2nd Primal Animal Workshop – 23 June 2012

My dear Qigong friends,
We had such a fantastic course with John last Saturday that it was roundly agreed that we do another one!
We studied Bird, Tiger, Bear, Deer and Monkey forms! I was amazed to find that they felt quite like a martial art too in their last form, all very exciting – and John is such an inspiring teacher too!
This is what one student had to say
Dear Caroline and Jeremy,
Thank-you both very much for organising the workshop. Here’s some feedback as requested…
Yes I enjoyed all of it, even though only for the afternoon!
I liked the pace and the responsiveness of the teacher.
He was inspiring and a wonderful demonstrator of each segment. The forms seemed to emerge from his body allowing us to feel that we might easily connect to the form and manifest it.
The theory was sufficient to understand the animal forms, and not over-burdening. John related all of the theory to the practice of the forms, and also related the information to our questions and level of understanding.
It’s good to keep the price accessible and I particularly liked the size of the group where we could all participate in discussion, and not overcrowd the practice space. Also everyone seemed to be genuinely enthused by qigong and the animal forms. The organisers were welcoming!
And I’d certainly enjoy a sequel where I could see what I’ve remembered and refine the practice a bit.
Primal Animal Workshop
We are very happy to offer a second opportunity to take part in an exciting one day workshop on Primal Animal Qigong, led by John Millar of Energy Play, Suffolk
About ‘Primal Animal Qigong’…John says
The Animal Forms are almost certainly the oldest form of Qigong and offer a particular richness of information. One of the most powerful and accessible aspects of this information is the exploration of natural cycles and understanding the interplay of the five elements that resides at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
In this fun, one day workshop we will introduce and explore the interplay of these elemental energies within nature using Primal Animal Qigong and informal discussion around the theories and there relevance in the modern world.
This one day workshop will be held on Saturday June 23rd at The Portico Gallery in West Norwood 10am – 4:30pm
Payment in June £50 until 13th June and £60 thereafter.
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