getting to a meditative still place, and then actively pushing beyond that to a further experience.
What of wrong relationship to the Qifield? Firstly, I don’t think it’s possible to say that there’s such a thing as bad energy, or bad Qi – I think it’s about being in the “wrong” relationship to that Qi, and that it “doesn’t really suit what you need” as opposed to it being BAD for you. You just need to change your relationship to the field to benefit better. (A fine point I know, and again one that I don’t intent to turn over here, it just comes from years of practice and understanding.)
In the English language we occasionally talk about our pet Terrier dog “Worrying” a cushion that it’s pulled off the sofa. Think little dog vigorously and continuously shaking the cushion from side to side in its little jaws!
We do the same with situation over which we can exert no control, but really wish we could! We turn over the possible outcome again and again. It’s very similar in a way to prayer, but this time we are not in right relationship to the qifield. We have allowed a “Loop” to get started in our head, that is running our thought process, rather than stopping and being purposeful with our thoughts. It’s like an outward-facing version of prayer, somehow the eyes are open, the mouth muttering, and the energy is repeatedly scattered into the world. As we all know, worrying solved nothing, I suggest that if you are worried about something, you should STOP, settle for 20-30 minutes every day and pray or meditate on a positive outcome. Try your best accept that your positive consciousness has done much more to the outcome than a day of low level fretting will ever do. Let the energy out into the field in a laser-like burst, rather than a drizzle, then be happy for the rest of the day!
Loneliness too is a function of disconnection from the field. Somehow it feels like a human construction. Occasionally you meet people who live very well without the interaction of others. They are better connected to the filed than most. The field also includes Nature. Some people just seem to be part of their surroundings, very happy to just “Be” and to keep their own company. The more we are brought up to believe that the world revolves around our very selves, the more we feel the isolation if we are cut off from the “Personal” version of the field that we have developed. You see, your body has its own field. (You know when a person is looking at you, when somebody walks into the room behind you etc..) As life goes by, you make different fields, starting with your family, then school friends (bonds for life sometimes!) teams, work colleagues etc…
As life progresses, you can REALLY feel the deterioration of these fields, if they have meant a  great deal to you. Your Ego puts you at the VERY centre of your fields, and imbues this with great import. Just imagine a Venn diagram of all your fields, all overlapping in the middle, and you standing on the intersection of all these fields – king or queen of all you survey!
However if you decide to move to another country, or as time goes by, people start to fade out of your fields, this can lead to a perceived dis-connect that our ego doesn’t feel happy with.
The reality is that, like our “happy to be alone” person, we are NEVER disconnected from the field, but our egos perceive that we are, we call it loneliness. In reality (Whatever that really is!) you can never be alone. However if we literally have been brought up to be the King of our world, thinking that we are the Sun, and that everything revolves around us, then it can seem very lonely.
There’s no blame to be laid here, just observation, a happy marriage of 50 years can leave a partner devastated when the other one departs. Their egos have become so entwined, that there is no “self”  left, when the other is gone.
It seems like a hard choice to make on the one hand, go through this life in a disconnected way, keeping ones ego at bay, not allowing it to get too entangled in “life;” on the other hand, choses to love with all ones heart, and suffer the blows that separation brings.
Perhaps, it’s finally about realising that we have always, and will always be connected, that becomes the cure for loneliness.
Professor Ervin Laszlo has regenerated the Akashic theory from the ancient Hindu writings, The Upanishads, that is to say that there’s a field of consciousness that sits at the outer edge of our Cosmos, in which all information that there ever was, and will be, exists in.  That is to say that we are expressions of this consciousness, playing out a 3D existence on Earth, but that after this we return to the source. God if you will..
Taken in this Universal light loneliness seems like worrying, a wrong relationship to the universal field of energy. If you knew for sure that nobody ever really disappears to the void, and that on some level they are always there, and still contactable, then loneliness really starts to look a bit pointless.
The trick is to know that there’s a way to expand this version of you. As Plato says “A life unexamined is a life not worth living”
Dr Pang teaches that we are all able to access our “Super-normal” selves, and through this experience our real place in the field, our right connection to nature and energy, and the real way to use our consciousness. He advocate this journey using Qigong, but there are plenty of other mystery schools who also have paths..
You have a choice, be happy with the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that life throws you, or decide to find out who you really are, and why you’re here.
Start by looking at the “Om” symbol and it’s meaning! It shows 3 curves, the states of “Mankind” – Sleeping, dreaming and waking; then there’s the line between the symbol and the dot. The dot is the “All-seeing-eye” – god if you like, and the line represents the veil, the veil that was drawn over your eyes when you were born. Either you chose to “rent in twain the veil of the temple from the top to the bottom” and peer behind at what’s really going on, or slouch back on the couch and switch on Gogglebox again! It’s up to you! (And the great thing about it, none of it really matters, there is no right and wrong, just qifield! If you chose to go round the loop again and again, who cares!?)
Just be happy!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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