It's a really sad day… In defence of Lynne McTaggart – regarding the cyber attack..

It’s a really sad day when a lovely lady like Lynne McTaggart gets attacked!
Last weekend Lynne’s website was apparently hacked by Anonymous!
I’m sure you know all about Anonymous? The People who “allegedly attacked The Church Of Scientology, Sarah Palin, The Australian, Zimbabwean, Philippine and German governments for trying to censor the Internet, The Tea Party, and The Westboro Baptist Church?
These are the people who avenged Julian Assange, supported the Occupy movement and The Arab spring, attacked the US government law-keepers many times for shooting down individuals in cold blood, hacked huge corporations such as Sony and Facebook, and even took on the Chinese Government over their policies regarding the South China Seas – BUT take down Lynne McTaggart’s website promoting peace and meditation I DON’T THINK SO!
The hackers left this chilling message..
“Lynn McTaggart is a slut so we hacked her site. Really funny walking bitch. You have been warned so many times, and you would not listen. We therefor take things into our own hands. A small fire in your office block might be a good thing too. Please check your fire hazard warnings. We like your little mini car, C4 is such a beautiful thing, similar to your daughter. Plugging both her holes were so good. Wonder if you’re as tight as she is. Hmmmm”
Clearly somebody physically based in London – to know where Lynne works, parks her car, and to be able to see her children. Seems like somebody has been stalking them physically -then possibly employing an overseas hacker..
It seems strange to me too, that they mention her place of work.. that’s where she publishes “What The Doctor Don’t Tell You” magazine from..
In another completely unconnected story..
Did you hear that for the past few years somebody has been trying to shut that publication down? Somebody has been writing to all of their major suppliers asking for it to be taken off the shelves, because it’s filled with “Lies”…
Interestingly, if you take time to read the magazine you’ll see that it’s ONLY filled with University research papers and the like. The publishers of the Magazine NEVER claim that any one thing is true, they just publish the findings of new scientific studies, and leave the reader to come to their own conclusions.
Quite a few of the studies seem to go against current medical thinking, highlight the dangers of current drug treatment modalities and doctor’s procedures.
A group of lobbyists called Sense about Science have prominently attacked some friends of mine over the years, lead by a “gentleman” – I use that term advisedly!) called Simon Singh.
Yes, that’s the same Simon Singh who attacked Homeopaths, Chiropractors and now WDDTY.
Anyway, enough about Simon, what about his “Lobbying” group?
It’s interesting to see that Sense About Science  have recently changed their website since their last few attacks – the website used to prominently bear a list of their “lifetime” sponsors, now it just has sponsors from the last two years.The missing sponsors?  take a look at this..
From their “Old Website”….

Donors & Funding Policy

Sense About Science is an independent charitable trust funded by donations from trusts and foundations (over 50%), science bodies, industry and individuals. Since 2002, financial contributions, for both core and project-related costs, have been received from:
the ABPI, AstraZeneca plc, BBSRC, The Biochemical Society, Blackwell Publishing, BP plc, British Institute of Radiology, Dixons Group plc, Elsevier, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Garfield Weston, GE Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Health and Science Communication Trust, Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, John Innes Centre, John Innes Trust, Medical Research Council, NESTA, New Scientist, Oxford GlycoSciences plc, Pfizer plc, The Physiological Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Astronomical Society, Royal College of Radiology, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Royal Society of Chemistry, Science, Social Issues Research Centre, The Society for Applied Microbiology, The Society for Endocrinology, The Society for General Microbiology, Unilever plc. Help with equipment, facilities and services has been received from: AXA Investment Management, Horticultural Research International, Institute of Biology, The Natural History Museum, Lord Stevenson of Coddenham, and WPP.
What an impressive list! – I’m not 100% sure it seems impartial to me – I can see why lot’s of the people on this list might find WDDTY articles difficult to stomach!
Anyway I digress, back to my original theme. Anonymous..
I just don’t think that they would be interested in hacking Lynne’s personal site.
If you don’t know what she does, she has written several excellent books, including “The Field”..see what the post on Amazon says
The Field… “gives scientific proof of the paranormal. Psychic activity, remote viewing, the power of prayer and homeopathy are all discussed in this book which The Ecologist called ‘one of the most thought-provoking reads of the year’.. Hang on a minute – Scientific proof about Homeopathy? – I know somebody that’s going to upset!
Anyway, what Lynne is currently experimenting with is focusing of the Human intention to help problem areas in the World.
Wait, isn’t that exactly what Anonymous are doing too?
Lynne’s “shocking” idea is that – if many of us sit down and send our love and good intentions to an area of the world, can we help change that place to the better? – It’s an experiment – she’s not claiming to be god, she’s just trying to help people!
(She ran an experiment where they asked people to send their love and peace to Helmand Province in Afghanistan during one of the most violent periods, the UN reported that it was an astonishingly quiet month, unlike anything they’d  seen in seven years! Lynne doesn’t claim it was this experiment, but it was an interesting result! ) It’s like focusing light to make a laser, or focusing the Hubble telescope on one patch of the heavens, what happens if we all focus our minds as a group of people? – interesting idea…
But is it an idea that deserves what amount to death threats?
Is it an idea that Cyber Activists Anonymous would hack a website against?
It doesn’t feel right to me. Will the real hackers please stand up? I don’t think so!
The harsh light of day would expose them for what they really are.. Luddites and cowards.
You draw your own conclusions about what went on me it feels like somebody is losing the battle and has decided to fight dirty, really dirty.
I really hope that Anonymous decide to turn their big guns on the real perpetrator, the people who tried to falsely hide behind them to hurt Lynne.
Full disclosure time – I have been a reader of WDDTY for years, I know and love Lynne and her family well, I too am involved in “alternative health” – if you call Chinese medicine that, and have participated in Lynne’s Intention Experiments..
Let’s see if my website’s the next to get hacked!

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Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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  1. I am hacking it with blue sky. Blue sky qi invades everything. Qi hugs Alexia

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