There’s something shifting, deep at the roots of humanity.
Bit by bit, I’m finding people who are ready to evolve.

Sadly, we thought Spirituality was the way to change, but it turns out, that’s a way to wake up, but still not realise we are in a dream state.
It’s Plato’s Cave — we are watching shadows on the cave wall, we know they are shadows, but we have no idea what’s casting them.
Spirituality prepared fertile ground. So many of us have escaped the doctrinal thinking of Western Medicine and religion. We needed to throw off the shackles of a society that was so insecure, that it kept us chained to the church on a Sunday, and told us that we could no longer heal ourselves.

It’s a bit like the movie scene, where the prisoners emerge from the sewer pipe, and dance around, free at last. After the jubilation, they look around at the barren land, and think “Where are we? What do we do next!?”


As I have written many times (check back through my blog posts) this life we lead is like a simulation.
It seems astonishingly real, we can literally reach out and touch it.
There’s so much more to it than that though. I’m not going to go through a justification to convince you, I’m assuming, you are prepared to entertain the idea is possible.

What do people (throughout history, and from all spiritual and religious backgrounds) tell us they have discovered?

It’s pretty basic really. It’s BLISS.
Our Universal “Awareness” is Bliss. It’s Love. That’s its natural state.


When finally you penetrate the veil, you find yourself in Bliss consciousness.
Does this describe your experience of Qigong, or Meditation? No — well, you are not there yet, you may have got stuck on the way, believing that you’ve got to the end of the game! You haven’t!
Have you felt total connection to all there is, have you experienced a moment where there was no time, no space, where you just felt deeply happy? Good! There’s a little window into it.

Let’s talk for a moment about Mother Amma. I have had Darshan with Mother Amma.
I felt that “Bliss” emanating from her, into the room. It’s palpable.
People spontaneously burst into tears when they approach her.

The definition of Osmosis, is a solution moving through a cell membrane, from an area of high concentration to one of a lower concentration, to bring about a balance.

Being with Amma, is like Osmosis. Your Bliss levels lift to meet her’s!
You’d think being in a crowd, would bring her down, but she has discovered that she IS the Awareness of the Universe and that that is Bliss never ending! She has a Universe of it to draw on!


Just like you have to practice to learn to ride an bike, or play the piano, you need to practice being in the Bliss state. It’s one of those “Double-binds” unfortunately, the harder you push, the less likely you are to get there!
I have used my Qigong practice to help me.
When I first started Qigong, my raison d’être was to save me from the horrific stress levels a life in the Financial Centre of London was causing me! (It wasn’t a fast enough intervention to stop me loosing half of my hair!) As time went by, the pace evolved and Qigong became my love, and then my work. On occasion these days, I find myself dropping into this magical state.
I’m practicing with bringing these ideas out of Qigong and into my life.
Little patches of calm, all joined together to make a quilt of Bliss. It’s still a bit holey (Holy!) some daft pun there!

Do I aspire to becoming a Mother Amma like figure?
No, I love my teaching, I love this life, and I love my family.


Some people don’t have the choice. Sometimes extraordinary individuals have this path foist upon them by “The Universe” — they didn’t choose it, it was just who they came out as.
Others spend time seeking.
We are told in some spiritual traditions that “Desire” is to be eliminated.
What a daft idea!? (Yes Buddhism, you know I’m talking about you!)
Desire is the power that moves our evolution, without it, we would stop, vegetate and die out!
Desire out of balance becomes a lust for power — yes, that needs quelling immediately!

My desire’s are well known. Teach lots of teachers Qigong, and Contemplation. Build a Medicineless Hospital, Build a Qigong City (My name is Chillington! Heheh! It’s got the word Chi in it too!)
Finally, I want to keep treading the path towards Awareness. It’s built in, I can’t understand why, but it just is.


Another idea, is the “Death of the Ego” (Yes Buddhism it’s you again! “Who would have thought that Jeremy would turn out to be a Buddhist basher! Aren’t they the most peaceful people on the planet!?” — I think we should put it down to my real lack of any in-depth understanding of what Buddhism really stands for.. However, it’s always worth asking Christianity, Buddhism and the like, the question, “You had one really great guy a few thousand years ago, how many have you turned out like them since?” — it’s not like the floodgates opened! Lots of sizzle, not a lot of Sausage I think!)

OK, back to Ego death then.
Not a good plan!
If we intend to interface with other humans, then we need the “masks” we use to navigate their land. Like a passport, the ego gets you through the border, and into their country, so you can interact.

Picture the scene — a Supermarket in South London.
Cashier — “Can I help you sir”
Enlightened and ego-less Jeremy “None of this is real!”
Cashier — “Oh, right sir… did you maybe need some milk?”
Jeremy — “Milk is just an illusion..”
Cashier — “Security to till five please..!”

You get the problem.

I can’t bring myself to buy an Electric car. I can however see the point of a Hybrid.
We need Ego, to help us navigate the stages of life.

If you come to my class to learn Qigong.
Student “Can you teach me Qigong?”
Jeremy “Qigong is a fictional abstract, built in a 3D simulation, by Universal Awareness..”
Student “I just wanted to fix my sore back!”

Some time later, Jeremy arrives home.
Jeremy’s wife — “Did you get the Milk darling?”
Jeremy — “Milk is a fictional conceit …”
Jeremy’s wife, staring menacingly into her cold dark coffee, “Enough! I’ve had enough of your drivel! Tomorrow we are going to the lawyers, and we’ll soon find out how ‘Fictional’ divorce papers are!”

Pat Pilkington

A friend of mine often quotes the late Pat Pilkington, whom by all accounts had crossed the “Awareness threshold” — but who had always managed to keep her feet in both camps. She used to say “You can be so heavenly, you are NO earthly good!”

My first wife used to take me on all sorts of strange courses, ostensibly to further her spiritual education. I used to go (probably, with bad grace) expecting nothing, and always have huge openings! I spontaneously Channelled, met long departed Tibetan Monks, and Journeyed through Space and Time..
It was always so unfair for her. She wanted so much, and often, I seemed to “get it!”
What was clear, was that she was MY guide, and that all along, she was maturing in a totally different and excellent way.


Put simply, we all mature at totally different speeds, and it has to be noted that the majority never mature.
That being said, we choose our own path. We also choose who we want to journey with, and why.
My ex-wife was a great spiritual guide, and a fantastic person to bring up our amazing children with.
In the last year of our marriage, it had become clear that we were now on different trajectories, with different interests.
We de-merged. With the two choices (1. Rip each other apart or 2. Separate in a loving way) we took the high road, the road with the least damage. I’m sure I could have done better, but it certainly could have been a lot worse. 19 out of 20 amazing years, not a bad average.

The Homebuilding and Childrearing years are really trying.
We might be on a spiritual path, but we also have to be some “earthly good” too.
Our kids need our attention and stability.
Our students need our guidance, and simplicity.
Our friends need our advice and consistency.


Would I like to have run away, and sat atop a loft peak — some days — Hell yes!
In the final accounting, I could probably count those days in the fingers of one hand..
In a few years I’ll be chalking up three-score years! I think that’s a pretty good batting average!

I feel we all have a duty in this life to be of earthly good, to ourselves, to our partner and children, and to our fellow man.

In this astonishing Multi-layered existence that we play in, you have to be all things for all men.
None of this means that you can’t also dwell in Bliss, for the rest of your days.
You just have to remember to put on your “daddy, husband or teacher’s” mask for a little while, to transact a little “life” (Whatever that might be!) and then slip back to a peaceful place, when nobody needs you.

You are a “Spiritual Superman” or “Super Mum” as it might be!!

Bliss, Bliss, Bliss and more Bliss!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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