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Dear Readers,
You know when you keep hearing about something again and again till it gets to the point that you think. “OK, I got it! I’ll look into it!”
Well that happened over November, December and January. I had always known about rebirthing for years, one of my business partners in my web venture PositiveTV – Dana, had been a registered Re-birther for 10 years. (However, I’d never got round to having a session with her. She even got me an interview with the founder of Re-birthing Leonard Orr, about five years ago. I’d met him, been impressed, but had still not taken the Universe’s hint! Whilst I was away in China, a lot of “stuff” came up through my practice. As I lay awake in my rustic Chinese bed, I pondered how I was to move forward with the emotions that I’d encountered. It was at that moment that an email came through to me (quite a trick on Chinese broadband!) from Leonard Orr himself saying “Jeremy, I have two places left on my Master Breathworkers course, would you like to learn how to become a Rebirther, whilst having lots of re-birthing sessions yourself!?”
That’s how I found myself in Virginia in January of 2014!
I had an astonishing time! Amongst other extraordinary occurrences, I ended up re-birthing a fantastic young guy, who also had a regression to another life right in the middle of our session! (Yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounded. call me, I’ll explain it all!)
Leonard has developed and changed as time has gone by, he is deeply into Babaji – an enlightened being who has lived on earth for over 20,000 years if you are prepared to believe that? I have always heard stories of Chinese Immortals, so an Indian guru fits the bill for me too!
Leonard teaches “Immortality” practices along with Re-birthing. This has made him a little unpopular with the Re-birthing community; they think he’s a little potty! It’s pretty hard to explain what he’s about unless you have met him. He’s a continuous journey in my opinion.
He discovered Re-birthing, and realised he could shift bad memories and feelings from when he was little. Later he discovered Babaji’s writings and met him, which has made him follow this path. He has discovered many practices that people say will make you live a healthy and exceptionally long life. (Breathing, bathing and siting with fire are the principle ones, oh and not EXPECTING to die, EXPECTING to live rather!)
I wasn’t looking for a new religion or Guru to follow, so I took from the course what I needed. I now teach Re-birthing to my students, I sit with fire when I have a chance, I consciously bathe and I follow Leonard’s breathing practices. Things have really shifted in my life, I feel about 100 years lighter. I guess facing up to the past, and letting it go will do that for you.
Rebirthing was an unbelievable “add-0n” to Qigong Therapy. It has blended with everything I do. It’s a natural way to address the traumas of Birth, and Childhood (Although, that’s what came up for me, but other people heal all sorts of other things..)
I’m now treating clients in Bath, but also come to London quite regularly.
Re-birthing is booked in a block of ten sessions, payment up-front.
Sound expensive and an odd way to book sessions?
The journey of ten classes is essential, I nearly quit after four, at session eight, nine and ten, I experienced events well beyond anything I have hitherto known. It’s about investing in your journey with full commitment.
Being the Qigong adventurer that I am, I also needed to rationalise what I’d learned from Leonard with my qigong therapy.
I see the breathing exercises of Rebirthing as an amazing way to open the lungs, and release the negative emotions that are trapped inside.
Want to know what emotions (In the Chinese medicine system) are held in the lungs? Sadness, Sorrow, Guilt, Shame and Grief! (Does that ring any bells for you?!)
Now perhaps you’ll see why I find Rebirthing such a powerful tool.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to undertake this Journey too.

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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