The article below is written by my Teacher Lu Zhengdao

In it he uses a few “Zhineng Qigong” terms.
Trueself – Just “I am” – with no stories or thoughts
Frame of Reference – All the thoughts, stories and patterns that make up what we believe to be our Self
The New Culture – Always living life as your Trueself
Practice Field – Energetic Qi field, filled with information and Qi
Black Box problem – Information in, Information out – nobody knows what processes happen inside in the interim.

Real practice involves settling inside, focusing internally, changing the subconscious mind, solving problems from the root and changing destiny.

Many people want to practice yoga, Tai Chi, learn various natural therapies, practice Qigong and meditation… in order to get health, happiness and the life they want.
After many years of practice they realize there may be some changes in body, but it is not easy to obtain stable health.
It is still difficult to change negative emotions.
To change one’s destiny is even more difficult.
Then many people keep changing methods. (From Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong…) They constantly change teachers and coaches one by one… But what is the result?
Only their self and the honest body know the truth.
What’s the reason?

I. There is a problem with direction and positioning.
The majority of practitioners are constantly looking outside, looking for health, looking for theory, looking for techniques, and looking for teachers…
They hand over their expectations, their energy, and their power, but the direction is wrong.
What is the result?
Their position is wanting to solve problems within their “Ego’s problem system.”
Most of the time they are creating problems and bumping blindly into the “black box” of the problem.

II. Ego likes to pay attention to new theoretical knowledge, methods, new teachers, one after another.
This kind of learning and practice habits will always stay in the surface consciousness of “acquiring knowledge” concepts.
One can only get a little excitement.
The surface consciousness is like an actor, with minimal real impact on life.
In this way, it looks like learning and practicing but it can’t solve the problem fundamentally. The personality is the same, the emotions are the same, and the illness is still the same.
I call this kind of study and practice an illusion (illusory) practice. This is not real practice.

What is real practice?
I. The direction and positioning must be determined. The direction of real practice is to seek from within, which is to bring back the expectations, strength, and energy that have been put on the outside. The position is to really solve the problem from the true self system. In the true self system there is no problem, only joy and peace.
The real practice is to wake up, to revive and activate the sleeping true self system.
In this system without problems, one can recognize the problem, resonate and solve the problem of the ego system.

II. The real practice is to “settle into and internalize” the new culture, theory, and technique.

  1. Dropping into and settling, while internalizing the theory and practice deep into the subconscious will reach to all levels of the body.
    It’s totally different than when ego thinks: “I know, I can, I understand.”
    This knowing of the ego when facing the problem can not solve the problem. This is only the knowledge of logic and concepts.
    When the theories and methods settle deep into the subconscious, the problem in the subconscious (frame of reference) will automatically respond to the new content.
    All levels of the body will also change accordingly.
    The change of destiny will happen naturally.
  2. “Sinking into and internalizing” the new theory and technology, in daily life at home and work.
    Where there is a problem, there is a “practice field” (opportunity).
    Live the life of your true self, not the life of an actor.
    Each problem is a practice field (opportunity).
    Each trouble is a practice field… If there is a problem with your marriage, then a problematic marriage is your practice field.
    When money becomes a problem, money is the practice field. When you encounter fear of death, facing death is the practice field.

    Real practice is not about escaping, nor is it about meeting God, Saints or Buddha. It is about meeting the true self, true joy, and the warm and peaceful self.

Lu Zhengdao
(Practitioner of ZNQG and messenger of the new human culture)

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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