Prepare yourself for a long journey through time!
Firstly, I search for the birth of Man, then Migrations, then the first Civilisations and the first languages. I then show the passage of our understanding of The Universe, Awareness and God!
Finally I hope to help you understand what “all this” is actually about, and what you can do with it!
My timelines and research may be rather basic, but I think worth your time! Come with me!

As a species, we started in Africa.
The millennia passed, we slowly migrated from the South of Africa to the North — no doubt looking for better Mediterranean climes!
4 Million years ago, we were evolving and 2 million years ago we started out of Africa.

The estimated paths of upright beings trawls up Africa, spreads out to the North, West and East.
We seem to have had a penchant for having sex with everything that moved, and eventually interbred and outbred the Neanderthals. (We still share some similar genetic information..!)

One Migration took people to the Americas over a supposed “Land Bridge” another round the coast of India and into Southern Asia and to the Pacific. The last thrust was up to the Steppes of Russia.

Back to the Centre

It’s hard to tell precisely how it occurred, but people seem to have returned to (Or never left) the Middle East and Black Sea regions.

In the Middle East, the luscious valley of the Tigris and Euphrates was one of the main areas of settlement, where we see different ideas emerging round farming, with some people concentrating on cattle, and other taking up agrarian pursuits.

The first really organised civilisation took root here eventually, the Samerian empire.

In terms of “Millions of years” — things moved slowly, until they didn’t!
I think we can all connect with the idea of things speeding up, well I assume that’s always been the feeling. We gain a skill or piece of knowledge, and then build on that, as it opens other opportunities. We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, each discovery fits the last, and creates a space for the next to emerge.
Giant leaps are usually many small creeps!


The people’s of The Black Sea, Middle East and India, seem to have shared a common tongue of sorts, something that could be understood all through this vast area. These days, the theory is referred to as “PIE” — Proto-Indo-European.

Until 10,000 years ago we had been loosely organised, but around this period, we realised that farming was better than hunting.

It’s interesting to see the spread-pattern of the birth of Civilisations — the common denominator seems to be the Equator and it’s more harmonious weather patterns.

Two million years ago, we would have recognised our species, but they would have been nomadic hunter-gatherers.
It’s only 6000 years ago that things started to become truly organised for the first time.
Really recent in terms of our evolution as a species ..

The first Empire, the Samarian empire, started to coalesce about 3500 BCE (Before the Common Era) — 5500 years ago.


Assuming that we came up and out of Africa, one would assume the settling and civilizing of Egypt (500 years after Samaria) would have come first. But the “Civilisation” instinct seems to have come back down from the Steppes, to the Black Sea and then the Middle east first.

It’s also possible that East Asian populations may have met African populations at this juncture of continents, that has seen so much movement of populations and such strife through the millennia.

Samaria as it grew and established, is credited with spreading it’s knowledge and language east into the North of India, where we find the Samarian religious ideas and Sanskrit forming the basis of Hindism. (between 2300 and 1500 years ago)

Just as every civilisation has had its splits, so has every religion.
We find Samarian morphing into Hinduism, whilst also planting the seeds for the growing Egyptian Civilisation. Egyptians and Hebrews share much of the same mythology and characters too.
Consider this, I tell you a story about an angry god, or a heroic figure.
You want to tell that story to somebody else, you might just appropriate it to make your god or religion look better too.

Merging and Intertwining

There is no clear path between these cultures Thoth of Egypt and the God of the Hebrews share amazing commonalities, Hermes and Enoch seem to be indistinguishable.
As Egypt declines, so Greece, then Rome build. Christianity rises, as does Hinduism and Muslimism.
They all have such similar stories to tell, and that’s because much of the source material was from its Samarian base!

Aegean civilisation, comes to power around the same time as Indus and Vedic civilisation, but also Chinese Civilisation.

Trade has always been a conveyor of more than just physical goods.
We know of the silk route stretching from China to India and into the Middle east (and thence to Europe eventually..)
Ideas flowed along these routes. It’s often been noted the cultural and religious effect that India has had on China, and Vice versa.

At its root potentially are the ideas spread from our friends the Samarians.
The Proto-Indo-European (PIE) migration and languages gave birth to the Sanskrit language, and this in was the root of Hinduism.
Sanskrit, one of the first written languages, leads us to their religious works the Vedas and The Upanishads.

The Upanishads

The Vedas tended to deal with Religious ritualistic details, whilst the Upanishads were concerned with Philosophy (Just to recap, the definition of “philosophy” is The Study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.)

So, in The Upanishads, we have the most basic understanding of life and reality, in the earliest recorded language system, which seems to have lent its root to almost all religious ideas.

At the very heart of these books there are four basic assertions.

1. “Thou art that” (tat tvam asi) often translated as “That I am..”

2. “I am totality” (aham brahmāsmi)

3. “This Self is Brahman” (ayam ātmā brahma)

4. “Consciousness is Brahman” (pragyānam brahma).

The simplistic translation of Brahman is “the Ultimate Reality of the Universe”

The Self is Ātmā (or more commonly Ātman) — which is often translated as Trueself, Soul or Spirit.


The basic tenet of this understanding then; Our Universe is a field of consciousness.
We are an “instance” of consciousness operating as a separate item, but in reality NEVER separated.
This universal awareness’ desire is to experience itself, to truly know itself.
In this two dimensional universe of awareness, the only way for two dimensions to “see themselves” is to curve and curve.
As we now know SpaceTime is indeed curved.
Like a Mobius Strip (Link to my Facebook Post of a Mobius Strip!) two dimensions curve and are able to “observe” each other, as if in three dimensions.
I.e Awareness, by curving itself, can experience itself in three dimensions.

In short, this life we lead, is a three dimensional simulation created by the Awareness of our Universe, trying experiencing itself.
Tat Tuam Asi — That I am..

From the first written documentation of mankind, we knew that we are all god or awareness.
I am you, you are all me.
We just maintain this separation to make the game work.
Spiritual paths have always told us, “hurt me, you are only hurting yourself..” — now we see this idea to be true.
Every human being on this planet is just another iteration of you /me.

The Game

The game is fixed. You are born, in a forgetful state.
The challenge of the game is for you to find a way to move forward, towards happiness.

The natural state of the Universe is Bliss — this is where we gain the ideas of “god is good” — everybody understands at a deep level, that everything in the game is pointed in the direction of happiness.
Sure, there are challenges set for you, by you, but ultimately that is the game of life!

Like a compass points true North always, so the search for the Trueself, which is Bliss and total Happiness, should be our path.

I have studied the root of Contemplation as opposed to Meditation.

It would appear that much meditation can fall short, and leave you in a sleep state. You might feel happy and satisfied, but to me it is still “being asleep” in the dream state, rather than awakening to the true nature of awareness.
I feel that Contemplation is the path.

Taking the trajectory of Sanskrit, and the Upanishads, we find teachers from all parts of the globe using the same basic idea. “Ask yourself very carefully, ‘who am I’ ?”

Who am I?

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi popularised this approach in India in the 1920’s — the idea of self-enquiry is not however unique to him — and clearly came to him from teachers of the Upanishads..
Another root comes from China by way of Russia, where we discover G.I Gurdief teaching the same.
Gurdief tells us that he found the teachings in Moscow, working with a group using “Oriental” teachings.
His work is furthered by P.D Ouspenski and moves further to the west.
After the second World War, we find British people in India (As the occupying nation,) and then eventually many American and Europeans beating a path to India, to find these teachers.
I have studied with Chinese teachers who are explaining exactly the same information.

Just as the day dawns in the East, and moves to the West, the basic understanding of our Universe, and purpose, rose in the east, and has finally made its way to the west, following the turning of the Earth.

The idea is pretty simple. (If somewhat unbelievable in our current limited mindset.)
All these roots of the Samarian ideas, are asking us to find our way to our true nature.
The hurdle we have all been given is not knowing this.
There are clues are scattered around.
(For example, the Sanskrit “Om” symbol, seen on every hippy’s arm and camper-van IS a map to this basic understanding! Sleeping, dreaming and wakening — our states, separated from Awareness by the veil drawn between Awareness and Us!)

Modern Science

These teachings have had far reaching effects upon us too.
Arthur Schopenhauer was one of the translators of The Upanishads, his thinking influenced Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrödinger. (The fathers of Quantum Science)
Niels Bohr famously said, “I go to the Upanishad to ask questions.”
The understandings from the Upanishads, the nature of our very being, was the ground for all our Quantum understandings.

We have allowed the lust for power to better us.
If you understand the challenge laid down by Aawareness (Go find your True self, and therefore the nature of everything…) then the idea of killing another sentient being is immediately understood as “killing yourself..”
There is no way to justify killing other creatures, burning forests and extracting the life-blood of the Earth for profit.
Our base instincts, still fresh from roving the wilds of the Steppes and living in dark caves, seduces us daily back to a cycle of violence and unhappiness. This is what we call “Hell” — it’s right here, right now.
Look at children starving in Africa, wars in the Middle East, drug use at the bottom of your road. You’ll soon see that this is Hell.

Heaven or Hell?

Do you want heaven? Then “be the change you want to see”
This doesn’t mean buying an electric car, although it may help a tiny bit..
This does mean, asking yourself “Who am I?”
Ask it, and ask it again. Sit with it, stand with it, walk with it every moment of your life until you finally understand..

I don’t claim to have it fully yet. Brief glimpses come and go.
Qigong is a great tool to heal the body, to get you into the “right” state — but it’s not the FULL answer. Meditation is not the answer (It is essentially “thinking you are the Universe”,) nor Yoga or Tai chi. They are all just tools.

There is only one game.
See the Simulation for what it is — then break out of the simulation that you are supporting yourself!

Self-questioning, leads to self-realisation.
When you realise that you are not your body, you are not your five sense organs, you are not your movement, speech or other basic functions, you are not your Qi, you are not your breath, you are not your mind. After questioning, and realising that you are none of these things, then what’s left?

Ask “who am I?” — “What is the Nature of Mind?” — “Why does the mind support personality?”

You’ll get there.

As we arrive, one by one, the drops return to the Ocean, and the flood begins.
This is what will bring real change to our Earth.
Power, through Religion has clouded this simple information, complicated it beyond belief.
Now its laid here, clear and simple.
Go beyond, always strive to go further toward bliss.

Love, love, love..

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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