I’m dissatisfied, and feeling somewhat grumpy. This happens when my Ego doesn’t get its own way. I recognise the pattern well, and know how to navigate this state. But still it comes.

In the cultural reference that’ll miss about ninety percent of the audience, the singer croons “What’s it all about Alfie?”

What’s it actually all about?

That’s what’s making me feel dissatisfied and grumpy. There’s No good answer to that question. I’ll just state quite clearly at the top of this article, that I’m not suicidal, and that I don’t need help. (I do need help, but there’s NOBODY who can actually give it to me, sadly, there’s only me who can actually help myself!) What a conundrum to be in! Fortunately, there are enough different persons inside me to keep a four act Shakespearean play populated. I feel sure one of them will be able to help pick up the pieces in due course.. No doubt it’ll be “Mr Optimistic” again, who always comes to my rescue.

If you stop learning, then your brain becomes fixed. The older you get, the more fixed it becomes, and it also starts to shrink. So, you become fixed and less able to fight your way out! (We all have elderly relatives who have become immobile in mind, with “No!” as the first response.)

The trouble with learning, as the “Church” will tell you, is that the more people who know the “Truth”, the more enquiring minds, the more they are likely to call BULLSHIT!

The question then is, do you use learning as an anesthetic, or as a stimulant?

If you can spend two minutes answering questions regarding King Henry the Eighth’s toilet habits, then I’d suggest that you’ve delved into History as an anesthetic.

It seems like “learning” but storing away facts about the past is unlikely to do anybody any real good. The people who make this type of learning their life’s work, will then point to how cyclical history is, and that we can learn lessons from the past. (Thus, justifying a life in a dusty library, and getting paid to spout this story again and again to our disinterested children.)

Do we actually learn from history?

History is pretty great at making us think “Thank god I Don’t live in those times!” Seldom do we ever LEARN from history. The one thing you think we’d learn is that every so often an uppity bastard will try to better himself, and lead all the sheep into a horrific slaughter to prove he’s right. Do we EVER learn that lesson? Not to date. There are still three of four active wars going on right now. The biggest boys in the playground like to fight, but It’s easier to get their henchmen to do it. Ultimately the USA, Russia and China are scrapping in physical and emotional ways all over the globe all the time. Nobody has learned anything.

If you are constantly looking backwards, you are going to trip over something in front of you! Keep looking forwards!

Every moment you spend in the past, is a present moment that’s wasted! It’s the bad thing from the past, eating up the moments you have now, so It’s a double waste!!

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the past.
  • Humans can be very greedy
  • Humans behave badly if you don’t keep an eye on them

Did you ever check “The Ten Commandments” again?

The first problem is that God seems desperately insecure. Has anybody ever helped him with that?

The rest just say “Be a good family man, don’t kill people and don’t steal”

That’s all you need to know about History – “Love your Mum, don’t steal money from her purse, and really try not to kill her!”

So, what of the Future then?

Can you do anything about the future?

Most of us live there. (Some of us in the Past too!)
We find ourselves day dreaming about “when things get better, when the job improves, when I get a new partner, when I get better…”

Did gazing into the distance ever really fix anything?
Planning is a good thing, but spending all your days planning… not a good thing.

The trick with planning is to sit down, do it, diarise it, and walk away from it: wait till it happens..

NOT, think about it, then think some more, and some more, ad infinitum, chewing up all of your valuable life!


Now we’ve hit the real Iceberg, of Titanic proportions, the Everest in the room.. Is your life of any value at all, any way? Ouch…

One of my favorite authors penned this

“I think that somewhere deep inside, there’s a Little Bastard inside every seeker that knows they’re trapped in an endless maze with no exits, and that all their running around is just running out the clock.”

That’s what made me grumpy to begin with. The endless maze of it all! There is however just the ONE Exit sign… I think we can all read that!

“Running out the clock” – that really hurt!

Are you running out the clock? Many religions talk about the “Day of Reckoning”

When yours comes, will you stand there and say “I was a very good middle manager in a box production company?”
Worse still, “I managed to steal and cheat my way into politics, and get a war started in my name!”

I’ve written elsewhere about Albert Camus and his opinion of Suicide. (Essentially if you can answer in the affirmative to the question “Am I happy to keep living”) then you should really do your very best at it. (My interpretation…)

Are you winding the clock down, or do you want to make this weird dream we inhabit better?
I’m all for the better!

History – bollocks!

Let’s plan a future that we would all like – without war, famine and pestilence!

Unity, not separation. (Let me give you a clue here – separation leads to war, famine, pestilence and of course profit! – Greed rears It’s ugly head once more.)

Unity leads to harmony. Harmony doesn’t need to be boring bullshit though, let creativity flourish! Let health and happiness abound, and Peace, let there be peace.

This peace starts inside you. It should be planted deep in your children.
Help them to appreciate peace and silence, help them to appreciate the beauty of their bodies and minds. Build this into our education systems. We should NEVER have to declare “Black Live Matter” – we should know all this, already. The truth lives deep inside you.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find it.

If you learn for the sake of expansion of your mind and soul (and not as a distraction) then you’ll soon come across the truth.

The truth is ALL there is. Our Universe is only the TRUTH, nothing else. No wrong or right, no up or down, just truth.

Don’t wind down the clock, It’s never too late! Become the Seeker – NOW!

And of course, peace, peace, peace always peace…

Published by Jeremy

Jeremy is a Qigong student of over 30 years, and a Qigong Teacher of over 20 years. Jeremy offers online classes, and One to one sessions on Zoom. Jeremy offers physical classes and therapies in Bath, UK

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