Dear friends,

Please excuse the “Open” letter.

You may have seen today a “Flare” fired off on Facebook this morning, highlighting my agitation with the complacency of human-kind!?

It stemmed from my exasperation around my Summer Retreat to Scotland.
It takes a lot of organising, and lots of business risk to put on. We often bring a great teacher over from China, and set up this wonderful healing environment, at The Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery.

Often, we get only 10 – 15 people coming with us. Having now been on many of these retreats, and having seen the amazing power of them, it seems really sad that they are so sparsely attended.

There are several questions, “do we Market it well enough?”, “Is it at the wrong time of Year?”, “Do people not wish to go all the way to Scotland?” or one of the main things we here is that healing is a very expensive thing to undertake, outside of the NHS. So, “Do we make it too expensive?”

John and I, have constantly searched our souls around price, and feel that we have the MOST cost effective retreats in the UK! We are seldom out of the Price bracket (£110/£125 per day – This includes all food, accommodation and teaching, including a visiting teacher!)

If I were looking to make it rich and retire to the golf course, this would NOT be the route!

I’m writing to you to ask for help. More specifically Financial help.

I would like to set up a “Pay It Forward” Fund.

The idea would be to offer to fund people’s healing journey’s in part or full, and for the person who receives the “bursary” to understand that they incurred no debt, but would be asked to pay back a tithe or the whole debt, when they were able.
It’s a bit like our Student Loan system in the UK. The money is given in the hope that the student will do well, and pay back, but with the understanding that not everybody will be able.

I have a friendly Charity in mind, who may be able to help run the fund, and therefore attract Gift aid on your donation too.

How much? Right now, I could put students onto our Summer retreat for about £750 or less. A year of three retreats with my organisation would come in under £2000. A trip to China to a healing Centre there would cost £2000

If you could help me, to help others, then I’ll add my bank details below, and start working on the charity aspect.

I’m kicking this off, by paying for the first student this year out of my pocket..
Please email me to discuss or send funds to:-

JNW Colledge – Santander Bank Ltd, Sort Code 09-01-35 Acc No. 07512480
With all my love,

Jeremy Colledge

Please download and pass on this Pdf to others who you know and think might help..Click here

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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