I’m excited about the Real potential of the Covid Vaccine!

This week I envisage a brighter future,

I’ll certainly not be volunteering my arm any time soon, but if I find that I can no longer leave Somerset without it, then sure, shoot me up!

I’m thinking about The Vaccine on a few different levels here.

The first level is the residual teenage self, who wants to shout “NO! Leave me alone!!”

There’s a slightly more adult layer that thinks “All of this is being forced on me by a government, who’s strings are totally operated by big businesses. I vote for these jerks, but they really don’t give a shit about my life!”

The next layer up, is more of a “Teacher or Overseer ” level. From this perspective, I’m really hoping that everybody SLURPS up the Vaccine, repeatedly going back for top up doses etc.
I’m happy to play the long game. More of this later..

On the very top floor is the Daoist who doesn’t much care at all. The Daoist knows that life goes by in a blink, nothing is good or bad, it just “Is” – and that none of this matters at all. The bigger the fear of death, the more teenage ranting you do. “I Don’t want to die, I Don’t want my granny to die!” Bad news people! It’s coming down the turnpike looking for you, and may well be about to ring your doorbell now! What was it that made you think you’d escape? Are you Jesus? If not, there’s some bad news for you!


There are currently about 7 billion of us on the planet, and 100 billion of us who have passed, if the stories are to be believed only one person in 100 billion ever made it back, and only for three days at that! The odds are Not stacked in your favour!

The Teenager doesn’t like injections, and hates authority. He hates being told what to do, but is pretty powerless to do anything about it other than shout.
But what can we actually do anyway?

Lets dip into the Dao De Ching for a quick quotation by way of help.

Lao Tzu says:-

When the common people are starving,
it’s because of over taxation.
Politicians get fat by padding their pockets with the working man’s sweat

When the common people become rebellious it because of overbearing government.
When the government becomes extreme the people begin to laugh at death.

By courting extreme, one invites death.
By following the Dao one chooses life..

There’s a lovely hint of violence secreted behind these lines.
The Teenager really feels the overbearing Government, the teenager is starting to laugh death in the face, the rebellion is coming, and we’ll be better organised than we have ever been.

Just look at Hong Kong students, Buddhist monks setting themselves alight from Vietnam to Myanmar and Tibet, to the streets of every major City from Lima in Peru to Portland Oregon, through London to Paris and on to Belarus. The people are ready to resist the steady decline of life’s quality and value.

Any minute now the teenager will kick off, and the Politicians and big business will burn for their sins.

Mature Adults

The More Mature adult self whos hoping that people will slurp up the vaccine is thinking of the end of big Pharma. I’m sure those of a certain age will remember the Thalidomide scandal?

The stories doing the rounds about the latest vaccine, some people claim that it will irrevocably change us at the very DNA and RNA levels. They suggest that a tide of Cancer (could we really have more!?) and auto-immune disease will follow.
People are questioning why the big companies are being allowed to skip the vital “animal” tests by their shareholders, err sorry, I mean by the Governments?
If you research Ferrets, Rats and Mice, you’ll find that their death rate is up dramatically this year due to Covid testing programmes, and their little ratty cells exploding like over-ripe grapes, all over the lab. OK, that may not be exactly 100% accurate depiction of what’s occurred, but you know what they say, “No smoke without dead ferrets,” or something of the sort..

Sorry people, but “they” have a different guinea pig in mind this time.

The financial model being used by most major companies these days is called “Smash and Grab”
It features the biggest payouts for the leaders, who slip away into the night, whilst the second biggest payouts go to the lawyers who then try to lie their way out of it for massive profit too. It’s a standard business model. I feel sure it’s openly being taught in Harvard today.


BUT.. There will come a time of reckoning. If I’ve learned anything from Chinese Medicine is that the body always tries to return to balance.

One day soon, when a tsunami of illness overwhelms every health system, the people will find the truth about this virus, and there will be lynchings. Remember the teenager who didn’t want his granny to die? He’ll be in charge of the army by then, he’ll be the one with the biggest weapons and the evidence on his desk that your pharmaceutical company killed his granny for profit. Then let’s see what happens..

Do I think this was an orchestrated “evil?” No. This is just the seeds that have been sown by Capitalism.
Please don’t think that I DON’T include China under the heading Capitalism either.

Did China start it? I don’t really care. Will they be happy to have stopped the noise in Hong Kong, will they be happy to have lost a huge chunk of the people who were drawing on the Communist Party’s Pension pot, was it a great way to roll out uber control of the people, are they a nation who like to clear out the old in place of the new? I don’t know, only time will tell.
Some might suggest that as a nation who doesn’t really care about people in general, that the emotional knee-jerk spending that the Western nations resorted too, bankrupting themselves further in the process may have suited China rather well.

(Just as a side note, did you know that China owns between $7Tn of The USA’s debt, and anywhere up to $14Tn depending on who does the estimates. The US national debt stands at $14Tn – i.e China either owns half or all of the USA…)


I also just want to check and see if you think your government looks after you?

Sadly. Government’s first issue is to look after itself. Like any organism, self-interest comes first. Do you ever see politicians trying to put themselves out of a job? Why would you? However, any threat of a curtailing of finances or power is met with a storm of opposition.

No, I’m sorry, but you don’t feature in their calculations. The only question is “How far can I go, with my own self-interest, before THEY come out with the pitchforks?”

Let’s define this honest politician.

He works 60 hours per week. He’s a family man, with no mistress. He owns no shares, and he will not take a job in industry after he finishes. He doesn’t accept meals, money, cars, or holidays to help lobby groups further their aims..

Anybody, from ANY country ANYWHERE in the whole world, could you get above 5% of your politicians who fit this bracket? Really? (OK, maybe we’ll exclude you, New Zealand! – Everything seems better there!) Has politics really become that filthy. Shall we just fire the lot and start back at One man, One vote?


Finally, we get to the Daoist version of me.

This part is well illustrated by this famous story:-
“When asked about the influence of the French Revolution, the late premier of China, Zhou Enlai is reputed to have said: ‘Too early to say.’

Simply, if you are not thinking in 200, 300 or 500 years cycles, you aren’t seeing the big picture.

As I’ve said many times, my life is a spec in time, my death will be as a raindrop returning to the ocean.
In 100 years time, none of this hoo-ha will mean anything to anybody, I’ll be a footnote in History. It might be feeling very real to you today, but I think it’s time to go beyond. The real journey is inside you. The rest is just a crazy sideshow. That’s the reason I coined the phase about ten years ago, it’s time to become an “Intronaught” – it’s time to cross the last REAL frontier, and start exploring one’s own consciousness.

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Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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