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BREAKING FREE – Course & Guide

A REAL ESCAPE from your self-built ego prisons

in this amazing & revealing path to unleash your..


See clearly how the prison cells in our life are created & reinforced daily without us realizing it. Under Teachers’ Ling & Lu guidance, discover ALL the real possibilities within you that will liberate your Self from the ego prison that is keeping you inside a limited, frustrating & painful life.

JAN 16 to MAY 2
3-Block course
24 weekend sessions
2.5 hours per session
ZhiNeng QiGong Theory & Practice

ONLINE – Translation in various languages

Break free from your limitations & choose your new life from all your possibilities


  • Thinking & Belief System
  • material world
  • relationships & emotions
  • body
  • feelings & addictions

Humans’ natural consciousness is free, but in daily life the consciousness is limited everywhere and cannot be free. Humans are not themselves and cannot become themselves. Ordinary people are constantly busy, repeating everyday passively and mechanically the same things, like a donkey drives stone mill in a fixed and repetitive mode.

Humans are looking for the right way of living, but at the same time they are stuck in their own thoughts and beliefs, material world, body health and vanity, feelings and addictions. Their life is full of conflict, fear, annoyance, worry, and suffering.

Why can’t people be really free?

Why can’t people be their True Self?

The reason is that we are stuck in many prison cells that are created by our ego. This “Breaking Free” course is about standing in the perspective of the True Self and use the “Magnifying glass” and “Microscope” to see clearly how these “prisons” are created and reinforced in our daily life and then how we lock ourselves inside.

The objective is to stay deeply stable with our inner nature so the ego system can recognize its limitations and follow the True Self in order to be really free to choose a life full of possibilities.

Teacher Lu graduated after two years (1993-1995) of Teacher training in Huaxia Center.     In his thesis and based on his own experience, he addressed how one builds a prison and locks oneself in it. He has dedicated the last thirty years of practice to the constant process breaking-out from prison in order to get REAL FREEDOM. In this course, the teachers will comprehensively share their prison break history and experiences. They will guide you to use the TRUE SELF new culture* in each layer of your life in order to recognize all kind of prisons.

You will learn how to open and overcome your own life prisons.


Complete course Content:

In this course we will learn step by step:

•           What are these prisons
•           How does these prisons are created and why
•           How they limit and control us in daily life
•           How ego system wants to manage these prisons
•           True Self system and freedom
•           How to break free from prisons and limitations
•           Why we should break free
•           What we should do with our freedom

Practice Methods:

•           Laqi 
•           LQUPQD
•           Three Centers Merge Standing Meditation
•           Open Spine
•           Open Ren Mai and Du Mai
•           Breathing exercises

Timetable: (Place the Countries that apply in your language)
Each block contains 4 weekends.
We meet each Saturday and Each Sunday for 2:30hr each day

COUNTRY                      SCHEDULE (hrs)

Europe 14:30   –           17:00 hrs

London 13:30   –           16:00 hrs

New York08:30   –          11:00 hrs

€225 each block

If you attended The Reborn Course and decide to purchase all three blocks then the cost will be €540
If you did not attend The Reborn Course, but decide to commit to all three blocks hen the cost will be €573
I you purchase block one, then block two, if you purchase block three you’ll attract an overall 10% discount when purchasing the last block.


–            Recordings of sessions
–            Additional video, audio & visual material
People who cannot join the sessions can buy the recordings for €185 each block *(Price to be confirmed)


  1.        Fill the register form here, mentioning 3 Monkeys

2.        Wait for your registry confirmation and for John or I to contact you and send you payment details


Only people who have completed the three blocks will receive a certificate from teachers.


Any payment received implies having accepted our policies, so we suggest you review them carefully.

1st Block

JAN 16 to FEB 7 (All the months in abbreviations*)

2nd Block

FEB 27 to MAR 21

3rd Block

APR 10 to MAY 2

Weekend Sessions = Saturday & Sunday, 2.5 hours each day. There is a recess between Blocks for better assimilation and implementation of the teachings in daily life.
* Teachers Ling and Lu not only guide exercise and Meditation but explain the complete concept of ZNQG and give mentoring on how to practice the New Human Science in the daily life.

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Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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