It’s not fair my children used to wail – how well I remember wailing it myself!

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a pretty special environment. My Grandfather was a self-made man. At the end of the Second World War, the constant worry of having lost one of his two precious sons was finally abated. When his sons came home to run the family business, he took a further step, and divided his baronial mansion into three flats. His logic was that he’d never have to lose his sons again.

I was brought up living the floor below my slightly younger cousin. We were and still are essentially brothers. We ran amok! Nothing was safe, especially in this great Scottish mansion. What a position of privilege. To say were truly “free-range” was an understatement! – we checked out after breakfast, and often didn’t return until dusk. (Apart from the occasional fridge raid!)

He was occasionally my target of envy, and I’m sure he mine.
“Mum, Simon’s got a new Action Man” I’d say. She’s reply “lucky him”
There’s a certain way that children can twist and extend the word Mum…  “Muuuuum”
“Muuuuuuuum – I want a new action man!”
This was probably the stage that my mother or father would say “No!” generating the standard  “It’s not fair!” response!

Here then’s the father/mother dichotomy. My dad would pipe up. “Life’s not fair..”   
The problem was that he was always demanding that we, my brother and sisters treat each-other fairly.
I’m not sure I ever met a straighter arrow. He was the very definition of Fairness.
His adherence to Fairness was frustrating sometimes. If as a young person you spotted some sort of “short cut” – a way to the front of a queue, a way to get a discount, or some preferential treatment, my father would be the first to dissuade you. “Just wait your turn..”

The Onion

The older you become, the more you see how life is striated.
The Onion, my favourite analogy, suits well.
Life Is layer, upon layer. Nothing is ever a straight line. One’s perspective is all.

I remember reading about a Google project. They stored so many peoples holiday photos that they were able to drop you out of your photo, standing in front of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, and create a 3D model from millions of tourist snaps. They papered them all together, so that you could do a 3D tour of the most famous buildings on Earth!

Another recollection was about the Battle of Waterloo. A historian had taken 100’s different written accounts of the battle, and had tried to piece together a 3D mosaic of the events.

Things like this help us to see that every body’s perspective of one event or place can be similar, but also totally different.

What I used to think of as being Fair, or not Fair, was very different to a child born in 1962 in say Vietnam and growing up in a war zone.


So, fairness is actually related to our Judgement. To the Vietnamese child, my bad would have represented heaven to him. To be fair to me, when you are young, you don’t have any perspective anyway!
When you fail to eat your dinner and are chided that the poor Biafran children would love to have your dinner, it really doesn’t mean anything to you!

To my father, who’s entanglement in the World Conflict must have left him scarred, making things Fair was really important to him, as Europe rebuilt itself.

Everybody wants a basic decent standard of living. We have the Maslow ideas, of a roof over our heads, food, education and safety.  Many millions of the world’s population still get nowhere close to this.

We are driven to recreate by a driver embedded in our reptilian brain, it’s hard wired into us, yet we still haven’t figured out how to feed and house all the humans we are making.
Don’t get me wrong, we have the ability to solve all humanities problems in a generation. We are held back from that by greed, hatred and lack of will.

Just stop and imagine if the basic requirement for your life was a) not to be shot and b) not starve to death. How many millions of people are facing that dilemma at this very moment?
Did you know it’s estimated that 25,000 people die daily (10,000 of them children) just from starvation.


I unfortunately don’t know how to cure Covid, but I do know how to cure starvation.
It is guesstimated that in the UK we will spend £12bn on Covid, how many trillions will that be worldwide?
Our governments leap into action if they think they’ll get voted out of power at the next election, but turn the other way as children die daily. – Not their problem..

How many people will pass from Covid in the UK? Probably double the annual Flu average – yes, it’s been a bad year, but not as bad as it is EVERY day of the year in some countries.

Will we ever change?

Will we ever treat each other Fairly?

Could we ever agree a base line for all humans?

What would that look like? Two kids each, a house, with fresh water and food. Perhaps slight penalties for over population, over consumption. We’d get there pretty quickly. Perhaps people would vote for three children, we could try it for a while. Any social engineering would require tweaking!

Whatever we choose, We’d better do it quickly, or miss the bus and watch the world burn.

I can’t finger-wave though, nobody will respond! Things have to look better and more interesting if you want people to go there.. The answer has to be alluring and attractive to people before they’ll respond.

Dr Pang Ming

To this end, I’ll just wrap up by giving you a potted history of a guy called Dr Pang Ming.

He is a Chinese philosopher, writer and teacher. In the 70’s he became a Martial Arts Gold Medalist, and studied with 19 of Chinese top Qigong masters. He trained to become a Western GP and then A Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Not a bad CV!
A prodigy by anybody’s books. In the 90’s he created a hospital with NO medicine where 95% of 300,000 people who passed through its doors had significant cures, using only Qigong as a therapy.

Interestingly Dr Pang realise that Qigong will always be marginalised, as so few Western scientists have ever bothered to work with it. He realised that in the old days so much folklore and mystique surrounded it, that it would probably never be taken seriously.

He set out to change this, opening up a research institute, and publishing hundreds of white papers to prove the work he was doing. It’s unfortunate that another Qigong group was growing even bigger than his, and eventually presenting somewhat of a political challenge to the ruling Community Party.
At this crucial juncture, Dr Pang was “shut down” along with many other harmless schools. Most of his work disappeared. Sadly, the amazing figures we still have are usually classes by our academics as “Chinese research” and so not of a standard that would be accepted in a UK university – convenient!

In order to put these practice into context, it was important for Dr Pang to provide a scientific working framework for our Universe. In the mid 90’s he published a theory called Hun Yuan Entirety theory. Entirety being the key word, it outlined the energetic structure of the Universe as a Whole-ism. It parallels Quantum and Relativity theory, but set in terms of Qi, Space and Information , rather than Matter and Energy.

Theory of Everything

After publishing his own “Theory of Everything” – he set about proving it.

In practical ways, he proved the ability of Qi to strengthen structural concrete by 35% and the ability of practitioners to increase Rice Yields in one particular strain of rice by 42%! There were so many experiments, that had these types of exceptional results. Sadly, most of the paperwork is now gone.
There are still thousands of people who will tell you directly of their personal involvement and experience of this work, and many people even today who have healed themselves from Cancer, and all manner of life-threatening illnesses using his techniques.

His theory states that we ALL have hidden abilities. They are obscured from birth, by parents and education. I’ve written much about this before, so will not recover that here.

I will however draw your attention to the photo at the top of the article. This was MY experiment.

Our teachers did this with us, whilst on retreat for 10 days in Scotland. You’ll see the control pots with very small amounts of growth, beside the pots overflowing with greenery! We had a pot each, each night we sent them Qi and Good Vibes. The other pots were ignored (but watered) for 10 days..
I was there, I saw it with my OWN eyes. We intervened and changed the growth of plants. There are hundreds of photos from Chine of the hospital, and the students there making tomato and bean plants rocket! It’s a great way to increase productivity!

My point is this…

No finger wagging will ever divert humanities course, but something clever, shiny and new might do!

If I show you that I can do something that you’d probably consider to be magic, then I show you how, and you can do it too, well then, why don’t we all try!?

Nobody seemed to be able to beat the four minute mile. For Seventy years before, people crept closer and closer, but never faster. When Roger Banister broke the four minute mile suddenly the record was broken again and again repeatedly and in quick succession after that! Monkey see, Monkey do!

We just need an open minded programme in the West, supported by the people, NOT the CIA… to see if we can develop special abilities as Dr Pang demonstrated. Can we speed the growth of plants, heal ourselves, make engineering cheaper, less carbon intensive and more efficient? What other applications are there? (I know of many, but let’s not muddy the water with talk of bi-location or teleportation!)

How much do I need? Well, it’s not a billion pounds for starters!

I’ll show you how to increase the yield of UK agriculture by 10% – surely that should be worth investing a few million quid in? Give me £5 million pounds and 10 years. I’ll half the number of people going to GP’s lift the weight of the NHS, and feed 25% more people from the UK crop yield.

There’s one downside. You’ll have to keep the naysayers off my back, you have to ensure that Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Agriculture don’t kill me.. You have to make sure that the vested interests in all the above, who own all our media too, don’t run me down and destroy me..

I’m up for it, how about you!?

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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