What The Doctors Don't Tell You – Is In Trouble!

I’m republishing this email, as I find that a publication that I love and revere is in trouble. Please take the time to read the letter, and hopefully support them… The WDDTY wars: why they don’t want you to read all about it Two days ago we woke up to find ourselves and our magazine …

Thousands of Alkalising Products NOW available!

Having recently entered into a deal with Energise For Life, I can now supply you with thousands of top quality health products, direct from Energise’s website! Follow this link for Greens, pH drops, Drinking bottles, Alkaline Minerals, Water Filters, Sprouters and Juicers and much, much more… I’m sure you’ll love exploring their website!

Green Drink and pHdrops

Dr Young’s Starter Kit is here!   perfectlyhealthy Mega Greens Powder (227g / 1/2Ib) £32.99 (Click to go to my affiliate supplier!) Mega Greens is a highly dense blend of alkaline ingredients! The most cost-effective green drink at just 35p per serving – almost half the price of other greens! Contains 34 alkaline ingredients – …