Do you ever wonder what makes the difference between a miracle healing and somebody who passes away?

Why is it that some people seem to be able to make it through something horrible like Chemotherapy, and some people don’t?

Some people seem to have a deep inner ability to ride the storm, whilst others are swept under the waves. What drives this?

I worked with a lovely lady a few years ago, Claire. She really inspired me with her bravery, she’d been through the medical process for her cancer, but it hadn’t really helped, so like so many people, she turned to Qigong. (It saddens me that I’m rarely the starting point of this journey, but rather the last chance saloon. Given a head start with qigong, people would have a much better outcome, I feel…)

In Zhineng Qigong, we tell people stories. There’s such a fund of amazing stories from The Medicineless Hospital in China when it was open, and the various schools and teachers who are constantly adding new success stories to the bank of information about healing through Zhineng Qigong.

There are lovely stories about spontaneous healings of Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and just about any chronic illness you could imagine. They are so inspiring. We often present these stories to people who are in the same situation. “If this person healed themselves of the same illness as you, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same?!”

With Claire, we taught her the same techniques, discussed the same stories, and helped her to follow the same path that had brought success to so many. But she still didn’t ‘Get it’

I spoke to her privately, she said to me “Well, 95% of me believes in what you are saying, but 5% does not.” – That would be the 5% that went on to kill her eventually.

I genuinely believe that all chronic illness has deep-seated subconscious emotional roots. So often these patterns are built in our Childhood, in a part of our minds that we can’t access, that we can hardly even believe exists..

The 5% that took the lovely Claire away was probably the same 5% that had made her ill in the first place; some deep subroutine running in the background of her every thought – “I’m not worthy of living” – that finally found a way to manifest itself in her reality.

How do we find our way past this mental blockage?

As a starting point, what’s the difference between Belief and Faith?

When I look at the old thought experiment “How do you prove that any of THIS exists?” then I start to see the foundations of belief.
Briefly, you are experiencing everything “2nd hand” – all of the signals that your brain receives are electrical or chemical. Your eyes and ears are interpreting the outside world (whatever that may be) and sending their interpretation to your brain. For example, we often see colours in different ways to each other. Sometimes you have to negotiate an agreement with another person, “isn’t it more blue than green, maybe it’s teal..” you know the kind of conversation..

The point being that we all interpret the signals in slightly different ways, and using the thought experiment about “Is any of this REAL!” It becomes increasingly difficult to prove that any of it is!
We are experiencing something, but what is it? Is this just Virtual Reality!?

Belief then, is just a series of ideas repeated over and over again, until they become hardened!
(Sorry Science, if you can’t really even prove categorically that I exist, then we see that all you are claiming is just a set of hardened beliefs… the same goes for you too Religion!)

The only thing that’s actually “Real” is what’s going on in your head right now, and the chance are that most of that’s not actually “Real” either!

For the lovely Claire, her beliefs seemed very real, and finally manifested themselves in her body.

Hardened beliefs can be bad as well as helpful we see.

It’s pretty clear to me that the “survivors” who make it through these tough life-challenges have belief, and Faith.
So, Faith it seems is total confidence that your Belief is correct, and then having the courage to act on it. I have encountered many clients, who say “I have decided to do this protocol, because I have total faith it’ll work..” and 9 times out of 10 it does.

My teachers often say, the more “bloody minded” the person, the more chance they have of healing themselves!

Religion has a great head start, it’s so much part of the Western life, that from the youngest of ages we are already absorbing the system, it becomes deeply ingrained in our psyche.
If you have absolute Belief and Faith that God will heal you, then you’ll generally find your way back to good health.

If you have absolute faith in your Doctor, and hopefully he has good training to back it up, then you have a good chance of getting through too.

After the birth of the Internet, and the proliferation of so many different types of advice, we have become, to a certain extent, our own doctors. At the same time the availability of News, has eroded our Faith and Belief in Doctors and such things as Chemotherapy, and dissolved our adherence to Religion.

That’s a bad thing if you want to be healed!

It’s also true to say that Science is offering new solutions via the net, as new remedies pop up everywhere. The issue with this is that on reading a cure that seems 100% perfect for you, a quick Google will show 100’s of other people for whom it didn’t work! No one shoe fits all!

How do you engender Faith strong enough to heal?

My style of Qigong has 1000’s of healing stories, but if you can’t “see yourself” in that story, it’s worthless.

Let’s examine for a moment, Flow State.

Flow State is something that extreme athletes and Qigong practitioners alike experience. Painting a picture, or paining a wall, arranging flowers or arranging sand in a Zen garden, jumping backwards off a Mega skateboard ramp, or simply walking alone in the hills, everybody has experienced that moment when time slips, the noise in the head goes quiet, and peace reigns for a little while. Sportsmen and businessmen alike try to train to find it, they seek the perfect moment when the logical mind steps away and total inspiration and creativity kick in.

I find this place regularly in my Qigong practice. After a while, the body knows the routine, and the mind can then grow quiet. This is where the healing systems kick in, and changes can really be made to your health. The more you do it, the more you CAN do it. The more often you are in that space, and not the Monkey Mind space, the more your body can heal, and return to normal.

The nickname for Qigong is Moving Meditation. It’s just a simple tool for a busy mind.
Many people can’t sit and meditate, but give these people something active to do, then suddenly they can “do” their way into a quiet space! It’s really great for calming the busiest of minds. But the maxim, as always, is “Practice, Practice, Practice..”

Sitting in meditation works too, you can easily find the “Zone” through deep mediation.

My Chinese Teachers call this searching for the Trueself.
When you finally clear away all the layers of “rubbish” that upset your life, the patterns that make you ill, and the noise that keeps you from stillness, then your Trueself is there to be found.

Your Trueself could never let you suffer or be ill.
Your Trueself connects you to the Universe, to all there is, it’s the clearest version of you, and it can easily guide you back to health.
It’s just about being in the Zone, in that brilliant moment of total clarity, when your body knows exactly what it needs to do.

This is a layer beyond blind Faith, this is the truth of You. It takes NO convincing it just IS.

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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