A really nice Visualisation!

One way to clear your residence and your body of any distracting energies or unwanted spirit forms, is the following: relax fully and in your mind’s eye imagine a giant circular disc.
This disc is radiantly powerful, unbreakable, and functions as if a screen or sieve.
Envision that this huge radiant disc is located in the ground below your residence, and that it is large enough to fully encompass your entire property. Now, slowly lift this disc with your mind (you do it by deciding to); silently tell it to lift. As it does, see and know that all discordant and distracting energies are caught in its sieve-like screen, and are removed from your environment and from your body.
Continue to see the disc lift higher and higher, until it has passed through your residence, your body, all objects, air space, walls, floors and ceilings, until it dissolves in the upper stratosphere, leaving no trace of any essence, spirit-form, or substance caught in it.
Your environment is now clean and cleansed, and so are you. If you feel the need, repeat this exercise two more times.
Open a few windows to let the air circulate freely.
Place a house plant or bouquet of flowers in a central location to add that final touch of freshness and beauty.
The circular disc technique is an example of using creative storylines (like when you practiced how to daydream), that can have an immediate and positive impact on your life.
Another example of this is when you are about to have surgery.
In a relaxed state, prepare your body for what is about to happen. Envision all parts of your body, each cell, listening to you and paying attention. Explain the surgery in detail, illustrating in your mind’s eye that only what medication is needed will be utilized, and anything else will be immediately flushed out of your system. Show your body how appropriate this surgery is, and how much better it will be able to perform once it has healed. Affirm Divine Order, that all medical personnel will accomplish their tasks ably and efficiently and without difficulty.
When the surgery is over, rehearse any movement you might make in your mind first, and in detail, before you actually do it.
Rolling over, sitting up, going to the bathroom, eating, bathing, whatever. During your psychic rehearsals, affirm and know that as each movement and task is made, there will be little or no pain, and you will be able to accomplish that movement without risk or problem.
Make no exceptions.
Practice in your mind’s eye before you do anything, all the while imagining a speedy and safe recovery.
In most cases, a technique like this will bring about stunning successes and incredibly rapid healing. Surprise your doctor, try it!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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