It seems appropriate for a Sunday morning to be pondering the existence of God in the twenty first century. I would think there’s not a bad time to be pondering such a thing ever, but certainly Sunday seems to have been designated his day. (Although for somebody who created the entire Universe, it seems a bit mean to only give him back one day, after her so generously gave us seven of them!)

It sets me in mind of one of the psychologists favourite exercises.
Take a group of people and set them round a table. They don’t know each other, and they don’t know that one of them is a stooge! Give them all a stack of poker chips. The Stooge starts the game by putting out a few chips. Generally speaking, the others will follow suit, and match him. This goes on for several rounds. Eventually, the Stooge takes back some of his chips, and then chaos ensues. What to do next, follow him blindly, or try to keep the rest of the table as your friends?

We are hard-wired for co-operation, kindness and want balance in our lives. This game generally brings out the worst in some people, who take everything back, others for try to keep co-operating.. Society breaks down, we see the meanness rising to the surface.

I’m just wondering where it broke down, and were we decided to only give God back one chip for all his hard work?

It’s obviously got something to do with WORK.

At some stage in history, somebody must have said, “you can keep working them to death in this way, I really think you should give them a day off…” I’m thinking Pyramids here.. Great Walls, but maybe not Stonehenge. We really don’t have enough information about Stonehenge to know if one race was “pressing” another race into building it, or if people were at this “great undertaking” for the glory of it!
I personally suspect it was the English forcing the Welsh to do it, as it usually is.. (Light Blue touchpaper, and retreat back over my Scottish border with a sly grin…)

A fair day’s work, for a fair day’s wage. Where did that arrive from?
I think we need to look at Money as a subject. You grow corn, I store corn as a business. You give me your corn, I give you a token, somebody comes to me later in the year needing corn, I sell them it for a few more tokens. It’s a system that suits everybody. The Token, probably a coin, is a representation of Energy. When you are young you have bags of energy to “sell” – when you are older, you’d rather get somebody else to do the hard graft!

It seems like we’ve already got to pensions, and that’s not something I’m interested in covering here!
We really do seemed to have strayed a long way for our original subject ‘God”… Especially when we get to pension companies, probably as close as you can get to “the other side” without mentioning the “other one’s name!” (Although to be studiously fair, you have to get Drug Companies, Arms Manufacturers and Oil companies into the line first…)

So, somebody is paying somebody for their effort, the question was, “Why build Stonehenge in the first place?” was it because somebody would kill you if you didn’t, or because you thought there was something to be gained by it?

As we see, humans like to co-operate, it’s something we do. We are hardwired to do it.

But there’s often a Stooge in the game too. Life isn’t fair, no matter how you view it. The reality is that ‘Life’ just keeps doing what It’s doing. It’s how you choose to respond to it and interact with it that colours your feelings about it.

The Stooge in the ‘Stonehenge game’ was likely a Druid. There’s always somebody who is looking for an upper hand, looking to do a little less work, and get a bit of free traction.

I think we are all at different levels of self-development. I mean by that, that some people seem to be more aware, and more connected to Nature themselves and therefore some slightly better knowledge of God than others.
Some children like to read incessantly, others never pick up a book. We are all wired a little differently. If everybody is snuffling about in the mud, looking for roots and somebody else stands up and says “God just told me..” – chances are that somebody will start to revere that person’s advice.

Devine Inspiration, just comes, at the most unexpected times. It seems to be a clear connection to a greater pool of knowledge than one possessed before the moment of Its arrival.
The clearer you keep your mind, the easier it seems to come. Try to force it, you lose!

It’s not hard to see how mystics set themselves up in power, it’s not difficult to extrapolate the arrival of religion, and It’s therefore not too hard to see where Sunday arrives. “If you are doing all this hard work, couldn’t you devote some of it God.. He told me personally that you should…” – et voila Stonehenge and Sundays.

It’s a bit sad, because having carved out a day for worship, this then relegated all the other days to  “work days” – my colleague John always points out when asked about Qigong exercises, “how long should I practice for” – he says “why stop practicing?” The idea is of course, that if we can stay in a Qigong State all the time, then every moment of every day is a practice, every breath is a way to strengthen your internal energy.

The same should of course be true for God, you should be praising God in everything you do, not just on a Sunday! However, it seems that the Industrial Revolution probably put paid to that idea, and now Mamon is the god that gets worshipped every day, and the Old god seems to have been relegated..

From a science perspective, God made a great comeback. It seems more and more often that the scientists who seemed to have drawn us away from our concept of God, now seem to be taking us ever further back towards it. I think I saw a figure telling us that 75% of scientists believe in God, an encouraging return, after Rene Descartes turned us all into Machines!

We discover these days that my old friend Quantum Physics is helping a great deal. The concept that everything is a wave, until observed, whereupon our intention seems to fix it in time and place, fascinates me.

My growing understanding of ‘Energy or Qi Field Theory’ helps me to understand that we truly live in a connected Universe, a communal mind if you like..

My intention, with your intention, builds our world.

We learn that our Universe is a bit like a film or a TV set, it quite literally flickers from being into non-being, and back into being every trillion, billion millionth of a split second, so fast that we would never detect it. (To be fair a picture flashing at 25 frames per second can make us believe it’s real, what hope do we have at such a fast refresh rate!?)

Dr David Sheinkin who wrote about The Jewish mystical system, The Kabbalah says

“Everything that exists does so because God originally created it and because God’s creative flow continues to sustain that object”

So, he’s saying that it takes God’s Intention to hold all of “this” universe in place.
We see the same thing stated in ancient Chinese and India texts.

The more we read ancient texts, the more we see phrases such as “God is inside of you”. It doesn’t take long to understand that we ARE God, and God IS us and always has been US!  Our intention, our common minds, our communal godhead creates and holds this Universe in place, just like the observer of a dual slit experiment changes a wave into particle by observing it, we truly are the co-creators of our Universe.

The reason for our being lies within this. God can’t experience the Universe in 2D, he needs to play in a 3D universe, and that’s where we come in! We get to expand the knowledge of how the Universe works, by constantly adding new information to the Information field that IS God.

It’s beautiful to see our part (probably only a tiny glimpse of it) shining through Chinese, India and Jewish cultures from thousands and thousands of years ago, and now shining through Quantum Physics too.

It’s beautiful to see that you and I have a key part to play too. We are here for short or long times, to play out our little part. Everything is important (and strangely not really that important either!)

They say, “do the work you love, and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life!” – I wholeheartedly agree!

It’s time to look at your life, and see if this wonderful game you are playing has been rigged by some stooge. Have you found yourself at a table playing poker with Bill Gates? (Count your fingers after you shake hands with him..) Have you started to build Stonehenge because somebody else told you too?

It’s time to realise that the Truth is inside of you, and that NOBODY can do it for you, or tell you how to do it! I can be a signpost, but never a destination!
The first key step is to remember that you are the most powerful being in the Universe, not some ant-like being who is being lorded over by others! You are God! If this is indeed true, then you can heal yourself of ANYTHING and create a wonderful life to go with it!

Practice praising god every day, and every moment of every day. What that really means, if indeed you truly are God in human form, is that you should be looking after yourself well, being kind to yourself in every moment, following habits that flow with the tide of nature, not against it, and trying to remain connected to the Universal mind, NOT TV, the internet, books, magazines…do I need to go on?

Happy Sunday! Smile!

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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