Primal Animal workshop at the Portico Gallery – 26th May 2012

Dear Qigong friends,
We are very happy to offer a one-off opportunity to take part in an exciting one day workshop on Primal Animal Qigong, led by John Millar of Energy Play, Suffolk
When John came to Pop Up Qigong a few weeks ago, he shared a small part of each of the five Primal Animal forms with us in such a playful, light way, it left Jeremy, me, and the students wanting to learn more, so we are now opening this opportunity to come and join us for a whole day of learning and playing with ‘The Primal Animals’…
About ‘Primal Animal Qigong’…John says
The Animal Forms are almost certainly the oldest form of Qigong and offer a particular richness of information. One of the most powerful and accessible aspects of this information is the exploration of natural cycles and understanding the interplay of the five elements that resides at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
In this fun, one day workshop we will introduce and explore the interplay of these elemental energies within nature using Primal Animal Qigong and informal discussion around the theories and there relevance in the modern world.
This one day workshop will be held on Saturday May 26th at The Portico Gallery in West Norwood
(this is not a Bank Holiday weekend as it has been moved forward this year to co-incide with the Queen’s Jubilee)
for payment before End of April £50
Payment in May £60
Discounts.. OAP’s and Benefits
Payment before end of April £25
Payment in May £35

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