Dear Zhineng Qigong friends,
Our friend Teacher Wei has over the past few months been holding powerful online (on Zoom) meditations, called MingJue Meditations.
I wanted to find out more about the up and coming ones (Monday and Tuesday 11/12th Feb – but there will be many more..)
This post is the result of an interesting conversation had with him, and at the bottom will have details of how to join the meditation at 6am UK time tomorrow morning!
I asked Teacher Wei about the use and origins of MingJue

Teacher Wei said he is now promoting consciousness field practice much more, to improve the state of the world. He realised that by working together to transform consciousness and the consciousness field, it could become a really fast and easy process.
The practice can resolve all human physical, mental and emotional problems and can also resolve human societal problems, environmental problem and all sorts of conflicts such as religious issues and fighting of all sorts…

The term MingJue comes from traditional Chinese culture.
Dr Pang used the term to explained the practice of awakening consciousness.
During the Two years class he talked about it, but not as much as he has in recent years.
It’s really important for us to improve our consciousness
It’s also known as ‘Ling Jue’ – there are many similar terms in traditional culture,  but MingJue is more common.

He said the following:-
MingJue is the self-aware state.
Ming means clear – Jue means awareness or observation.
So MingJue together means Consciousness knows itself clearly, understands it’s own function and working clearly.
It’s like the awakening state of consciousness

How does Consciousness relate to Yi Yuan Ti?
What is the difference between Consciousness and Information?

In the universe there’s all kinds of information, including Natural World Information from animals, mountains, and trees. There’s also Consciousness information, Consciousness Information includes Pure Consciousness itself –  Yi Yuan Ti or True self (this is at the information level of the universe) – it also includes intention, thoughts, images, everything you create from your consciousness.

MingJue is the state where consciousness becomes aware of itself, knows itself in the present moment.
This can help consciousness develop, purify and stabilise.
Practicing MingJue is one way to find Trueself, it’s a way to archive Yi Yuan Ti state.
If you practice it very well, very clearly, if your consciousness can become very pure, then at that time MingJue IS Yi Yuan Ti, IS the enlightened state.

MingJue can have many levels, at the first level unconsciousness realises itself, maybe its not very pure or stable, now at that present moment consciousness starts to become aware of itself, this is the beginning of MingJue, gradually we move from a higher level, to a very high level.
MingJue is enlightenment, is the Yi Yuan Ti state.

Together we practice MingJue – actually it’s the best way to know the True self, practicing it can resolve many problems from the body, mind and the consciousness layers, so when we practice together, with many people, we create a MingJue consciousness field, this is the way to wake up all human consciousness.
Join our online sessions at the following dates and times based on the Beijing time zone:
The time converter for your timeline:
Two online sessions in English:

  • Mon, Feb 11, 2019: 2 pm—3 pm (The world mingjue consciousness field practice)
  • Tue, Feb 12, 2019: 10 am—11 am (The world mingjue consciousness field practice)

One online sessions in English-Spanish:

  • Wed, Feb 13, 2019: 10:30 am—11:30 am
    (The world consciousness field healing)

Click this link to join our free online sessions via zoom:

For further dates and information you can get The Daohearts Newsletter here!
Try Teacher Wei’s MingJue meditations on Youtube here
It’s ALL about the Consciousness!

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Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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