Mindfulness – The Seven Fundamentals

Seven Fundamentals of Mindfulness

The essence of mindfulness practice is making the following seven key attitudes and intentions the foundation for your mind’s moment to moment experience of life. These are fundamental to Qigong as well as any mindfulness-based meditation.
1. Non-judging: seeing experience as it is without adding interpretation or judgement.
2. Patience: understanding that change and understanding develops in its own time
3. Beginners mind: being curious about the current situation, as if you have never experienced anything like it before, rather than viewing it through a fog of preconceptions.
4. Trust: developing faith in the validity of your own body sensations, thoughts, emotions and intuition
5. Non-striving: allowing experience to be the way it is without trying to change it.
6. Acceptance: being open and willing to see things as they actually are in the present moment
7. Letting go: developing a sense of non-attachment to experience, letting thoughts and emotions arise and pass by without getting entangled in them.
Thanks to the Qigonginstitute.org for this

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